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Brit's Secret Dude

7/2/2008 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Britney Spears has been secretly seeing a suitor. You'll never guess who. What the hell, we'll tell you -- it's Adnan!
Britney Spears, Adnan
Our sources say over the last few months Adnan has been getting into The Summit, the gated community where Brit lives. They have been "together," though we can't say it's still going on. We know they have been texting back and forth, at times complaining that Daddy Jamie is too "controlling" by trying to put the kibosh on the relationship.

But here's the deal. Daddy Jamie's job is to be controlling -- that's what a conservator does. And, sources tell us, Jamie's concern over his daughter seeing Adnan is not just his opinion -- the doctors who are treating Brit have told him it would be a bad thing for Brit to hook up with the dude.

Stay tuned.


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Party 'till you die!    

Happy chicken jerking! (and wise choice)

2282 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Sounds like the cuckoo is trying to fly out of the clock again! Someone had better get the cuckoo nets out again!

2282 days ago

hand cock    

I am not sure who is the bigger douche? brit or Mr Mcdouche himself???

2282 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

It's not even so much that she is saying it, but it is all the 'fans' who think that all of her troubles in life (and it's been going on for a long, long time now) can be pinned on one person, or just everyone else! Her problems were there before and after Sam and the other shady players in this. Not that they all didn't contribute in some sort of negative fashion, but to try to pin this on one person is ridiculous! People are always looking for someone else to blame; her parents, her managers/management, Adnoid, Scam Loofah, the paps, the haters, Kfed, Timberlake. The list goes on and on, so does the endless finger pointing. The girl is a trouble magnet and drama junkie! I bet she is sitting there, right now, thinking she is a modern day Juliet, severed from her knight in cheesy landing strip wax! What a joke! Sorry, but the real idiot behind all of her malfunctions and stupidity is Brit herself! Anyone who can't see that has their 'fan blinders' on and simply cannot accept the reality of the situation. There is a damn good reason why she always manages to finds herself in the middle of a crap storm. Not accepting personal responsibility is much of the reason this world has gone to hell and she is a posterchild of that way of thinking. When caught, point a finger and say that the dog f4rted and then convince yourself it's the truth.

2282 days ago

Ga in TX    

She is her own worst enemy. Just let her go.

2282 days ago


Is it just me who feels funny about daddy having control over Britney's money and if that is not what he wanted ..I bet he was sore when she got control of that money hell the mother as well...Someone else besides them should help her and help her..yes help her with her life not run it for her since she will not learn anything but to really dispise the person if they have that much control.

And again wired that Daddy 'Dear' has to be paid for things that he should do for free for a loved one would he sue and asked to be paid if his child was not rich?. The guy may be a creep but I do not know him to say that who else been with him to say you know who he is or what he is like only one to say that is Britney, and who the hell hasn't had creeps in their used them to see what you DON'T want in a person but it is your choice.

I feel bad for her how her life is but guess what it was what she wanted to do kids or no kids she is a human who has a right to make mistakes and keep it up until they learn I may not be a fan of her's but I do think that what is going down with her is all lets get her money and get her to make more plan they did when she was younger. with that kid of people around you who needs enemies at least they screw with you to your face....and not act as if it is in your best interest .

2282 days ago


Another nice picture of Brit, by the way (always so ladylike). I certainly hope this story is true. Her dad can only play Brit wrangler for so long. Let the inevitable happen. The most he has ever been able to do is delay how we all know this is going to end--Brit Brit going crazy again. Let her hook up with Adnan and Sam and every other greaseball she can find. Let them all bleed her dry of all her assets, and then maybe the drama will end where it should--all of them swirling slowly down the drain.

2282 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I don't believe one word of this B.S. non-story.

2282 days ago


Adnan your a little bitch I'm going to be in LA of the summer I'll bust your cheeklets dirtbag

2282 days ago

captain obvious    

It looks like the old players are getting back into the picture again. It's only a matter of time before we see little Brit Brit in a salon shaving her head again! Or maybe something new and original this time. I can't wait!!
BTW, did you "devoted fans" (read nut-jobs) notice the news story that she has been cut from the list of Emmy posibles? She didn't even make the semi-finals. As if she ahd a chance in hell!
Come on Brittney do something stupid again . Maybe this time they'll lock you up the way they should have a long time ago.

2282 days ago

neck slasher    

52, Talented as in has a real job and does it well. Unlike Adnan or K-fad

2282 days ago


21. Adnan's the one who had Sam and his crew pegged from the beginning ~ he knew they were exploiting Britney!

I credit Adnan for Britney's initial intervention.

Posted at 2:51PM on Jul 2nd 2008 by rah

Oh, really? For all of his slimy faults, it was Sam, not Adnan, who was partly involved in Britney's initial intervention. At the time, Adnan got sidelined.

You'll recall that Adnan is the one who took Britney out for some dangerous, high-speed joyriding soon before that intervention, and that he was her regular companion in some gas-station restrooms. He also made money selling photos of her during their "romance".

The only credit that can be given to Adnan during that intervention is that he was made (against his will) to stay away from Britney for her own protection and well being.

2282 days ago


53. I love it! So far from reading through these posts it seems poor little britney is the victim of a state wide conspiracy. Everyone's in on it. It's amazing!
Posted at 4:34PM on Jul 2nd 2008 by Deadon

You're right about it being an amazing conspiracy! Not only are Jamie Spears, Sam Lutfi, TMZ, and the L.A. Court System all secretly working together to destroy Britney, but in addition, Shin Beth (the Israeli Secret Service), Elvis Presley, D_i_ck Cheney, the Federal Reserve System, Pee Wee Herman, the Bavarian Illuminati, the Pope, and Lee Harvey Oswald are also in on it.

This is much more sinister than most of you can imagine. Do you actually think it's a coincidence that this "story" about Adnan is coming out at the same time that the price of oil is exceeding 140 dollars a barrel?!

(As further proof of the depth of this conspiracy, I had to deliberately misspell our current Vice President's first name to get this post through TMZ's top-notch security.)

2282 days ago


The Bavarian Illuminati RULE!

2281 days ago

Harald Wenk (Dr. rer. Nat.)    

Maybe it is of interest concerning the medical doctors and the medical treatment,
that there are studies on neuroleptics testifying a shortening of the
total lifespan to 25 years in the average in the case
of very long time medication.
Of course the attention of our valuable Mrs Spears maybe
occupied by a defensive maintaining
her natural right of choosing her boy friends.
This is a pity for the important
question of her medical treatment,
where a defensive fight for her natural right
to choose the long time or short time treatment
or the possibililty to diagonise her health herself under full information
seems to be a much harder struggle.

In strategics this is binding
In life it is a plain
unduly commanding and ruling the very core of private life.
I am very very astonished that this is possible
and really done with such an important, adored valuable person.

There are lots and lots of reasons
ranging from moral very good to
cunning ones not to do so.

2281 days ago
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