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Dixie Chick Won't Beat Around the Bush

6/23/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If there's one thing Natalie Maines is good for -- other than playing a mean six-string -- it's bashing President Bush every chance she gets.


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william richard bradford    

she MIGHT play a mean six string;

but can she play the male organ ?

2282 days ago

Lelsie B.    

The Ditsie Sh#ts are so done. Keep talking Natalie, your digging yourself in deeper and deeper. GO BUSH!

2282 days ago


Career over!

2282 days ago

UN-REAL truly are dumb.

2282 days ago

Downtown Donnie    

I like how everybody bags on OUR President....but gives the Democrat-controlled Congress a free pass, which I find highly laughable seeing as how it's approval rating is as low if not lower than his. But of couse, most of you don't know that because the media doesn't report it. They only report/tell YOU how "bad" the President is and how miserable YOU should think your life is.

2282 days ago


I like the fact that she stood up for her beliefs, Bush is an idiot and should of been out of office years ago! If I had the fame like she did, I would of spoke out too!!

2282 days ago

Nikki M    

I'm actually disappointed with that. By the title of the post I thought she was really going to bash bush. All she did was say "not soon enough" when baited with a question from your photog. Kind of boring actually. She's said better. Although, her comment is still very true.

2282 days ago


Will someone PLEASE kill this woman already?

2282 days ago


Yeah....can't wait for the democrats to give all our hard earned money away.....

2282 days ago


I am a proud fan of Natalie Maines. I can't believe the comments made by some of you morons. I must say, the idiocy of some of these posts make me so happy to be on her side.

2282 days ago


Natalie mange is she still around? Not known for music anymore, political activist. She's gonna be shocked when GWB leaves office, her phone ain't gonna ring no more.

2282 days ago


ok Lindsay. You are so smart.

2282 days ago


Brandon said it best.......

2282 days ago


I love Natalie and the Dixie Chicks. Their music is amazing and all 3 of them are gorgeous! I can't wait for a new album.

For the bashers (read closed-minded former Republican fans), it's your loss and their fans - new and old - truly feel sorry for you. It's hard to find artists these days with strong convictions, who don't sell out and who make beautiful and meaningful music. Slut/whore? She's been married for years, has two kids and lives a quiet life. Gimme a break.

(and btw TMZ...she bashes them every chance she gets? You asked ONE question and it was about the President!! She was polite. Your video guy was too, and then she gets this headline?! What crap! Stick with covering Paris Hilton. Natalie is WAY too classy/talented for this site.)

2282 days ago


I am all for "freedom of speech" and LOVE the Dixie Chicks. Natalie rocks and does not need hit songs, her fans will always be there.

2282 days ago
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