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Kelly Needs Little Man to Get Him Off

6/13/2008 7:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Could Marlon Wayans be the key to getting R. Kelly off the kiddie-porn hook?

That's what his defense team is hoping as the jury takes the case today and deliberates. Their big expert witness showed everyone how the tape in question could've been digitally manipulated to put heads on bodies – just like Marlon Wayans in that infant masterpiece "Little Man."

Note to defense: Using a kiddie movie as key evidence in a kiddie-porn trial ... not the most brilliant move ever.

Is Kath Heigl-Tailing It Out of "Grey's"?

Maybe there's something to Katherine Heigl's seemingly crazy comments slamming the writers of "Grey's Anatomy."

The New York Post points out that her new movie deal could be "laying the groundwork" to get the hell of out of Dodge – or Seattle Grace – sooner than producers would like. She's going to be starring in and producing a movie about a woman who helped nab polygamist leader Warren Jeffs.

Heigl didn't make any more friends on "Grey's" after she said she didn't get the "material" that would warrant an Emmy nom.

Dr. Drew to Tom -– Never Wanna Hurt You

After getting some serious heat from Tom Cruise's lawyer, Dr. Drew is backtracking from a Scientoloslam on Suri's dad.

In a Playboy interview, Drew had talked about how Cruise's wackjob beliefs about psychiatry could've been the result of childhood "neglect". Tom's lawyer Bert Fields shot back, calling Pinsky a "posturing flake" who "pretends to diagnose people he's never met."

So yesterday, Drew made the following tepid apology: "Dr. Drew meant no harm to Mr. Cruise and apologizes if his comments were hurtful."

Party Favors: Ed Norton Sulking on "Hulk"? ... Mini Me Still Mourns for Heath

Is Edward Norton running away from his new "Hulk" flick? FOX News says that the actor is leaving most of the shilling to co-star Liv Tyler. ... Dept. of Uh, Ok: Verne Troyer says that it's still "hard" to talk about Heath Ledger's death: The two had starred in Terry Gilliam's "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" when the Aussie died in January.


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Lenn K.    

I'm just not feeling good about R. Kelly going to jail. I know he should, but I smell Oj in this case.

2289 days ago

The whole family ought to go back to their double-wide in Looziana    

Want four more years of Bush?

Heard Obama is Muslim? How about he took his oath of office on a Koran? What about the whole pledge of allegiance thing?

See through lies and propoganda

2289 days ago


Katherine Heigl is an actress who thinks she's legend in her own mind. Rather than dissing Grey's Anatomy, she should be grateful they gave her a platform to expand her career. She needs to be careful...she's not the 2nd coming of Meyrl Streep.

2288 days ago


I think Cruise was dropped on his head as a baby and nursed on his daddy. Isn't that child abuse? Now, get your attorney to come after me big boy!

2288 days ago


Tom honey...........................It is called "freedom of speech"! You spew your opinion ALL the time that is why your career is in the ditch!

2288 days ago


why would any one make fun of verne troyer for still being upset about heath passing? That's messed up...Heath touched millions of people he never met, I'm sure someone he worked with would obviously still be upset...its only been a few months. that's pretty trashy tmz.

2288 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I don't know if Cruise was dropped on his head as a baby although that would explain a lot of his problems. I think he's compensating for his lack of stature which is only a problem in his own mind although he's making it a problem in everybody's. Maybe he's hoping if he shills for scientology enough, he can be six feet or more in his next life. I think he's more likely to come back as a slug.

Go Sox

2288 days ago


Heigl is quitting the show for what? Because she made a couple of fluffy movies? Her acting is so so at best. Good luck, honey! LOL

2288 days ago


Tommy boy wants people to think he is normal? He even went on Miss Queen of the World leader of her zombie world to clear up his image. Well, then, stop having your lawyers checking out sales people, anyone who says anything about him so he can sue them. That is beyond a control freak. His religion is his business, but he is a big a&* when it comes to control. He thinks he is superior to anyone, and instead of just letting thing die down, or ignore people who hurt his little feelings, he sues. Get a clue, your the one who is hanging yourself with all the things you do. Back off, shut your mouth for once. You have control of all your followers, wife , mother, sister and kids. Let it go. Learn to turn the other cheek you make people beleive all that is said about you with type of action. I won't watch anything your in now.

2288 days ago


Are you effing kidding me R. Kelly defense???? Marlon..WTF?? This case gets more bizzare by the moment!! How do they even allow this nonsense?? Its a cicus and a mockery of justice..NO..not an OJ..this is film almost a decade old..Man up R.Kells..You O.D.B!!!!!

2288 days ago


Ouch BJ! That is harsh but HILARIOUS!!

I really had no comment other than that. :)

Go Rangers

2288 days ago


Oh and Lenn K., I am thinking the same thing about R. Kelly, lets hope we're wrong about it though.

2288 days ago


Funny, Tom went on a rampage, diagnosing vitamins for women with post-partum depression and children with ADD. Turnabout is fair play, Tom.

BTW, your scientology religion is as psychotic as they come. SO SUE ME!!!!

2288 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

Isn't THAT exactly what Tom Cruise does??? Makes a diagnoses about people he's never met? Cough...BROOKE SHIELDS..Cough

2288 days ago

Bash a Pap    

If I say something about Tom Cruise on this site... will his lawyers come after me? Let's give it a try and see -- Tom Cruise is a complete and total freak and Scientology is a cult of losers!

2288 days ago
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