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Kanye Gets Big Stick from Fans

6/16/2008 7:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West heard it loud and hard from fans who got seriously irate when the rapper showed up two hours late for a gig.

West was supposed to start his gig at Bonnaroo at 2:45 a.m. yesterday, and when he didn't show up until 4:25a.m., the crowd got on him, chanting "Kanye sucks" and throwing glow sticks on stage. The delay, according to reports, was caused by K's big stage set, which took a while to throw up after Pearl Jam's appearance.

As it happens, a lot of fans just couldn't keep it up for Kanye – and ended up asleep in their sleeping bags.

Wino -- Two Mil for Sloppy Commando Show

Must be good to be Amy Winehouse: The wobbly wonder got $2 million from a Russian billionaire to bring her act to Moscow.

Rush & Molloy
report that Amy actually managed to show up and do the gig – but not without incident. It took her handlers a couple hours to pull her together because she showed up "in no condition to appear." When she did make it down a red carpet, she smoked and revealed that she was going full commando.

A source says that her actual singing was "sloppy," but that she put on a "terrific show."

Leona's Bitch Tosses $10 Mil Bone

The dog that got $12 million in Leona Helmsley's will have to live off $2 million for the rest of her days. Ruff life!

The New York Post reports that a New York judge reduced the dog's inheritance and gave $10 million to charity – and worked out a deal to give her grandkids $6 million each. When Leona died last August, she left the pair out of her will, but left Trouble the dog a big chunk of change.

Party Favors: Connery Just Fine ... Barbis Get Ambushed on "30 Days"

Sean Connery isn't in the hospital and didn't wreck his ankle on the golf course, says his rep, rubbishing recent reports. ... We're told that the Barbi Twins were "interviewing" eco-terrorist Darius Fullmer when they got an unexpected guest – big hunting guy George Snedeker – and found themselves on FX series "30 Days."


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Berta: First and delicious

2298 days ago


Why would anyone want to KNOW that Wino was going comando much less pay her to perform?! The Russian billionaire needs his head examined!

I had the misfortune of meeting Leona Helmsley 10 years ago and, I can honestly say that Leona made the "wicked witch of the west" seem like a princess. She was one miserable human being and her dog deserves every penny it got! I can't imagine having to live with that vile creature!

2298 days ago


Dear Amy, I have the perfect solution to all your problems: Marry a pop dancer, conceive a couple of children... then get a divorce, a bald haircut, paparazzi boyfriends, and a B&B weekend at the nearest mental facility. To top it off, get caught drunk in the car with your abducted children... and baby, you've got it... All this mayhem granted you a personal consultation with Dr. Phil, who's gonna make it all better.

2298 days ago


helmsley / huffington / grace murdoch.

no sense of reality whatsoever;

all cut from the same cloth.

2298 days ago


I just did the math and it was in '88 or '89 that I met her...................wanted to make a correction!

2298 days ago


I don't get it even though I think it was ridiculous what she left for the support of her dog, this is what she had in her will so why would a judge dismiss her wishes. I never liked this woman but she had the right to leave her money to whoever she wanted.

2298 days ago


Ain't it illegal to screw with a WILL and the way an inheritance is dolled out. Judges piss me off.

2298 days ago


Welcome back Mrs. Dallas!! :)

2298 days ago


What in the hell give a judge the right to change someones will??? It is not his business what she left her dog, and not her grandkids. I think the woman was more than a B'atch, but for a judge to stick his nose in other peoples business, well that is an invasion of personal matters. If, I want someone or an animal, or charity to get my money I should have my wishes followed out. The laws are crazy, So, If I don't like what the judge may or may not leave someone in his will I can change it too. Come on, a persons final wishes are just that, it was her money, her wishes. Greedy family members always think they should get something, when in fact must of them are blood suckers who want easy money and now the judges are breaking will. What next??? They are entering into every part of our lives, what we can eat, not eat, spank or not spank, if you work your entire life and want your money to go to something or someone after you die, and some a&*hole greedy family member wants to get part of the pie, well just cry to a judge. He should be removed from his job and so should the judges that break a dead persons wishes. That is just wrong.

2298 days ago


yeah...I hate it when people tell me I can't be

2298 days ago


Thanks K.....................It feels great!

2298 days ago


While I think its ridiculous for anyone else to be in charge of soemones money after they put it in a will. A will is a will and should not be changed. that was her wishes. So its not right. BUT to leave all that money to a dog is a little odd. Anywho i believe it should stay the way leonna wanted it. Plain and simple. Its wrong

2298 days ago


USA not so free to do what you want. Wills shouldnt be changed. If there wasnt a will I could understand BUT there was explicit insturctions and judges should have no rights to that. That crazy

2298 days ago


The judge got involved because most of the people that are from the area that Leona Hemsley is from knows she has mental problems for some years. According to what I heard, she was not of sound mind when she did her last will about 3 years ago.

2298 days ago


It's nice to know that some judge can just do as they wish with someone's will. Thought that was the point of having one so your possesions went to the people or animals YOU wanted it to go to.

2298 days ago
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