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Tatum Could Get Crack Bust Kicked

7/2/2008 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tatum O'Neal just pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in connection with her crack bust last month -- and could have the arrest thrown out if she does as she's told.

A Manhattan judge just ordered O'Neal to spend two half-day sessions in a drug treatment program and pay a $95 fee. The case will be tossed on September 4 if Tatum complies.

She was arrested June 2 after allegedly trying to buy crack and coke from a vagrant.


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2306 days ago


I do not normally feel this way, but I think Tatum deserves a break. Her father, after all, is a complete psycho and her mother was an alcoholic. She did clean herself up and was sober for many years.

2306 days ago


Hey Tatum: I know what it's like to feel so bad you need to do anything to erase the feeling - unfortunately, sometimes the "anything" is the worst thing for us to do. Glad you got arrested and was saved girl! Keep strong many many many of us are pulling for you. God bless!

2306 days ago

I see you    

No crack head cracker jokes???? Oh, you feel sorry for her???? Just close your eyes, put a black face on her and then tell me what you think. You don't feel so sympathetic now don't you. Let that had been a black person and the racist comments will fly out your mouth like racist bullets. Catch you on the next post when your talking about a black person.

2306 days ago

kevin coe    

now do as
you're told;

2306 days ago

Parents learn to entertain your own kids.    

Why do i agree with all of you but mainly #4?

2306 days ago


Seems like a LIttle Darlings curse recently. One of the woman who wrote Little Darlings was just on the news in Bakersfield for running an illegal dog kennel.

2306 days ago


# 4 I couldn't agree with you more. This site is always a breath away form calling someone a n*gger and ghetto trash.
And all you people that disagree..get you head out of your ass and simply go back though previous posts and read the comments.

2306 days ago


How does that happen, $95 and two 1/2 days? That's it?

2306 days ago


I feel like she deserves a break on this one. I really do think she slipped and is back on track.
I have always liked her and felt that her screwed up upbringing is one of the most disturbing ones in Hollywoods history.
You hang in there Tatum and DONT MESS IT UP!

2306 days ago


Thats it! No jail time for that bitch. Not even 1 day? I dont what the hell kind of childhood she had. No friggin excusses.

2306 days ago


Non-celeb would be sitting in jail right now

2306 days ago


Sounds fair to me. And no, a non-celeb would not be sitting in jail right now.

2306 days ago


*sigh* Why does it seem that certain people are immune to being forced under the law to take responsibility for their actions? Is it because they have notoriety, money or political connections? How many young people are given mandatory 7-10 year sentences for having the same amount of meth or crack on them? First time offenders. These kids are users, not sellers or distributors.

Snoop Dogg is a felon. Felons can't have weapons. It is a mandatory "go to jail" sentence if they are caught with weapons. Snoop Dogg was caught, what? Twice? And he gets probation? How does that happen? Either it is the law, it is mandatory or it is not.

I don't understand it and I don't accept the discrepancy, either.

2306 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

She's female ,She's white and She's a celeb....She's a 3 Time winner when it comes to the American Justice System.

She will never be heled accountable for her behaviour,trust me ,I know!

2306 days ago
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