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Ed's Wife-- Shopping Him Into the Poorhouse

6/17/2008 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The one word that's turning Ed McMahon from baller to beggar: Plastic.

Our sources tell us Pamela McMahon, Ed's wife of 16 years, is literally spending him onto the street. We hear she's completely "oblivious" to the late night legend's cash troubles, and shops like their life depended on it. Her AmEx bill is legendary -- the couple reportedly owes them nearly $750K.

That's causing an issue for Ed's friends, who are conflicted about bailing him out. They don't want to see their 85-year-old friend foreclosed on and homeless, but they also don't want to encourage Pamela's passion for Prada.

And to add insult to injury, now Donald Trump wants to exploit Ed's sad situation for publicity. The blowhard famewhore has made a public "offer" to help the "Bloopers" star, but that's news to Ed. Trump's only reached out to the public -- not the McMahons -- as you think he might. A source close to Ed tells us the "people who are talking publicly aren't necessarily the ones who are helping." We hear there are others who "quietly" are trying to assist.

Ed's rep denies Pamela's spending is the reason for their troubles -- the rep says she's not "extravagant."

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Really hard to feel sorry for the guy, IF this story is true. I was having a hard time feeling bad for him when this story first appeared.
Now, not at all.

2296 days ago


Ed's wife is bloody disgusting, she has completely RUINED him. Poor guy, instead of kicking it in Palm Springs in his 80's, he is worried sick about his future thanks to that golddigger!

2296 days ago


She said on Larry King she had to shop the dollar bins at Target....Apparently it must have been a big bin!!!

2296 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

#34 Edumacated, well said!!!!
Katherine McMahon is Ed's daughter he adopted with his 2nd wife.

Is Ed broke? Nada!! Idoubt it. His ne wwife can't be that dumb. Sellthehouse. Letit go. Buy a home in an upscale neighborhood , like in Calabassas. Cut out the payments to th ekids, etc. Write his autobiogprahy.

2296 days ago


Cry me a river. When there are people out there living paycheck to paycheck, barely living on "wages" that corporation constantly cut, and people who are completly poor and homeless, this guy had millions of dollars just for being on TV really doing nothing, and now he's lost it all. Sorry, but when there are people who have had it worst I don't care about any of these Hollywood people. Try getting a real job and try living on these so-called "wages". Then maybe I'll feel a little sorry for you.

2296 days ago


Time to downsize and realize the life of high living is over.How about a 2 bedroom condo,for starters.I wonder if the wife will be around when she can't buy prada bags anymore.What attractive younger woman would want these old geezers if they weren't rich.

2296 days ago


It's not like Ed was clueless, he was married twice before I think. At this point he's afraid to be alone, so he lets her do what she wants. Losing his McMansion doesn' mean he'll be on the streets. He just needs to downsize. The glory days are over Ed.

2296 days ago


I find it hard to have compassion for Ed McMahon...I'm sure that younger wife is the one who lead him into his situation...He is senile and she is reaping the harvest...Kick her butt to the street Ed..But don't expect those of us who have had blue collar,honest hard working jobs to have sympthay for you..You have made millions and let someone put you into bankdruptcy...your choice, your ignorance, your age!!!

Anyone who has made the millions and millions of dollars that you have made all these years and then go on National Television pleading poverty and chalking it out to "the more you make, the more you spend." Give me a break you old fool..I can't even afford my doctor bills at the age of 74 and I have paid into the system, lead a modest life in accordance to my income and you want me to feel sorry for you!!! I think not old boy!!

2296 days ago


You can take it to the bank that literally old Ed's young wife has been spending like a "drunkin sailor." hey, we've all made mistakes and paid the price and the old guy, regardless of his age made his choice marrying this young money grabber and it is coming back to haunt him..The only way he should get help from friends with money is that he needs to get rid of this wife, cut off her credit cards, and do whatever necessary to stop this bitch from screwing this old man..I'll bet Johnny Carson is turning over in his grave...

2296 days ago


When that guy offered to give Ed some money to help him out Ed didn't actually say no, he just kind of went off subject and his wife looked like she wanted to give out their address or ask him to send it immediately. I wondered why Ed's wealthy friends weren't helping him out so this makes sense. As long as he has the gold digger, there's not much point, she'll just spend it. It's really tough being a trophy wife isn't it. (gag)

2296 days ago


I'm real sorry for Ed. He has been taken over by this woman and that's such a shame. He & Carson made me laugh for years and simply speaking Ed's a good man. I hope I live long enough to see Trump lose everything he ever had as there is no one on Earth that deserves it any more than he does. Trump is an ass.

2296 days ago


This is another reason why you should never get married. It's too late for you Ed but you should have dumbed that bitch a long time ago!

2296 days ago


Ed is a man of the world. I can't believe he was dumb enough to allow this to happen. Do I feel any synpathy for him? mmmmmmmm....not so much.

2296 days ago

cry baby    

Big Balls you're disgusting! Can't believe that TMZ would even post that kind of thing on their site.

2296 days ago


Poor ol' Ed better hope the next stop on the Publishers Clearing House Big Check Delivery is his own foreclosed-upon house. And hopefully they can deliver CURBSIDE when he and his greedy trophy? (what scary contest was that?) wife get kicked there by the bank. Karma, whata beotch.........

2296 days ago
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