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No Stretching the Truth

6/13/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Becoming a big star in Hollywood can leave a mark -- literally! Check out the lines even the A-list can't avoid.
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That is NASTY    

That looks almost as bad as Star Jones flabby azz

2321 days ago

Me in DC    

Wasting Time! You apparently are a man, which is typical! Us women don't want to have stretch marks, but we do! Men have them too, we don't want to look at theirs either! We aren't whining about them, TMZ is. TMZ just didn't have anything to write about today!

2321 days ago


These women are BEAUTIFUL. Anyone who would create such a nasty post must be really unhappy with themselves. If you were truly happy, you would not need to say mean, cruel, hurtful things about others. I feel sorry for you.

2321 days ago

hot snot    

Well, no wonder people diet hardcore....everyone judges so horribly. Even at their thinnest i bet a lot of women won't put on a bathing suit for fear of ridicule. :(

2321 days ago


I wish we could be able to see what type of stretch marks the staff of TMZ have. TMZ staff is never satisfed, too thin - too big. One moment they love off Salma and Cindy the next moment they are bashing them for being human.

2321 days ago

just wondering    

why the gender bias? , I think it is totally wrong that u make fun of a womans body and what can happen naturally with weight fluctuation for whatever reason, but why not some pics of the guys with their stretch marks or droopy asses??, hell they have other things that droop too!!!!!! geesh.

2321 days ago


#18 These writers are not only uneducated. They're bipolar too. I think you need to be taken your pyscho meds TMZ.

2321 days ago


Come on Harvey! You should know better. Lets see YOUR pics... What does your stomach look like? How about your chest? How about your thighs or rear end? Because of this media obsession with a false image of beauty and perfection young girls starve themselves , constantly look at themselves in comparison to Hollywood and peers, and grow up focused on the wrong things. You men take steroids and think thats the quick ticket to fame. It's sick and twisted to focus on these celebrity women or men for being too fat, then to thin, having stretch marks(for losing weight or gaining when having a baby etc) and imperfect ( in the media's opinion) features. How many women or men for that matter have disfigured themselves to look like this perfect , yet non existent IMAGE? How many have DIED? Did you forget The recent plastic surgery deaths? How many have been discredited and dsigraced by their need to have a perfect body, setting artificial records that have become meaningless? How many are bankrupt financially becuse youth and perfection are the only values in American media? We have created a culture where Americans are self obsessed and seen as self centered around the world. Harvey you have a platform to do a lot of good, please use it! How about TMZ start reporting on some of the good celebrities are doing in between the moments they screw up? Let our children look up to something other than a self important, overated , ego inflated, over paid actor /actress drunk or high. Or mansions, and jewels and cars, beyond all reason.Show some of Hollywood's charity work for causes that deserve your publicity breast cancer, AIDS , clean water for the third world, the cyclone in Myanmar, the equake in China, orphans in Africa from wars or AIDS, wounded war vets, traditional mutilation of women & children in third world countries, helping the homeless in any town, helping inner city youth find a way out and a quality education.All of these causes need someone with a camera to capture their truth. Mainsteam news could care less. Challege your staff. I bet you will meet some real heroes along the way. Does TMZ have a charity ? Pick just one, maybe you'll start a whole new trend . Let's hear some REAL GOOD news for a change.

2321 days ago


this is what real women look like-no tummy tucks, reductions, enhancements etc..

shouldn't oome as a shock to anyone

once youth fades...........................and so it goes....................

2321 days ago

just wondering    

get a life # 22...they did report on Sharon Stone and her thoughts abt the disaster in China and Angelina gets posted whenever she does her work abroad, but this is a celeb gossip site and most people here don't want to be reminded of all the travesty in the world, for that we can put on the news . I come here for fun and laughs, not to be reminded of all the sad stuff in the world going on.

2321 days ago


If anything it humanizes these people a little bit because they are not perfect ..they are just like everyone else and I think that's the point here..jeez

2321 days ago


Ok have succeded in pissing me off! Showing pics of women and their stretch marks as well as c-section scars is just downright SEXIST! The children that work for TMZ need to effin grow up. I'm sure ALL of your mothers would be so very proud of you!???????!

2321 days ago


seriously. do women even work at TMZ? this just shows me that they don't just some men that don't have anything else better to do then to pick on women with stretch marks.

2321 days ago


The Cindy Crawford pictures are totally photo shopped. Look at these fairly recent bikini pictures
These are paparazzi (NOT AIRBRUSHED) photos that have been taken within the last year, and she hasn't had any children since then. There is no way the stomach in this picture belongs to Cindy -- NO WAY!

TMZ should take this post down -- it is mean!

2321 days ago


I think these pictures are beautiful, it shows what women go through on a daily basis and after having kids!
TMZ you should be ASHAMED!

2321 days ago
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