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Hulk Threats: "Your Kid's Gonna Bleed"

6/16/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The voicemail threats made against Hulk Hogan and his family -- calling them "whores" and threatening to "piss on you and your family's grave" -- have been released ... and, man, are they disturbing.


Bubba the Love Sponge, radio host and Hogan family friend, played the messages allegedly made by John Graziano's brother, Frank, on his show this morning. Clearwater PD tells TMZ there is an "open investigation" into the calls.

According to the Tampa Tribune, John Graziano's dad, Edward, confirmed today that the voice on the tape is that of Frank Caruso, John's 32-year-old half-brother. He said Caruso is a child from his estranged wife's first marriage.


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King of Kings    

Boy, I became something I despised the most, someone who posts messages on a stupid website about a celebrity I have never met, and about a family I do not know. I used to call you people losers who have no life, well, heck I was sucked in.

Overall, I still support Hulk Hogan 100%, and hope things work out for him and his family. I hope John recovers over time, I hope his mom hangs in there.

For other Hogan supporters and people who put intelligent comments on here, keep the faith and keep supporting. I know I have supported The Hulkster for 25 years, and I turned out and my life turned out just fine. I do not care about Hogan haters because, hey, Hulk entertained me, what have the haters done for me? Nothing.

For the haters on here, I mean this serious, you people need to get some help, you people show some bitterness overall. Go look in the mirror and take some inventory of your OWN life. You do not know either family, neither has done anything personal to you, so at the end of the day, does it matter? Is it going to hit your pocketbook what happens with this story in the future?

The whole follow every move of a celebrity and waste your whole life on it is stupid. This society has to seriously wake up. If you people have bitterness, use it towards gas companies, who are personally ripping us off daily, we also have a presidental election that has the 2 worse candidates in US history. Than concerns me way more than anything on this site.

2320 days ago


Some people are really upset and taking this to some serious extremes
There are no winners here, only losers, on both sides
The Bolleas are all about themselves and wondering why people are upset with them
HOGAN, we heard the tapes
nuff said about that

Graziano family, tragic all around
Stress and anger brings peoples character out to the front where we all can see it
Same with the Bollea's

But everyone is wrong when they say John was not wearing his seat belt...he was
The doctors at the hospital have said in all their reports that his body bore the marks of having been wearing it.
So let's get this on the record and stop repeating the tall tail that Hogan is telling the media
that he wasn't wearing it....HE WAS !!!!!

2320 days ago


Yes, it was ALL Nick's fault as HE was the driver. No need to investigate Graziano family for threats as they are justifiably angry with the Bollea family's unnecessary remarks about the victim and his family. Nick should have gotten at least 5 years in my opinion. I have never liked any of the Bollea family and wish they would just go away. By the way, the Bollea's are all UGLY on the outside and the inside. It is NOT the victim's fault because he got in the car, it is the driver's fault and only the driver's fault.

2320 days ago


So, the Bolleas cried foul when private conversations went public then Terry turns around and gives some loser Howard Stern wannabe what are also considered private conversations. The Bolleas are a joke.

2320 days ago


Who deserves what is ultimately up to a Higher Power but here on Earth not even the Hogans should have to deal with terroristic threats. The Hogans have demonstrated through voluntary monetary contributions to the caretaking of John and his family and by words and lots of tears in a court of law that they suffer for the tragic consequences also.

A certain amount of anger within a certain time frame is reasonably expected but to continue to bash the Hogans serves no purpose but to reveal a person who is not dealing with tragedy in a healthy manner. I'm starting to undertand why John would be wanting to hang out a lot with Linda and Hulk rather than being around such deep negativity from his bio family.

2320 days ago


The real idiots... on TMZ---Feel better for coming to a celeb gossip site and lecturing everyone? You need to understand this is a heavy world. Just because people stop by here and throw their 2 cents in on a story doesn't mean they don't care about other events in the world. Sometimes they need to vent or read something funny. Someone like you coming along (and it happens a lot) and feeling like you need to control every ones opinion is your problem. Just as supporting a greedy, narcissistic family is also your problem. You have an opinion just like everyone else. You have no right to come here and play superior to others. That is an issue that could very well be argued. But I don't care and no one else does, either. People like you bug me. Find an appropriate site to spew your self righteousness.

2320 days ago


Bubba Army!!!

2320 days ago


i hope the hogans sue charges.........

2320 days ago


Put Frank in the same cell as Nick. That would make an interesting story.

2320 days ago


I DON'T BLAME THIS GUY FOR HIS ANGER!!!! The Hogan's are nothing more than a bunch of ARROGANT A**HOLES!!!

Terry Bollea SHOULD HAVE NEVER APPEARED ON LARRY KING!! Just added FUEL TO THE FIRE!!!! He sure didn't win anyone over!!!

2320 days ago


I don't know what anyone expects from this family. John is in a vegetative state after fighting fir this country and making it back home alive. The Hogans have said things about these people that they clearly do not deserve. And all the while they are talking about how Nick doesn't deserve such harsh punishment. Well John is the one who doesn't deserve what happened to him and I don't know how his family deals every day with all that is being said about him. The simple fact is the Hogans are asking for every bit of this and maybe, just maybe they might learn to keep their big mouths shut. I guess it's true, money really can't buy class. And to the Grazianos, hang in there and show these classless Hogans a thing or two about class and dignity. You are in my prayers daily. God Bless.

2320 days ago


Who cares.....
Bulk Hogan and his fat wife provoked this with their remorseless attitude and blame the victim statements.
I mean really..........................

2320 days ago


As the oldest of 5 brothers I feel this guy's pain but I have to disagree with his actions 100%. What he did to Hogan is illegal and irrational, Hogan did not do anything to Frank's brother and does not have control over what his 18 year old son is doing. His actions where that of a want-to-be tough guy and should stay quiet and honor his brother like a real man not some punk.

Bubba Army!!

2320 days ago


Terry & Linda are getting about the worst damage control advice ever. They should fire their PR firm and retain new legal counsel, pronto.

2320 days ago


The real idiots... on TMZ

You watch a fake sport for 25 years idolizing a egomaniac and accuse us of having a problem? Get off your high horse before you fall off and hurt yourself you moron.

2320 days ago
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