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Holyfield's Baby Mama

Does a Legal K.O.

7/2/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evander Holyfield better get back in the ring and make some money -- because according to court documents the boxer hasn't paid child support for his 10-year-old son Evan in three months!

Holyfield's baby Mama, Toi Jenese Irvin, is demanding Holyfield either pay his $9000 debt in full -- or go straight to the pokey. Irvin also says Holyfield dropped their son's health insurance -- something he's required to do by a judge.

In addition to Evan, Holyfield has ten other children.

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Just call me trailer trash....    

leave the brotha alone....he blew thru all that money party'n with the bros and hos

oh and I partied with him at Tao, nice guy

2116 days ago


Mark, I'm a black man and I don't think you're a racist. I think you're very frustrated when some blacks (and other minorities) play the race card to compensate for their own shortcomings. I don't like it either because when there are cases of real racism on hand, sometimes it is looked at through a jaundiced eye. Let's face it - racism does exist, some of it institutionalized, but things in our country have gotten much better over the years for blacks especially. I have talked to my white counterparts who swear that they are not racist but there seems to be a general feeling among whites that there a double standard exists when it comes to blacks and white concerning racism. They say that people like Charles Barkley can say all kinds of things about race on the air and everybody just laughs, but a white sportscaster could never dream of saying the samre thing. They also say black comedians get to say far more insulting things about blacks that vise verse. What is the immediate answer to all of this? There isn't one. it just takes time. Look at all the progress made in the last 40 years. Many people never live long enough to see positive changes but they do happen. This process of the races coming together is at a stage now where you are getting these typse of feeling that whites have like yourself. It will pass, believe me. If a black man becomes president, you will rarely see the race card being played among he next generation, or from those who are children now. People have a tendency to what to see change during their lifetimes. This simply can't be the case all the time. Think of all those people from the 60's who carried signs and boycotted and were subject to segregation. Many of them lived and died before they could see some of the changes they fought for. If you could bring some of them back today, what do you think they would say if they saw that a black man was actually a serious candidate for the presidency of the US? Many of the things that they had to do are no longer a part of our society. No segregation laws, no seperate eating and bath facilities, no Jim Crow laws. They dsimply don't exist because of progress. There will be a time when these race card issues will not be bought up because, just as the things people had to deal with in the 60's, progress will have made them a non-issue. Now will we live long enough to see these changes? That's yet to be seen.

2116 days ago

santa claus    

i am an american living in asia and have lived abroad for over 20 years, i can guarantee without doubt a black gets the best treatment and best opportunity in america. if any black thinks they are getting shafted by the man, move abroad, and see what really "shafting is". so shut up and get stop your whining.

2115 days ago


Ugh another idiot producing more of them. He may be a good fighter and a nice guy, but he really should have used a condom more often. ELEVEN kids without a father figure times $3000 + $200 (ins) /month = 35.200/month and $422,400/year and $7,603,200 in 18 years plus college (haha yeah, right) and other expenses. I knew he made some money fighting, but it is a very short lived career and I don't think he made enough for that kind of child support.

Men need to either keep IT in their pants or protected with a condom (which is not at all a sure thing) or learn to do the math of how much that night (or half hour) of fun is going to cost them. There are a lot of skany baby mamas out there that need to stop getting knocked up as a way of getting some monthly income because they CANNOT count on it, not to mention these kids need father figures and positive role models. Too bad people don't have to pass a test before they can turn their reproductive organs on!

2115 days ago

Kitty Angel    

Men need to learn that making a baby doesn't make you a MAN .... caring for the children you produce makes you a MAN!!!!

2115 days ago


Holyfield should get a vasectomy and stop spreading his loser seed everywhere. Like the world needs more like him! Ugh!

2115 days ago

Laymen Konvurse    

Are "dead beat" dads required for Blackmen, in the media? I never se a white, famous male labeled as one? Is it some kind of shame-game this homoSINsual controlled (gay-daistic), European-Jewish media is playing, against the men they hate, because they can't have them physically ("BlAndroPhobia, anti-Kemitism")?

The U.S. should be real careful with all this dead beat dad talk, while their are millions of children overseas; left behind by dead beat military. These U.S. wives and kin folk have no idea how many abandoned, foreign relatives are illegitimately, in their family. So to speak. Relatively, white, corn-fed males join the military just to get access to Blackfemales, in militarily weaker, international lands. They'll shoot and kill the mne/boys, just to rape and impregnate the females. Now, who's the more egregious and disgraceful dead beat. The U.S. Govt. or these [forcefully] integrated, miseducated, dysfunctional and psychologically A-A males?

2115 days ago


wow.. these dead beat dads are just off the charts. Even animals care about their off-spring. deadbeatdads should be castrated!!! So they dont have anymore children. its sick and disgusting when you see that they have gone months and years without a thought or care for their children. Pathetic bast**ds

667 days ago


wow.. these dead beat dads are just off the charts. Even animals care about their off-spring. deadbeatdads should be castrated!!! So they dont have anymore children. its sick and disgusting when you see that they have gone months and years without a thought or care for their children. Pathetic bast**ds

666 days ago
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