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Ru$$ell: How Much Do You Love Your Kids?

6/25/2008 8:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They say you can never put a price on love: how's $480,000 a year sound?

TMZ has obtained documents in the Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons divorce case. The docs, filed yesterday in LA Superior Court, say the hip-hip pioneer has to shell out $20k a month -- per daughter!!! -- in child support to Kimora.

And he's got to keep doing so until 2019 for Ming Lee and 2022 for Aoki.


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I struggle to make my kid happy with a $20.00 a week allowance. These girls get 5 Large a week. And society has the balls to ask why we find things wrong with privileged media kids?

2309 days ago


She is such a blood-sucking whore. They should rename her "Remora"

2309 days ago


That ugly fat faced pumpkin skank should should be ashamed of herself. She is nor would have bee NOTHING without Russell. I hope she does good with the money. She is so skankish, she probably will not. Nothing but a High class gold digger!

2309 days ago


Again as I keep preaching to the choir. No matter how much money you have never ever get married!!! There's nothing in it for a man but everything for the women as you see in this story. She's paid and all he gets is laid by his current hot piece of ass. Russ, do me a favor, think with your man business and not your mind. Whatever your head and heart says to do, do the opposite. There's plenty more hot tail coming down the pike. Everything 13 minutes some hot piece of ass in this horrible world is turning 18! Oops, Gotta to go!

2309 days ago

Keep it Honest    

Her 'child support' amounts to what she spent monthly on lifestyle. What's sad is that she had to do a reality show, and most people don't like her now anyway. We'll see who she targets next. Shaq is single. Maybe she'll be able to answer his repeated questions to Kobe.

2309 days ago

su.san smith    

This is nuts! Russell contest this....
There is no way that child support should be $20,000 a child.
No wonder he practices Yoga.

2309 days ago


Does anyone realize that is $ 6 million? Russell should pay that bitch in one lump sum then light her house on fire like Fidy. Or just let her squander it away then laugh while she lives on the street wearing baby phat clothes people dropped off at goodwill.

2308 days ago

herbert mullin    

time and time again, it's
commented here within;

he got laid, she got paid.

you make it sound like
in was a fair trade ?

she's is a hard working mother
who was handed a business.

doesn't KIMWHORA and her " boo - boos " deserve to
be provided the same lifestyles for the next 20 years ?

please allow this woman some
latitude and forgiveness.

for she is a necessary contributing
factor within the entertainment industry.

as there seems to be such
a shortage nowadays.

2308 days ago


This is really insane! if i were russy i would not let my ex raises the children because she does not give them the proper education. i have seen people richer than them who raise their children in simplicity. i watched one show of Kimora where the girls are taken to a spa!! in my opinion they are too young to enjoy that type of lifestyle. Their skins is already soft and do not need products that will irritate it.
Well good luck in court Russy

2308 days ago

Miss S    

That a little much, whether he has the money or not. She makes plenty of money of her own. Heck, my mom raised our family on much much much less than that a month....

2308 days ago

monny j    

There ain't a piece of booty on this planet,worth me givin' any broad....$20.000 a kids(NO MATTER WHO SHE IS!!!) I'd rather SCREW MY WALLET! to HELL with all you SKANKS!!

2308 days ago


herbert mullin, I give a shout out to you, your post are "interesting" and different. :)

2308 days ago


This is absolutley ridiculous! Those kids DO NOT need that much money! i mean, i know they are his kids, but he didnt work his whole life t just give away 480,00 a year! Kimora works!! what will she be doing with here money?? livin the high life!!? he knows how to take care of his children without shelling out that much money!

2308 days ago


As crazy as that is for the normal person, the guy is loaded. He should have thought long and hard before marrying her anyway. She always seemed like a materialistic person and that's not the one you want to marry.

2308 days ago


Did you see her television show? Kimora is a such a snob.
Russell is responsible for everything that she has, without him she is a zero.
If you watched her show, the kids are completely stuck up just like her. The children should be with Russell,
so that they can be brought up right.

I wish my kids got that much every month!

2308 days ago
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