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J.Lo & Marc: Skin & BONES!

6/25/2008 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just three months after giving birth to twins, Jennifer Lopez is looking like a fly girl in a bikini in Spain -- while her husrunt Marc Anthony can't weigh more than newborn Max and Emme! Is he a preemie?

With all the money they got for the baby pics, couldn't Jen buy him a cheeseburger?!


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Mark has never been heavy, So to say he must be on drugs is stupid. And he might just be a wonderful husband and treats her with respect and love. She surly sees something in him that makes her happy. Who are we to jugde anyones husband or wife. We don't live in their homes. Sad that some on here are so judgmental.

2314 days ago


Maybe J's peeps from the days of Diddy got to Marc and turned him on to crack?

2314 days ago


Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I have ALWAYS thought he is gross.
But this pic takes it to an 11. He lives right up to the SKELETOR name.
She has sex with that?!?!?!?!? Ewwww- unattractive!

2314 days ago


I am so sick of people being impressec by celebrities who are in tip top shape 5 minutes after they give birth. Not a difficult accomplishment when you have your own personal trainer, chef, and not to mention, nannies to take care of your babies while you work out. BTW- Mark is a heroin addict. My father is a percussionist who has known him for many, many years and the man is a smack head. Rumor amongst these old school musicians is that heroin addicts are extremely good in bed and this is what attracts JLO to him. Just a rumor, though.

2314 days ago


hey jen!!! there are rumors that ben is leaving the other jen. PLEAAAAAASE!!! Go back to him and leave skeletor.

2314 days ago

Over It Already    

While Marc's appearance is pretty frightening.. no one knows what the deal is... he could be ill or something entirely different than drug abuse, which a lot of you seem to jump on. However - I HATE the word "SP*C"... and I'm a white girl from Colorado!! DON'T post your racist comments on here... certainly you can convey what you want to say without using such a derogatory term.. IDIOT (on the other hand, IS an acceptable form of derogatory language).

2314 days ago


I cannot see how on earth this beautiful lady married this man?? What the &#*#??? i just dont get it! He must be hung like a sperm whale or something - cause hes just a scrawney chicken! I'll even give him the voice (tho I dislike his music) I just don't see it - all her other hubbies & male ho's were so much hotter - I think she could have any man in the world - why him????

2314 days ago


I can see the future, and it involves Photoshopping and altering images to make people look bad who Harvey Levin doesn't like. Next, watch for a two-headed Mel Gibson.

2314 days ago

level headed    

Marc is probably naturally thin. He is not the handsomest man, but not bad either. More importantly, he is a great performer and classy guy.

2314 days ago

Georgia Girl    

I hear his weight is down below if you know what I mean.

2314 days ago


People need to pay attention, because the media can transform reality. Pretty soon they'll be turning good pictures into bad ones just to soothe their ugly souls.

Look at his forearms. Why would he have healthy forearms, and then bird wings above them? If he were dying of smack addiction, his forearms would be veiny and scrawny -- not thicker than his biceps.

They removed heft from his biceps, shoulders and torso. It's just not proportioned like a human, even a sick human is in proportion.

2314 days ago


I don't mind his looks at all but he is incredibly skinny. I haven't seen many people where you can see the bottom of their rib cage and then it dips in. He's like a skeleton covered in skin. His upper arms are pathetically thin. I don't know if he still smokes but if he does, he should quit and that might give him a bit of an appetite.

2314 days ago


Karma seriously Is a BITCH. She's married to this ugly man, Gave birth to two very ugly alien looking babies, Flopped movies after flopped Cd's after flopped clothing line and more.I'm going to read the bible.

2314 days ago


I think many of these comments are just ridiculous..if someone calls a white person "cracker" it offensive, the same for a black person, so why the racial comments..If they enjoy living together, then let it honest with yourself, WHO CARES!

2314 days ago


Not only is this guy not very good looking, he just doesn't look well--he always has dark circles under his eyes. He looks like he's sick with Aids or cancer...

2314 days ago
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