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Timbaland's Karaoke Wedding

6/26/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spies were in Aruba last weekend, when rapper/mega-producer Timbaland got hitched on a private island. But don't think everything was as fancy as it looks!
Timbaland: Click to launch!
Spies at the wedding site tell us Timbaland's wedding -- which the hotel called code name "Heaven on Earth" -- featured open mic karaoke and $50k worth of flowers -- which compared to Mariah-size weddings is peanuts!

Peeps like Oprah, Madonna, Missy Elliott, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Prince were invited -- but we don't know if they actually showed.


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pictures don't work

2273 days ago


Who cares - really.

2273 days ago


What a bunch of crappy pictures that don't show anything I want to see!

2273 days ago



2273 days ago


Besides the music, the only thing more predictable at this wedding was the entre; red kool-aide and fried chicken.

2273 days ago


What's the point in bad talking the wedding all you show is photos of a preparation... tourists that snapped pics before they got off the island, this isn't representative of what really went down.....

2273 days ago


Yeah right TMZ, you had spies at the wedding and you still don't know sh*t.

2273 days ago


Maybe Im blind but I dont see a problem with any of these pics. So what if he didnt spend $300,000 on flowers. Did anyone stop to think maybe he doesnt WASTE money like all the other "stars" do? Hell I got married in my friends livingroom at 10pm wearing black pants and a hunter green sweater! Not everyone wants or feels the need to spend a fortune on "the most important day of ur life" sorry but my kids births top a wedding as most important any day of the week.

2273 days ago


Hmmmm...quite lame....AND there's MANY repeats...#10 & #35 for instance...although it IS a yummy pic to look at :)
Oh and WHAT is up with the story title anyway??? Guess it made me look bad!

2273 days ago

Barbara Lee    

Note to Brietling: The correct spelling is ENTREE and even if they did have "FRIED CHICKEN AND RED KOOL AID" they can buy and sell people like you all day long and you probably was there eating the fried chicken and ordering the red kool aid !!!! It is up to the bride and groom to decide their entire wedding and not up to us !!!! But, I must admit the photos were WACK !!!!

2273 days ago


#5-Britling... the red koolaid and fried chicken you mentioned must have been at your dinner table, because I see nothing like that in these pictures.

2273 days ago


Breitling's mad because that's all he can afford to have at his wedding. Maybe with a side order of gopher gravy and possum pie to boot. Of course, a person bitter enough to sit around posting racist messages for no good reason is unlikely to have a mate anyway, so who are we fooling?

2273 days ago


I don't get it. Its someone's wedding, who probably like most of us, got the type of wedding we wanted. Leave him alone. Just because he is a celebrity doesn't mean he is required to waste millions on. I say good for him and his bride to HAVE A WEDDING THAT THEY WANTED TO HAVE AND WILL FOREVER REMEMBER.

2273 days ago


#5 - You're a racist. It must be horrible to be you. I will pray, dear sad fellow creation of the universe, that you will emerge from your hate, blindness and ignorance.

#8: I'm with you. My wedding, plus honeymoon, cost a total of about $1000. It's about the marriage, not one day. I salute rich and famous people who go the less-extravagant route (though $50K in flowers sounds more than extravagant to me -- oh well, it's not some ridiculous Celine Dion or Mariah show). Shows responsibility.

I wish Tim (to folks in the know, it's Tim, not Timba, TMZ team) and his bride all happiness and a long, successful life togethre.

2273 days ago


Breitling........How ORIGINAL!!! WHOA!! Fried chicken and kool-aid. Did you think of that all by yourself, or did your cousin/wife help ya?

2273 days ago
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