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Ice Cube's Bodyguard: We Be Clubbin' ... Photogs

6/16/2008 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ice Cube may act all squeaky clean and nice in his cutesy family films, but he's still rollin' as a straight up thug like he did back in the NWA day.

Now that he's got that "Are We There Yet" money, he doesn't have to threaten people himself -- he's got bodyguards to do it for him.


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Who? .. Wasn't he working at Mc Donalds?

2290 days ago


Uh, maybe you can work FOR him at one of the many mcdonalds he could own. I mean dude is worth many millions, duh.

2290 days ago


yeah, i think he tainted himself by doing those "are we there yet " movies. he's gotten a "lot G"-rated since those NWA days!

2290 days ago


i dont think he was EVER workin at McDonalds

2290 days ago

annoyed's an idea.............why don't you leave him alone? No threats, no problem.

2290 days ago


You are such a player hater, hate the game, not the player.

2290 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

He's seen the TMZ show and knew you guys are Sh2thead Clowns to the max. Dlckhead. Millionare Black guys ain't gots no time for looser phoneys --Hit that fool again ! . Dlckheads

2290 days ago

Let it go!    

The fact that people like this have any celebrity at all is a reflection of the state of the entertainment industry and demand. Take a look at the people that are reported on daily on this site. How about the body guards language in front of those women that were standing at the curb? Of course Ice Cube fans will think that was cool. TMZ keep up the good work, it is entertaining!

2290 days ago


TMZ needs to take stock in their own lives. No BODY is perfect.....Even celebrities! If you were not stalker rozzi him and other celebs you may receive a better reception. Leave the stars alone. How would you feel with camaras flashing in your face ALL day EVERY day? I think I may have to boycott this site. TMZ is always trash talking people.

2290 days ago

I, Slay The Dragon    

Nuthin' sadder than PLAYED-OUT not-really-tough-enough-to-be-thug types.
One-on-one? I'd hit' em both so hard, they'd recite Shakespeare.

2290 days ago


I must have missed something because all I saw was Cube getting in the car. I didn't see him say anything to his security guard or even look at him. Why would you hold his security guards actions against him? Ice Cube is a grown man with a family. He is not a thug and he does not project a thug image.

2290 days ago


I worked with 'The Cube" on the movie 'The Comback" That same body guard dude was with him. i was standing next to his cart when they drove on the set. The bodyguard said , ' I was cool." Maybe its because I didnt try to get in his way and stick a camera in his face.7

2290 days ago


You Damned if you do or Damned if you don't if you are a Black man in this country. That goes for Black Women, too.

2289 days ago

Bessie Ross    

Please TMZ people you must be hungry for tabloid dirt!....After seeing the previously video of you all talking to Cube at the airport, where, Ice Cube himself offers to even do business with TMZ and is quite open and charming, you post this silly video of his bodyguard using foul language and asking you to stop taping. It's not quite a great reflection on Cube but it's not him doing the talking and he just seems determined to get home and on to start concentrating on the Laker's next play-off Game. Think of other places to hang out instead of the airport where most travelers are not at their best after being stuffed in an airplane for hours. The bodyguard was just doing his job and trying to scare you guys's no different than a barking guard dog who is trained to keep intruders away. You're lucky the camera guy didn't get bit. Cube is a true creative artist/businessman who does alot of good on this planet...It would have been smarter to do business with him & his new UVNTV site than annoy him and his crew! From a loyal Ice Cube admirer

2289 days ago


Do you know that the racism is getting other websites attention? That this is getting so bad that your website will soon be boycotted? I wonder if you have any African Americans working for you, and that if you do, what in the hell would make them think that what is posted is even okay in the least.. I am disgusted by the practices...

2289 days ago
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