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Jason Lee: Do You Take This Woman?

6/30/2008 11:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason LeeCamden County's most famous resident looks set to walk down the aisle.

Multiple TMZ spies spotted Scientolostar Jason Lee and his pregnant GF, Ceren Alkac, in line for a marriage license at the Norwalk, Calif. courthouse this afternoon -- and one of 'em snapped that snazzy pic of Lee on the left.

Ceren is due with the couple's first child in the fall. Lee has a son from a previous relationship -- famously named Pilot Inspektor.

Calls to Lee's rep were not returned.


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2270 days ago


Does Randy know about this?

2270 days ago


I thought Scieocultist had something against having kids? Didn't Tom Cruise tick off Nichole because of something like that -- or was that just an excuse because, well, you know...

2270 days ago


Why on earth did he go to the Norwalk Courthouse??? I have been there to get Birth Certificates only because the other courthouse in my area is a zoo, but why would a celebrity go there?? It's very Ghetto! Maybe he thought no one would notice?? This proves that spies are everywhere, celebrities should really be more careful..

2270 days ago


What a cruel name to name a child: Pilot Inspector. Doesn't Jason know THAT CHILD WILL BE TEASED UNMERCIFULLY in school? What an idiot...

2270 days ago

Amanda Wilbur    

TMZ Spies. I hokk that freak in picture and i dont work for them LOL

2270 days ago


Regular celebrity Scientologists can do whatever they want, as long as they continue to donate the millions to get their pesky medal.

However, for the rest of the cult, the unsuspecting poorer victims are all brainwashed into thinking that they are doing the planet some good by "clear"ing the planet of body Thetans. They hear fake stories of fellow $cilons who use their Scientology super powers. They then willingly give up their freedoms and think it's a "privilege" to get paid $10 a week to work up to 18 hours a day for the Sea Org, Scientology's secretive "military". In actuality, it's Scientology's tax haven, and a gulag. Sea Org members are actively encouraged to disconnect from their families and get abortions. You know that unsmiling woman who shadows Katie Holmes, Jessica Feshbach? She was a Sea Org member until her daddy pulled her out to give her a comfy gig as Katie's "handler". Otherwise, she would have been a regular slave like the rest of them. Even David Miscavige (head of the cult)'s own niece was a slave. She escaped to tell her story.

2270 days ago


u go jason

2270 days ago



2270 days ago


He's a Scientologist, so who cares? I used to love "My Name is Earl" until I read up on Scientology and found out he was one of them. Now I refuse to watch it. Once he renounces that fakery, I will support him again. Until then, he's like Cruise and Travolta to me...... disgusting.

2270 days ago

thats right    

oh that sux, i didnt know he was a scientologist. i loved him in the jay and silent bob movies. just another fruitcake!

2270 days ago

carroll cole    

thankfully, california hypothetically
recognizes gay marriages now.

2270 days ago


Don't know the man or the womn...

2269 days ago


Scientology isn't any scarier than Catholicism. Pretty much all religions are cults. Live and let live. Whatever floats your boat. God doesn't care. I know everyone would like to claim that "He" is on your side, but it's just going to ruin your day when you get to the other side and see who all is there.

2269 days ago

kevin coe    

it may not be as scary as the mormons,
it just has a different pay in structure.

2269 days ago
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