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Commish to Brit: Kids Can Have Room to Roam

6/30/2008 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears needs QUIET!! As TMZ first reported, the Commish approved Brit's request to give her Bev Hills home the heave ho -- but now we know why.

According to just released court documents, Britney wants to move to a "lower density, more quiet and less trafficked neighborhood" that is closer to parks so her boys can play. She's also looking for a house with a bigger backyard -- more room for the cement pond!


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CEMENT POND HAHAHAH well Jethro and Ellie May will be happy to hear that!btw Ithink britney is human as we are all exceptFILHTY RICH!!!! Brtiney askthe commish if you can go to Dubai thet are waiting for you there!!!!!! Kfed will beat you too it !!! HURRY!!!!!!!!!

2277 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Seems that Britney is getting better all of the time since Lefti and Adnan are out ofher life. Where did they go? It would be wonderful if gold digging, lazy K-Dud would disappear, too. Does anyone how much of Britney's money K-Dud pays Shar to keep her mouth shut? K-Dud is such a slime ball.

2276 days ago


What a total crock. She doesn't care about her children, her handlers care just want it to seem so to protect her image.

2276 days ago

captain obvious    

11. She needs to find a gated community. She's never going to get any peace and quiet or be able to take those boys to a park. Not with 50 paps up her ass and hanging out of trees. Britney doesn't get all the blame for those kids not being able to have a normal life. The blood-suckers care nothing about kids.
I've been saying all along, the kind of gated community she needs is one where not only others can't get in, but more importantly, where she can't get out. She neeeds to break her addiction to the spotlight and her thinking that the whole world lives and breathes to worship her.

2276 days ago

kevin coe    

notice how there so much less media
attention surrounding unfitney these daze ?

perhaps due to the family's involvement, but primarily
because adNOTHING & sam lufNUT are out of the picture.

goes to proof that these 2 were selling
information and tipping off the media frenzy.

if you sleep with the dogs,
you wake up with fleas....

2276 days ago

captain obvious    

if you sleep with the dogs,
you wake up with fleas....
Posted at 5:19AM on Jul 1st 2008 by kevin coe
Don't get me started on what you wake up with if you sleep with Brit Brit!

2276 days ago

Big Bear    

Britney Gump!!! Stupid is as stupid does!!! Britney is stupid and not mentally ill!!!!

2275 days ago

neck slasher    

Most of these comments are filled with complete hatred. hatred is bad okey kids? No matter if it's towards a harmless celebrity like Britney Spears or a warmonger like George Bush, hatred solves nothing and only makes the person spewing it look like the unhappy jealous looser, even when you know they'll claim they aren't. Didn't your parents teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all?

2273 days ago


#23: I guess your parents didn't teach you that either since you are on here babbling about nothing.......

2271 days ago


"Don't feel bad for this girl; she's back to her old tricks. Ol' slutney flashed her snatch to several photographers this last weekend, while getting out of a car. She's nowhere near as "she's doing so well!" as her buttkissing sychophantic disciples would have anyone believe. I think the judge in her case should seriously think about hauling her ass into court, and grilling her as to why she feels it's ok for a mother to be such an exhibitionistic slut..."

Since when should anyone's sexuality or exhibition-istic tendencies have a damn thing to do with parenting abilities? And for your clarification you should probably know that the courts arent there to judge a person's parenting by their "sluttiness" Who's to say what the court would decide about your bedroom activities if they were broadcast to the world to sell papers.

2270 days ago
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