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Jen Aniston Snaps at John Mayer

6/29/2008 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Relationships are temporary. Photos last forever.
Jennifer Aniston hung out by the stage to take some shots of boytoy John Mayer during his performance at London's Hyde Park yesterday.


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How could he possibly go from Jessica to this??? I suspect it is only a fling on his part to further his career.
All the connections he has access to with her makes it a smart career move on his part.
Brad lucked out big time getting Angolie, especially to have his children.
She I predict will be single forever. I do not think she ever fully had Brad anyway. They were just a match made in Hollyweird for profit.

2307 days ago


whom ever wrote that relationships are temporal for this picture in TMZ is a big fat idiot who is probably single and cant get laid. Relationships are not temp and I hope it works just out for Jenny...She has been a lot in love just like most of us here...leave her alone!!!!

2307 days ago


I like Jennifer and I thought that what Brad and Angelina did was despicable. I truly believe that JA handled herself like a classy lady. The breakup of a relationship is hard as it is, but to have it played out in the public had to be doubly painful for JA and she has been a trooper.

I do get the "feel" that she is acting somewhat desperate with this "pica-flor" (hummingbird, going from flower to flower). I think this jerk is going to end up hurting her all over again. Jennifer, don't fall for this guy's BS just because you feel you have to have a man. You've got a lot going for you and deserve only the best. Don't let this jerk play you like he did all of the other women.

As for AJ, she is desperate to hang on to BP, having kids left and right to cement her hold on him. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future. Oh wait, BBT said he is waiting in the wings should she ever break up with Brad. Now, those two did belong together. Birds of a feather and all......

2307 days ago

water crotch    

this is pathetic-she shouldn't try so hard. There won't be ANY other photos of this John Meyer concert except the ones lovingly taken by her skilled eye? Cripes now I know why she's single- she's a moron.

2307 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Jennifer looks beautiful in that photo, but then it's not a stretch for the Golden Girl. Gotta hand it to her, she's one classy lady, no matter what she does, or with whom, she's pure class. She reminds me of the classy old time Hollywood actresses such as Doris Day, and Grace Kelly. One has to be born with it, can't fake it. Really looking forward to her movie Marley and Me with Luke Wilson, should be very entertaining and well worth the cost of admission. It's good to feel entertained in a good way these days of so much "reality" B.S. on tv.

2307 days ago


Oh, boo hoo for Jennifer Aniston. The truth is, he's a better singer than she is an actress. Her movies suck! Only watch one of her lame movies if you can't sleep because once she apperas on screen you will definitely sleep like a baby.

She may be beaufiful but she can't hang on to a man for very long. She must be a really nasty b*tch in real life. Her husband publicly dumped her and ran into the arms of another woman so fast it was scary. Maybe she is taking a picture of her boyfriend so she can remember him once he leaves skit marks in her driveway trying to get away from her. She needs to keep a record of all of the skid marks to place the right man's photo next to to it. Record keeping is important even in Hollywoodland.

2307 days ago


jen obviously learned something from not going to be with BRAD when he was shooting a movie
with watch out!!!!!!!!
the whole idea of stars with stars is nuts...the ones that last marry real estate brokers..or better
yet..get out of hollywood..
i feel Brad gets the rap for dumping his wife..we all are smart enough to know if that his marraige
was problems..just another film..

jen does seem desperate..maybe chasing a guy 10 years younger does it for her..but in my opinion..WAIT...

2307 days ago


what a bitch. who does she think she is, taking pictures....kidding, I'd gargle it.

2307 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Marley and Me is with OWEN WILSON, not his brother Luke. I just thought you should know who was actually IN the movie you are so anxious to see!

2307 days ago

that's all    

jen obviously learned something from not going to be with BRAD when he was shooting a movie
with watch out!!!!!!!!

Yeah, maybe she shoud have been there every fricking day on the set watching him like a female hawk gurading its nest like Demi Moore does with Ashton Kushner. Oh, dumb Jen she trusted him not to fool around with Morticia.

2307 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Jennifer and Jen...yeah, very frequent references to Ms. Aniston...but the person calling her "Jenny"? Wasn't that a JLo thing? Being "Jenny from the Block"???

2307 days ago


#45 you are wrong....he had the perfect woman beautiful up top...beautiful neck down.... and that woman was Robin Givens and she's very intelligent too...

2307 days ago


#71 you are either her friend or a family member in real life..........she reminds you of old Hollywood???? LOL Yes, you are definitely blood related.

2307 days ago

Make It Right!!    

UGH, WILDFLOWER509...can you not read? Post #67?? Marley and Me is with OWEN WILSON NOT HIS BROTHER LUKE!! Don't be an idiot...twice!!!

2307 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Ha, ha. Love how Brad really mixed it up with his choice of ladies!! And AJ doesn't need to worry (yet) about holding onto him. He stayed with Jen for 6 years without having the family he wanted and dreamed of. So, she knows she has atleast 6 good years with him WITH the family he always wanted and dreamed of. They are already more than halfway to that mark now as it is...and she will always have Brad, as he will always be the father of their children, so they will remain friends for the sake of the children.

2307 days ago
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