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Aly and AJ -- Creeped by Blogger?

6/27/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Booking photoA guy who's allegedly been skeeving teen pseudolebrities Aly and AJ Michalka via blog, email, and phone just got popped in Ohio.

Rex Mettler, 42, was nabbed by Lancaster, OH po-po after the supposed stalker was tracked for weeks by the L.A. County Sheriff. They had been tracking what the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette calls "threatening e-mails and blog entries" from Mettler's computer. He's been charged with one felony count of menacing by stalking.

Oh, right: Aly and AJ have appeared on the Disney Channel and "General Hospital."


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Lenn K.    

Probably still living in his mother's basement. FREAK!!!

2253 days ago


Yeah this guy is seriously twisted..why else would a grown man go around stalking little girls?

2253 days ago


Yeah, this guy is twisted. Why in the world would a grown man want to stalk some tween-agers..?

2253 days ago


Some people have no control when they believe they are "anonymous" on the internet. They say things and do things that they normally would not do in the 3D world. I still haven't figured out why. They must have "issues" that they haven't dealt with. Maybe the internet anonymity gives them the perception that it isn't "real", therefore it doesn't count. Hence the billions upon billions of dollars being made by internet porn. Somehow they feel that since they are "invisible" it doesn't count.

The logic there escapes me.

2253 days ago


That is the biggest head I've ever seen.

2253 days ago


OCD, I agree. Imagine if everyone that commented here had to reveal their identities. It would eliminate all the crazies. I guess if that was the case though, TMZ would be history.

2253 days ago

Brittany M    

Wow.. I never thought I'd see the day when my hometown of Lancaster Ohio would make it on TMZ and not to mention a complete freak would put us all to shame.. Were a small town and this is the recognition we get.. Just great!

2253 days ago

Lady Zombie    

Obese, 40-something year old loser stalking young attractive 'celebrities'......color me not surprised.

2253 days ago

All American Girl    

I heard his parents were happy that he is going to prison! They can now remove all his stuff from the basement!

2253 days ago


To #5 Kelli

Ha-ha! I agree.

Schoolyard bully wannabes with keyboarding abilities, a chip on their shoulder and a huge soapbox forum. Lawd hep me!

And some of the nastiest bloggers get the most advertising dollars. The more obscene and obnoxious they are, the more money they make. It's a license to act out.

Same thing with the paps. They are making money hand over fist by being obnoxious, slithering on the ground trying to get upskirt photos and crawling up trees like vermin. The lure of the dollar mutes any conscience they ever had. Damn creepy if you ask me.

2253 days ago


"alledgedly stalking"........"supposed stalker".......strange, I don't recall TMZ ever giving a celebrity the benefit of the doubt. They treat ever rumor as fact. And if there isn't a rumor, they make one up. And "pseudocelebrities"? A jab that these girls aren't well-known? I'm getting the feeling that TMZ is on the creepy stalker's side. What a surprise!

2253 days ago


yes....but gives you a forum to blog and complain...about people blogging...kinda twisted ain't it?

2253 days ago

joel rifkin    

what color is he ?

well, there you go.........

2253 days ago


To # 11 Abby

Exactly! I think some of the twisted comments are fascinating. The comments are sometimes more of a trainwreck than the celebrities. TMZ's "blurbs" (or are they brain burps?) are so horrendous that it's as though the TMZ writers take pride in being azz clowns.

Then there's the subjects of the posts. Some you sit there and wonder why TMZ would care if someone is pumping gas or buying groceries. Then there are the "unknown" idiots walking the streets that are happy to drop trou or show their anatomy or get busted in the face just so they will get their 15 seconds on TMZ.

Add all that together and stir in the comments from "anonymous" commenters who are either trying to incite a race riot, trying to come up with either the most ridiculous or crudest comment they can in order to get attention for themselves, and stir it all together and you end up with the most twisted and alarming stew imaginable.

Reading blogs should be a prerequisite for all budding mental health professionals. No, really. It is the short story version of how some people's brains actually work. Don't test them because they can lie on their tests about how they really are and what they really think.

Here, my friend, is people how they are without their masks. And I'm not talking about the celebrities that are the subjects of the posts, either. I'm talking about some truly twisted folks. Ha-ha-ha!

2253 days ago


Here's something that will get either a giggle or a gasp out of the TMZ writers. For each blog comment you write, you should have to send a copy of it to all of your relatives, post your photo, name, address and telephone number beside your comment.

Then you need to forward all of that personal information to the person you just wrote about. It might be fun to turn the cameras around and see the reaction they get on the street when they are no longer the "masked scribbler".

It might be something akin to striding down Robertson Blvd. at high noon whilst nekkid. All bystanders and "celebrities" will have both a camera and are armed with whips of poison ivy.

Who's yo daddy now? Bwaaahaha!

2253 days ago
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