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Hulk Threats: "Your Kid's Gonna Bleed"

6/16/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The voicemail threats made against Hulk Hogan and his family -- calling them "whores" and threatening to "piss on you and your family's grave" -- have been released ... and, man, are they disturbing.


Bubba the Love Sponge, radio host and Hogan family friend, played the messages allegedly made by John Graziano's brother, Frank, on his show this morning. Clearwater PD tells TMZ there is an "open investigation" into the calls.

According to the Tampa Tribune, John Graziano's dad, Edward, confirmed today that the voice on the tape is that of Frank Caruso, John's 32-year-old half-brother. He said Caruso is a child from his estranged wife's first marriage.


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i feel sorry for both familys. both boys got in the car nowing they had to much to drink.. and an accident happened....whose to blame driver or passenger that got into car knowing that driver was inpaired both famileys will suffer but one more then the other so sad two famileys

2250 days ago


The Grazianos probably paid someone to make the threat

2249 days ago


411. Terry "hulk" Hogan should go in person to meet this angry frustrated man. He should bring a case with 25 to 50% of his net worth in cash in it. offer it to the man. He by actions direct and indirect caused the whole situation. Say the words, offer the sympathy, then leave the cash. Hell let the guy slap him around if it would make him feel better, that is maybe would make them both feel better.

as for the poster tellin peeps hows to speels, fuzznuck off, people who correct others grammer speech are lacking maturity and intelligeninece.


Posted at 9:51AM on Jun 21st 2008 by Joe_cali_angryangry_people

You just say that about the spelling because YOU can't spell and your "Idea" is lame

2249 days ago

Carlos Mencia next please    

Obviously FAKE if Bubba got the audio first. Sounds like the Hogan's are just trying to get some sympathy for once

2249 days ago


Sounds like Hulk Hogan got a WWE script writer to cough up this excuse for sympathy.

2249 days ago


star...If you listen to the radio interview and this it sounds like the same guy and his stepdad said it was him as well.

2249 days ago


#7 is the most poorly written post I have EVER seen~!!!! lololololol

2249 days ago

Shannon in Texas    

If that were my son laying in the hospital and the family of the kid driving the car was treating my family like crap all of this time, I'd be sayin' alot worse!

2249 days ago


At the end of the day Nick and Hulk Deserve EVERYTHING they get !! Nick deserves to be in jail and i cant belive he only got 8 mth and if he gets put under house arrest it just goes to show its not who you know its how much money daddy can throw at a problem before it goes away BUT this aint goin away, you know the sayin what goes around comes around well i hope the guy makes good on his threats

2245 days ago


MJ Kelly is a retarded midget hack with a pubic afro.

2241 days ago


Boy, anyone with an ear can tell that the voice on that message clearly belongs to Frank Graziano. True, the Bollea's made comments that were highly inappropriate and insensitive, but I KNOW they were taken out of context and I KNOW it doesn't mean that they aren't upset about the entire unfortunate situation.

The Graziano family loves to downplay this but John WAS a fixture at the Bollea's home for a long time. He was treated better by the Bollea's than he was by his own family. Point of all of this is that those death threats don't do anything productive.

And if Frank Graziano would come to terms with his whiteness and drop that whole ridiculous Flava Flav accent, maybe it would be a whole lot harder for people to figure out that it was him. I'm pretty sure that making threats like that breaks at least one law in FL. I feel awful that John is where he is. I hope there's a miraculous recovery. But his family are white trash losers. Poor, pathetic degenerates. And Frank proves that every time he opens his filthy mouth.

2239 days ago

The Bad Guy    

Relax Frank seems as if you have plenty of experiance in the Gay world , You seems to know how its done in detail , you little fruit !
Your Brothers hurt , and we feel for him , but things happen , people get hurt , does not seem fair sometimes but life throws you a curve ball once in a while .

As far as you being a Wanna Be gangsta' Shut your Punk azz up ! you want to go toe to toe with somebody , then you can talk tough , I personally don't think you can go toe to toe with a freaking sewer Rat .

The Bollea Family has its own trouble and so does yours , live your lives , care for your loved ones , and do your best to forgive , the more you carry with you , the more your heart is weighed down , the less you actually " Live" in your life .

2237 days ago


yes what happened is sad... but the person , john g. chose to be in that car!! no one forced him, he decided to get in that car cause its a fast car.. and its fun to be in a fast car racing a dodge viper..i feel bad for what happened! but it was an ACCIDENT! and yes nick hogan is at fault but so is john for getting in that car!

2219 days ago
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