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Lauer Abs-olutely Needs a New Swimsuit

7/1/2008 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Where in the world is Matt Lauer's new swimsuit?!
Matt Lauer
While in the Bahamas this weekend, the 50-year-old proved he's still got abs -- and two-year-old board shorts.

Although he still looks pretty good, it's clear Matt hasn't been hitting the gym -- or the mall -- as much as he should.

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Everyone has pretty much echoed what I think. It's good to know that someone like Matt, even though he has the money to buy 100 pair of swim trunks, is not consumer-driven, like apparently you are. If many Americans don't wake up soon, we're gonna cosume ourselves off this planet.

2306 days ago


To TMZ......Now who gives a flying flip that Matt Lauer still has the same swimming trunks he had two years ago? If the STAFF AT TMZ is so freeping worried, then buy him a new one. You people make me want to vomit with your stupid and assinine comments. I wonder how many of the STAFF AT TMZ still have and wear articles of clothing they have from two years ago. If this is all you can report on, then do everyone a favor and shut down!!!!!

2306 days ago


Who cares about this? This is more celebrity crap that you're feeding us. As if the fate of the free world hangs on the swimsuit buying habits of some egotistical tv staaahhhhh. For God's, Pete's and the Republic's sake, give us something people could really care about.

2306 days ago


Matt Lauer's abs and swim suit look hot.! Who is the shallow-minded idiot who complains he hasn't hit the gym or the mall "as much as he should." Where is it written that there are "shoulds" to people's choices? I bought two swim suits that look good on me the 2 - 4 times a year I wear them; they'll last me several more years and save me the hassle and wasted time of shopping for a different one. In this era of recycling and global warming, we can also wear our clothing more than a few times too. There's no reason to get rid of something just because it's not "this year." Send the considerable money you save to a charity that gives aid, food and clothes to the poor as I do every year. I admire Matt for wearing what he wants and ignoring commentaters like TMZ.

2306 days ago

Mary M.    

Hey, what's up with picking on Matt Lauer? What's wrong with his swim trunks? So, they're two years or so what? He still looks GREAT! I wish more 50 year old men could look as good at Matt Lauer does.

2305 days ago



2305 days ago


rumer willis is one of the ugliest people on earth-why is she always photographed-why does she go to events when she's done nothing on her own to earn entrance??!!

2305 days ago


I've seen your really bad t.v. show and I can say from the looks of the staff you have working,you shouldn't say anything about Matt Lauer.

2303 days ago

Terri Larson    

Are you SERIOUS/ With everything going on in the world today....we're talking about Matt Lauer's swimsuit????? Get real and get on to IMPORTANT STUFF!!!! GEEZ!

2303 days ago
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