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Heigl: Takes One To Know One

6/28/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Heigl launched a verbal attack on our pap yesterday -- adding more points to her recent diva behavior.

Too bad there were no writers around to give her better insults.


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W. ZZais    

What a real prevert. Must not be able to physically or mentally be able to handle a mature women.

2317 days ago


What does she say? I have no sound on my pc !

2317 days ago


Worthless bitch, she is.

2316 days ago


I think Katherine should be a model, rather than an actress. I began to see "Knocked Up" and FELL ASLEEP.... She is a beautiful woman, but better as a model, I think...

2316 days ago


What does she say?!?!?! What does the pap say?!?!?! Please people I have no sound!! :(

2316 days ago


i'd hate my writers too after something like "27 dresses"

2316 days ago


Irritated she's being harassed by a skeevy stalker holding a video camera??? The nerve! My heartfelt sympathies to your pap. No person should suffer such a vicious attack while innocently minding his own business. If I wasn't convinced before, I am now; Katherine Heigl is clearly an out of control diva. Thank you, TMZ.

2316 days ago


I may have at one time believed your snark against her and others but now that I have seen how you pap's behaved at the beach, I'll always know you are lying and at fault.

2316 days ago


She needs to get off of her high-horse - a diva she's NOT.

2316 days ago

Todd Lee    

im sorry but i agree with her 1000%, all these paps running around pretending like they "are interested" what celebrities say, and they pretend they like the celebrities they are interviewing, yet if the celebs gave them a moments chance, the paps would talk $hit or sue....these paps are gutless cowards who deserve to be beaten like dogs.

2316 days ago


This chick stinks. I can't wait for her to be another washed up actress.

Also how funny is it that some of the posters here complain about TMZ and the PAPs in their comments, yet they are visiting for Celeb gossip?? Pot meet Kettle. Kettle meet Pot.

2316 days ago


I really used to like her, but man what a bitch she has become.

2316 days ago

Chris Curry    

This shows you how truly stupid she is. She really thinks that because she is on a hit television show, she has the world on a string. How is Mr. Washington (her former co star) doing? I'd say her fame is at fourteen and a half minutes at this point. She should be fitted for her deli smock from the Piggly Wiggly now to save time...

2316 days ago


he was the rude one verbally assaulting, not her. he was actually very obnoxious. she responded the way any person would in her situation. oh, TMZ, i can always count on you to be the most ridiculous idiots of all.

2316 days ago


I used to like her but after her weird diva behaviors, I hate the skeez. She should be glad that she even has a job and that someone wants to use her in their work. She should just shut up and add more credit to her name before making any diva-ish demands. Maybe, then maybe we can side with her. What an ungrateful actress! I hope the writers on "Grey's Anatomy" put her character in a coma and see how she likes them apples. Those writers work hard and are the reason why she collects a paycheck, can buy cancer sticks, drive around in a nice car, live in a nice house, etc. She shouldn't work in the entertainment business anymore. Everything she does, she trashes the project or the writer AFTER she has collected the check and faked her way onto the red carpet and press tours. FREAKING B**CH!!!!

2316 days ago
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