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Clooney's Ex Perked Up After Break-up

6/12/2008 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Making a very deliberate stroll down Robertson Blvd. yesterday, Clooney's ex Sarah Larson was slammed with questions -- including her rumored boob job.

The smiley ex-waitress let her breasts do the talking -- mostly small talk.


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So dats why she went out wit him ! To get a top shelf !!! So, will the fox ever marry ANY girl ?? Maybe he should try an OLD chick.

2262 days ago


this person has had her 15 MIN. she is nobody!!!!

2262 days ago


Old broads are so much more appreciative and supportive.

2262 days ago


Put a bag over her head. Cloony should trade these bitchs out every six months and make sure they sign a contract beforehand so he doesn't end up with a gold digger like Heather the exMcCartney.

2262 days ago


I dont know her but I sure know she's much hotter than drooping ass, blue pill popper clooney anytime. I dont see what they see in him. Get some LIPS clooney and maybe someone will take YOU seriously. You are no marriage material!

2262 days ago


TMZ-YOU SUCK!! Why is that you always have to cut someone down? You are pathetic--hope you go out of business soon if all you can do is print nasty things.

2262 days ago


Hope she writes a tell all book!

2262 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

George is lucky this skank did not" forget the pill routine." I would think George is smart to know skanks like to play forget and that George probably takes care of himself. Get it clipped by Dr. Clipper or capped it before you plug it in. Dr. Clipper can always unclip it for you. This shank seemd to have enjoyed her reign too much and was granting interviews and stuff. That did not sit well with us George fans. Now, this shank's colors are still showing because she is trying hard to capitalize on her 15, make that 20 mins. of fame. Why is the media giving this skank the time of day? You know no wya after being a guest of The Plams and any place and being served is she going to want to go back to serving and working for the rich and the rich and famous. I predict Feorge gave her som espening cash , (how else can she go on Robertson) and that the press is buying her and she will be writing a book.

2262 days ago


Sarah,ya should have got pregnant by Clooney...................but,looks like George ~AINT~that looney.(i couldnt resist)LMAO

2262 days ago


She's disgusting but so are most of the girls Clooney dates. He likes to be the one in control and the one fawned over -- that is why he won't date someone who is a successful woman. Clooney is good friends with Brad Pitt --- they are so opposite - it isn't funny.

Clooney could never handle a woman like Angelina Jolie.

I can't stand him as a person or as an actor -- how he got so famous still puzzles me.

Sarah Larson is an ugly ho,.. I hope she goes away.

2262 days ago


Who the hell ARE YOU PEOPLE, to say who is "somebody" and who is not...Clooney is famous because he makes movies and money but as a human being he seems to be a nobody. Can't seem to really care about anyone but himself. Leave this woman alone, she beautiful and a SOMEBODY in her own right. To bad Clooney uses women like tissue paper.

2262 days ago


What does she do for a living? No more designer clothes! Awww, I feel bad for her.

2262 days ago


SU, WTF, are you related to him? We can say whatever the hell we want. How do you know what kind of tissue paper Clooney uses. CHILL!

2262 days ago


Ones clearly bigger than the other

2262 days ago


She just happens to be walking down Robertson, the street where she knows all the paps shoot every day.
Does she need the attention that bad?
Her "fame", cough, cough, ended that day he said goodbye.
Honey, take the hint!

2262 days ago
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