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Chelsea on Barack -- Silent But Deadly

6/17/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her mom out of the running, we wanted to know if Chelsea Clinton was pulling for Barack -- and it's what she didn't say that spoke volumes.

It's not like she's going to vote for McCain or anything -- so why not back Barack?


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2321 days ago


"Democratic presidential frontrunner Barack Obama fired a powerful salvo today at former rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton by hiring her deposed and estranged campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, to serve as chief of staff to an unnamed vice presidential candidate."

That's a big "screw you" if ever there was one. Chances are that's why Chelsea is keeping quiet.

2321 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

She's mum because she takes after her parents.

In other words, she is a sore loser and an arrogant human being with a sense of entitlement as big as Texas.

2321 days ago


"what she didn't say spoke volumes"?!?...if what you mean was that she wasn't dumb enough to give your dumb a$$es another quote to mangle for your own personal are absolutely right...losers

2321 days ago

John Astin    

Wow, what schmucky voices and diction your TMZ stalkarazzi have. I'd ignore them too, those ignoramuses. Prepubescent freaks they are. Such compelling questions they ask too. Losers.

2321 days ago


Would you expect something else?

2321 days ago


McCain 08 McCain 08 McCain 08
McCain 08 McCain 08 McCain 08
McCain 08 McCain 08 McCain 08
McCain 08 McCain 08 McCain 08
McCain 08 McCain 08 McCain 08

2321 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

It's all about what's good for the Clintons -- not the party. If and when there is a personal advantage to the Clintons, then they ALL will be on board and fully supporting who ever. Totally fake. L

2321 days ago


Okay, we KNOW her name is "Chelsea", did you have to mention it a zillion times?

Do you have live brain cells which can form real questions?

2321 days ago


I wish Bill's baby mama would just disappear

oh, she did.

2321 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

If she had run for the US Senate from her HOME state of Illinois rather than being a carpetbagger running in New York, there would be no Sen. Obama. Sometimes the Clintons are too clever for their own good. LOL

2321 days ago


Where is the Secret Service???

2321 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

i'd rather vote for mc cain than obama ,and i am african american... i wanted hillary to win the nomee... i think obama knows little about forgein policy and black , white , pink or purple ( i don't care what color he is ) , he dosen't have enough expirence to do the job... so i am switiching parties this week and voting for mccain....

obama is a all talk .... i see him and turn the station....
obama and his rev wright are wrong... i am african american and don't attend those churches because they are racist, and i get sick of listening to them preach , it's time to move on from slavery ... and take responsiblity for our own actions ....
i tell my kids " don't blame anyone but yourself" and that show it should be ... i told my son " don't you blame white people for your short comings.. get out there and take responsibilty for you ...."

so i'm not interested in rev wright or obama....

2321 days ago

stupid hollywhores    

she's still as fugly as she ever was....billy butt ucker & hilly ramrod do NOT make pretty babies. thank goodness they only make one ugly donkey.

2321 days ago


all of you are just hateful mongers. Leave Chelsea alone. After all, yo uwould all stand by your parents too. Give the girl a break.....

2321 days ago
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