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Linda to Judge: Throw Hulk's Ass in Jail

6/11/2008 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan wants Hulk to spend time with Nick -- behind bars.
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Linda is asking a judge to cite the Hulkster with contempt of court, because he allegedly didn't ante up money for a $4.2 million Vegas condo, as required by the judge. Yes, the judge ordered Hulk to pay for a party pad. We love the law.

The condo was in escrow when the divorce was filed and the court order required both Hulk and Linda to close the deal and then put the asset in the community pot. Linda has put her share in but Hulk hasn't.

And here's the kicker. In the legal papers, Linda is asking the judge to throw Hulk's ass in the Pinellas County Jail, where Hulk and Nick can sure scheme to hatch the post-pokey real-ality show. Dis and gusting.


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The best everyone in USA could do is this .......

Avoid This Family , they're lossing there minds

Or They're setting up everyone up . Including the

Exec Producers for a TV show .

Citizens shouldn't buy , watch or have anything to do

with this family . It's all about money $$$$$$$$$$$.

This family has no morals or Values , nor do they care

about the young man who's lying there as a vegetable .

The only family I would care or worry about is this

young man who laying there , he will never be normal.

BOLLEA FAMILY is a disgrace to USA . They're very

selfish family , they will always be that way as long as

they're living .

2291 days ago

Mike B    

I love That "her share". She would not have her share if it wasn't for him. It is all his. Go get a job you pig Linda!

2291 days ago


This is a scheme to get Pig Man in jail with his piglet, Nick. He wants to protect Nicks butt....literally.

2291 days ago

Black Widow    

Hulk dont give her any money. You worked your ass up, what did she do. What will the Hulkamaniacs think?

2291 days ago


Good grief - this family has to be one of the most genetically butt-ugly bunch of bleach bags I have EVER seen! Why do they think they are famous?? Because Hulk wrestled? Paaaahlease! Since when does wrestling equate to Hollywood fame? Yuck - the media should quit doing stories on them and maybe they will melt away in a pile of bleach water...

2291 days ago


Linda, you fat cow, go pay for the condo yourself...oh yeah, that's right, you need a J-O-B to pay for things - or you could mooch off someone else.

2291 days ago

restaurant management    

Saw the interview on T.v. last night!

Good acting and poor intelligents!

Wrestling is acting and he knows how to this well in the public!


2291 days ago


Edited to add --


2291 days ago


That's right, believe everything you read in the tabloids. After seeing the Hulk on Larry King, I kind of think Linda's the only one with the problem. Hulk's girlfriend is 34(not in her early 20s), Nick's accepting his punishment, and Brooks's just trying to survive. I think it's time for the tabloids to lay off, or print the truth. Also, I'm wondering if this condo TMZ's referring to, is the place for Johns mom, who was homeless. Her and her husband are separated/devorced. The Hogans found out she had no place of her own, and rented a condo for her. If that's the Condo TMZs referring to.., they've exaggerated the amount of money owed on it, and the Hulk admitted last night, that he's paid, up 'til this month. He didn't give his reasons for it, but.., I wouldn't believe anything I read on TMZ, or other tabloids sites.

2291 days ago


skhg, seems you believe everything out of Hulks mouth.............

2291 days ago


Let's face it, Miss Linda is going through a little midlife crisis with her boytoy. She maybe lost a little weight and started thinking she was hotter than she really is, so she dumps the Hulkster. On their former reality show with the episode where they went to marriage counseling, it was clear that Hulk Hogan still had the hots for his wife, which she should have been flattered that he still wanted her and loved her that much, but I think she just started on a downward spiral or steered off on a crazy curve and started thinking she could do better.

Then, you have Hulk/Terry, now "preachin' the gospel" and claiming he's such a religious person - dating a younger woman before the divorce is final, throwing beer parties on his boat (which apparently Nick got alcohol from and then drove and crashed), and then blaming the victim more or less. Not exactly a Christian role model, huh?

2291 days ago


Linda is a bitch,a bitch a,bitch. GET A JOB! Stop polluting the air with your crouch women. Nasty. I slept with your husband and he is great in bed and you know what he told me your nick name is canyon c#*t. Leave my man alone you hear me. You can go stripping in Vegas cant you with those knockers and pay your own bills. Hulk doesnt need this . Stop this and GROW UP ,your a mess and Nick needs you . My gosh stop worring about the young boys and money and start charging them. MUSTSTANG RANCH IS HIRING ,COME ON OVER.

2291 days ago

King of Kings    

Linda might be the biggest golddiger ever and is the real life Peg Bundy.

2291 days ago

let them rest in peace - ALL OF THEM    

Cut to scene: Courtroom, judge on bench (part played by Larry KIng) Hogan is kneeling before the bench (costumed in a Jesus tshirt, large crucifix (think flavaflav clock size) and matching do-rag with a crown of thorns attached) Linda (costumed in a maximini, cut very low,fresh orange glow and new bleach job) is behind plaintiffs table with her lawyer (played by OJ Simpson), Brooke is in the audience (costumed in a see thru maxi mini, holding a bottle of tanning oil), also in the audience is an E camera crew.

Hulk: Sir, if it is THE WILL OF GOD I will take my punishment like a man for not paying for this condo and be put in jail, I am sorry I did not pay but it was THE WILL OF GOD that I should not pay, and THE WILL OF GOD that I be put in the Pinelles County jail (ahem) on the same cell block as my son nicky, and along with this E camera crew, so that I can block SATAN from letting those hardened criminals stick a dildo up my sons ass. THE WILL OF GOD I TELL YOU....
(hulk now is pushing tears and thrashing himself to the floor)

Linda: (screaming) throw the book at him your honor send him to THE pinelles county jail, ahem, same cell block as my son nicky, with the camera crew, i need more money, to protect nickki so that when he comes out he will not be ruined for me and I can get rid of my 19 year old boy toy

Brooke: (whiny) daddy, daddy plueeeze get over here (swings tanning bottle) i need some more lotion on my asssssssssssssss..........

2291 days ago


You go annette and Madison. They must like it young for some reason. Mature people woulnt want this mess they bring to the table.

2291 days ago
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