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Anthony 'Melo with Plea Deal

6/24/2008 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carmelo Anthony just took a charge for the team -- well, himself -- and escaped a heavy DUI charge today in court.

The Nuggets All-Star was sentenced to probation and community service for a charge of driving while ability-impaired. In exchange, prosecutors are dropping a more serious DUI charge. He was also whistled for failure to stay in a single lane -- not the hardwood kind.

He'll serve one year of probes, do 24 hours of community service, and pay a grand in fines. He was also just suspended two games by the Nuggs.

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No Avatar

who fuggin cares    

You just wanted a reason to use the word "probes" in connection with Carmelo, right?

2311 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

Good. That's not so bad. He deserved a break!

2311 days ago


And, another one gets off!

2311 days ago


It must be great to be a multi-millionaire sports star. Money will buy your way out of a DUI anytime. Any other regular joe would be in serious trouble. Maybe if society didn't put these jerks on a pedestal, their salaries wouldn't be so high and things would be a bit different. I am disgusted with these idiots.

2311 days ago

i hate hollywood    

great another arrogant nba criminal living above the law cause they play a GAME professionaly! WTF??? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET CONVICTED OF A CRIME IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE???

2311 days ago


deserved a break? are u serious? do ppl that drive drunk and kill ppl deserve a break? come on...

Stars are Lame, and so are the writers for this site

2311 days ago

Whats #13 Smoking?????????    

What a slap on the wrist...................

2311 days ago

Krazi K    

This is CRAP....I just got a DWAI....and am screwed financially. Court cost, probation officer with education/therapy classes EVERY week for a year...yep and they ALL cost money and here I am just the average JOE out trying to make a living and an "sports" athlete with TONS of $$$$ gets off with NOTHING....what is wrong with this picture?? Someone out there please help me understand.....

2311 days ago

Whats #13 Smoking?????????    

What a terd!!!!!!

2311 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

EVERYONE deserves a break at some point in their life. Only jealousy and envy could make people see rich and poor so differently. Rich and famous people have feelings too. 'Melo's obviously had issues. Maybe getting a break will lift his spirits enough, or make him grateful enough, to get his act together ... if not, then next time he doesn't deserve a break.

Besides, we know only what TMZ has told us, right? What was his BAC? If he was swerving with alcohol in his system, but his BAC was under the legal limit, the cops shouldn't have ever booked him on DUI, it should have been wet and reckless, or "driving while ability-impaired" - however you want to phrase it. We shouldn't jump to conclusions without knowing all the legal facts, especially not negative conclusions. Why is it that when there's a case like this, where not all facts are in the open, people automatically assume the worst?

Come on, TMZ. What was his BAC? They usually include the BAC in the article, why not this time? You know they have the info. Dirty, TMZ ... very dirty.

2311 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

zfish -

As for him "buying" his way out of trouble, $1000 is nothing. The fine for the DUI would have been higher $1500-$2500. If 'Melo was using money to get his way, wouldn't he have asked for a better deal? Or are you seriously trying to tell me he paid someone off so that he could save $500-$1500? Are you on drugs?

2311 days ago


This is BS. This was done to keep him on the Olympic Team and it was a stupid message to send to nayone else. A better one would have been to NOT permit him to play on the Olympic Team and I'll bet that would have nipped his little butt and he'd hire a driver from now on when he wants to party.

2311 days ago

Krazi K    

WTF....and another "celeb" gets off again!!!

2311 days ago


This is BS in it's purest form.
Hey 'Melo -- I've got news for you.
Denver doesn't like players who make us look bad. Just ask every baller who was "traded" after going the whole drug/alcohol/spouse abuse route.
You screw up bad in Denver, you get "traded."
Can you say "see ya!"?

2311 days ago


Actually this is pretty standard for a first time dui. I had a very similiar incident a year and a half ago. My record was perfectly clean and they reduced the charge from dui to dwai. I had about 500 bucks in fines and had 24 hours community service and 24 hours alcohol class. Seems pretty standard to me. All in all it was def a lesson learned. I havent touched a car after drinking since. A cab ride is so much easier and cheaper.

2311 days ago
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