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World to Diddy: No One Cares

6/10/2008 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Believing that everyone cares what his name is -- or what he's changed it to, Diddy has recorded his own personal YouTube to "clear up" any confusion you might have about what he's decided to call himself now.

Really dude? Get over yourself.


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How about Go Away Diddy!!!! I like the sound of that!

2325 days ago


Couldn't even watch the whole video clip!!! Notice how even election day is about him in some way, my birfday (sic). No matter what, DID, I don't like you!

2325 days ago


see, here's the thing;

regardless of how many millions he may have made, it's just a
mere fraction of what somebody else made off of their efforts.

sure in some of their projects, they can " buy " a voice
to be heard and the freedom of an artist's expression.

but in order to get it distributed properly, they MUST conform
to the tierney of the industry that controls the marketing vehicle.

the overall aspect of the expression is curtailed
towards a specific audience and marketed as such.

all the while as the industry " leaders " reap in
the REAL lion's share of the financial returns.

leaving the artist / talent with just dimes on the dollar.

thereafter, to excessively spend
on lifestyles and material things.

2325 days ago

HoTcHiCk 23    

So is this what rich ppl do w/ free time or what?
Or jsut hopppppped up on crack all the time?
I don't get the point to all this.

2325 days ago


My cat's name is P'Kitty, get it Diddy!

2325 days ago


I'm sorry, did he say his "birfhday" was July "fofh". Good lord, what an unremitting idiot. So much spent on bling, yet not one dollar spent on elocution lessons,

TMZ, grow a pair and report on the ONLY thing that is truly newsworthy about this clown -- his DL lifestyle. Why didn't you publish the photos of him and Zac Posen "groping" each other at fashion week (with Posen clearly playing the role of the woman)? He has been on the Down Low since high school, a FACT known by EVERYONE who has worked with him. I don't care how many illegitimate babies he has with countlerss Baby Momma "Beards," he will forever love the manmeat.

2325 days ago


He's got way too much money for such a moron.He should change his name to Pee Shiddy!

2325 days ago



2325 days ago



one doesn't need to be rich to be
hopped up or have plenty of free time;

frankly, in many cases,
it's just the opposite....

just broke, drunk, stoned
and always unemployed....

2325 days ago


He makes Hit Records and great clothes my (fat) ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2325 days ago


Did anyone even listen to what he was saying? He said... register to vote! The ultimate message wasn't about his name, or who he is, but who we are and what we're doing to take care of ourselves. Register to vote and vote.

2325 days ago


Voter registration was NOT the ultimate goal or message of the video. It was a self-serving effort designed to bolster his lawsuit against the tiny mom-and pop cuff-link company that markets a product called CUFF DADDY. He can't maintain a trade name infringement action against them (or claim liklihood of confusion in the marketplace) if they can prove he has abandoned the name Puff Daddy and is more commonly known as P Diddy. He is such an egotistical, immoral monster that he is now maneuvering to position himself to be able to squash people who actually WORK for a living and don't spend every waking moment on shameless self-promotion.

2325 days ago


Leave him alone! Maybe you guys are just gettin' on him because he's black, and he's proud of who he is! If you have an issue with it, it's YOUR problem!!!!

2325 days ago


Thank you, TMZ! My thoughts, exactly.

2325 days ago


For god sakes, people living in the real world are dealing with high gas prices, unemployment and trying to figure out how to pay for an education and all this idiot can think about is what to call himself this week!! Why don't you throw some of your millions to education dumbass!

2325 days ago
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