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Fighting Fans Screw Laker Nation

6/16/2008 8:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official -- Laker fans are too damn violent for their own good.

TMZ has learned Lake Show bigwigs are afraid of another hometown fan fight night, like the one that broke out during game two, so they've pulled the plug on broadcasting game six at Staples Center. Sources close to the team tell TMZ, "It gets too rowdy ... and there was one incident in particular that put it over the edge."

A rep for the team says the decision was made because too many police were required around the arena.

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Patty D.    

Race; Race; Race; Race, why does that all make you guys feel better? Lakers fans fighting isn't about race and when someone does bring up race they are just insecure and feel better about themselves to belittle others. So sad, I feel bad for you guys. Insecure biggits.

2318 days ago


They start to riot when something is going on that they dont like. Example: getting pounded by the CELTICS! GO C-C-C-CELTICS!

2318 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Open your eyes and use your brain people. Have any of you been to a sporting even lately? The worst fight I ever saw was in Denver at a Nuggets game but it goes on EVERYWHERE. These are low class drunks, gang bangers and foul mouth fatherless trash. They are mostly mexican but includes every race you can think of. This is the result of no discipline in public schools, no punishment for criminal behavior and just plain being uneducated. Add lots of beer and this is what you get. I don't go any more. Last time I saw a Ducks hockey game, some jerk took a swing at the guy walking in front of me, holding hands with his girlfriend in the parking lot. He did nothing and he took a punch for it. That could have been me, so I'll just watch on my big screen from now on, thank you. Democrats control our society such as public schools these days and I hold them completely responsible for this disrespectful behavior.

2318 days ago


The worst sport riot I witnessed was hockey fans! It's funny how that's a result of liberal people not wanting teachers to hit their children. I think teachers have enough to worry about these days, with no child left behind and all. Take responsibility for your own actions, quit blaming teachers.

2318 days ago


WOW, laker fans are such skanks. I hate the lakers except koby bryant, i think he is the best basketball player but L.A. is full of wanna-be thugs that need to get their as$' beat. Everyone in L.A thinks they can fight when in fact they are all abunch of vaginas! If you think that the dude who punched the celtic fan would even try that in boston then you must have been born half retarded, Everyone gets tough when it is 100 vs. 1... if the celtics fan would have started smoking the laker dude everyone woulda jumped him anyways so why even try? Most people are such b*tches

2318 days ago


haha the lakers fans are morons!!!!

2318 days ago


Los Angeles is the ugliest town in America with the ugliest people. END OF STORY.

2318 days ago


Sorry #5, and #19, I agree with #6, look carefully, not a black person in the fight. Sadly most of this violence is either white wanna be’s or hispanics.

Sure #10, you may come from a culture that goes back thousands of years, big deal, you still have no idea how to discipline your kids because you, the parents, are just as bad. And lets be honest, name one South American country that is worth a damn. If Mexico was so great you guys wouldn’t be running across the border to escape.

Ever moved into an apartment after a hispanic..? Roach city. How about a hispanic neighborhood, trash everywhere, graffiti, and of course under age pregnancies.

Remember, when you let animals out of the cages, don’t be surprised when then behave like this.

Oh, want to stop it? Easy, stop hiring illegal hispanic workers, demand everyone speaks English, and enforce the laws of this great nation….cross the border illegally, get deported., and take your anchor baby with you.

2318 days ago


The amazing thing about all of this is that in the 1980s, the Lakers had less than 10 arrests for disorderly conduct after their 5 championships. Check it out, it's true. While idiots in Detroit were burning cars, and people in Boston were running drunk in the streets, LA kept it cool. How times have changed. Sad.

2318 days ago


I’ve been noticing a trend when you go to a drive threw of a dunkin doughnuts, mcdonalds, taco bell, burger king. The person taking your order can barley speak English but as you sit outside the window waiting for your order you can see all the English speaking American’s putting your food in the bags, pouring the coffee etc. Why are we stuck speaking to the only person not capable of speaking our language?

2318 days ago


well that's simple;

most of the order takers ( MELP U ) have been on
the job much longer and DON'T want to be in the
hot greasy kitchen any longer than they have to.

they are in flux by a few years from
when they can be management;

so they are intermittently
put out front taking orders.

it's actually considered
a career move........

2318 days ago

boston sucks    

This is for all those boston fans who live in LA. I wouldent be wearing any boston gear unless i dident mind being in a wheelchair.

2318 days ago


WTF are you guys talking about. This was when the lakers were on the road. They showed the road games for $18 per seat on the big screen at staples center. Bunch of lowlife fans showed up to see it there. WTF does the guy in a celtics jersey expect showing up wearing green. Youre just asking for it!

2318 days ago


that's what happens when u put too many cholos in one place, it's the same thing a dodgers games...they have to mess everything up for everyone, instad of police they should have La Migra check the door...

2318 days ago


Showing up in a green shirt among a sea of yellow is no reason to start beating on someone. We're not animals or 2 year olds that can't grasp the concept of restraint.

2318 days ago
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