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K-Fed and Brit Together Again ... in Court

6/24/2008 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's like one big happy family! Well, sort of. K-Fed and Brit Brit are in court right now, working on their custody case.

We're hearing today's proceedings have to do with Brit getting overnight visits with her tater tots. They're all in court, along with -- as TMZ first reported -- Brit's old lawyer Laura Wasser. She's back -- and sitting by Britney's side. Brit's drinking from a water bottle and her hair looks dirty, and K Daddy's there in a suit, sporting his usual mohawk.

They just took a bathroom break, and we're waiting for the proceedings to start again.

UPDATE 11:00 AM PT -- The hearing is over. Both Britney and K-Fed walked out looking happy. Britney was friendly and chatty with reporters, but no word yet on what went down.

UPDATE 10:00 AM PT -- After the bathroom break, Britney and K-Fed were both sworn in by the clerk. When it was Brit's turn, the commish asked her to state her name and she just said, "Britney." The commish then said, "Full name, please." Then she replied Britney Spears. The Commish then granted a request to close the courtroom.

Stay tuned ...


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See TMZ, you can at times, actually be witty without being classless! I think the term tater tots is adorable! Are we turning a corner here, or is it a new writer who has not been taught yall's tacky ways yet?

2280 days ago

pattie in cali    

this is sad, many blessings, take careof the childern. they come first.

2280 days ago


Where is the video of Brit in the bathroom ?

Number 1 or Number 2 ?

2280 days ago


I hope everything works for for Britt - its been a long road for her but I believe she is going to make just fine.....I"m sure both Britt & Kevin will want to do whats best for the boys

2280 days ago



2280 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

Tater tot was funnier when Ron White said it.

2280 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

I am not surprised Brit's hair looks dirty... I do think it is a shame though. I don't think she's healthy enough for over night visits yet, if she can not be bothered to shower & wash her hair for court she's not ready to care for the boys over night. I d hope she's getting better, it's sad for anyone to be that ill. She in my opinion needs to focus more on her mental & physical health rather than her singing, hopefully all will work out for her.

2280 days ago


So happy to see her caring about life and doing what is necessary to get $hit back in order!

2280 days ago


I have no life and sit here all day waiting for Hulk posts. Someone call the people, I NEED help!

2280 days ago


Personally, I hope for all of their sakes, that some kind of custody can be worked out that is acceptable to everyone and in which the needs and safety of the children are paramount.

Britney has not completed her evolution back to normalcy, but she seems to be working hard at getting there and it also seems that Kevin is willing to meet her half way. It's not perfect, but it's a damn good start.

2280 days ago


News Flash! Brits hair always looks dirty.

2280 days ago

Is She DUMB????    

Ok, how many times has Britney had to be sworn in? And how many of those times was she told to say her full name? REALLY????? She can't catch on after all those times????? DUMB!!!

2280 days ago


Leave this girl alone, my god, you guys are so low class. No wonder she is so weirded out. I saw all those sleaze bag paps at the airport, just clicking away getting that one picture that will make you money and at the expense of someone's sanity. I'm glad you paps got your #$% kicked by surfers and I hope there is more to come. I too would go insane with having 100's of flashes in my eye almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is someone's life who is trying to get their life back together and you sorry %^& paps continue to enable a bad situation just to make money. You are no better than criminals.

2280 days ago

Tired of Lies    

Whoa!!! A bathroom break!?!?! Please please please keep us posted on all up to the minute breaking developments.

I feel so sorry for these people being harrassed like this. Can you imagine having a web site report on your most personal and private moments just to generate ad revenue?

This is a sick sick world.

2280 days ago


Commish: "State your name please."
Britney: "I'm Britney"
Commish: "Your full name..."
Britney: "It's Britney, bitch."

2280 days ago
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