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DUI Suspect Lives In Sugar Daddy City

7/3/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's the lowdown on the suspect from Wednesday morning's nasty hit and run accident.

Her name is Heather Auger and she's a 27-year-old from Orange County. We're told she went to Cal-State Fullerton, but that she doesn't work now -- she's got a rich BF. Must be nice.

We tried to go down to her apartment in Bev Hills yesterday, but we were rebuffed by a rude roommate.

As for the legal stuff, she was held on $52,500 bail and posted early yesterday morning. She's due back in court on July 23.


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she does not have a rich BF. How did TMZ come up with that.

Also, that is a 12k used Benz. There is nothing rich about this girl. She was cominghome from work! A job where, yeah, she drinks alcohol.

I have no sympathy for her, but there are incorrect things that TMZ is reporting.

2273 days ago

White Man    

Yes, this is a very sad situation that occurred. I feel deep sympathy for all parties involved, from the young lady that was struck and the driver of the vehicle. Let's not all be so quick to condemn the driver. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, some make certain mistakes that carry severe consequences. This was a sad mistake that took place that night. Alcohol makes people think they are "ok" to drive, when they obviously are not. That is the case here. She will be forever changed by this situation. I pray for her and the innocent woman who was hit by her vehicle.

2273 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I feel sorry for her because TMZ will now hound Her to Her grave. She is not a Celeb so TMZ cant use that excuse. I cant imagine what skeletons we could dig up in Harvey's closet.

2273 days ago


Since when is it ok to almost kill someone with a vehicle ( assault with a deadly weapon), DRUNK twice the legal limit and then say..........Hey, shes got NO> when you are in public, we have the right to film you, and yes we have the right to make fun of you and talk smack.
So you know what... That girl is responsible for her medical bills, lawyer bills, and all future physical therapy costs.
She should also have her license suspended for 3 years and be forced to work with DUI victims.

Just because you're a chick , doesn't mean you escape persecution.

And just because her boyfriend has money, doesn't mean he should pay her $52,500 bail.
He should have let her sit in there till July 23rd.
Wake up people, if that was your family member You probably would have done a lot more than say.........Shes got rights leave her alone!! Besides who drives mini vans to STK?
I would have beat the living daylights out of her ass, brought her back to my hurt girlfriend and swiped her blood all over her shirt so she understand the severity. sick sick girl.

2273 days ago

Guerre Bear    

Her name is Heather Jeanne Auger, dob 11/26/1980, age 27, booking number 1532017 with the LA Sheriff, released on 52,500 bail after 9 hours in jail. Next court date (for arraignment, presumably) is 7/23/2008 in LA Muni Div 30. Has a prior 14601.1(a) for driving with suspended licence on June 14, 2004.

2273 days ago


I hope by all that's holy that this girl gets slapped with more than just a fine, community service and whatnot. I have no sympathy for someone who is so incredibly intoxicated, that they get behind the wheel of a ton or more of lethal weapon and drive.

Sorry kiddo, you messed up big time this time, and you'll have to suffer the consequences.

2273 days ago


I want to comment to all of the people who said TMZ shouldn’t be talking about this because she isn’t famous. Today I was watching the local news in my city and they were talking about a hit and run very similar to this one. The 19 year old guy drove drunk, hit two people, and then drove away.

I will assume that this story is on the local news in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or Orange County. In that case, this story is public and TMZ has every right to talk about it. Any people on TMZ can trash her all they want because she broke the law and almost killed someone.

2273 days ago

diablofeminina weho    

Take it from someone who got a DUI in 2005 in WeHo, here is the bottom line. FYI, I learned my lesson and do not drink and drive any longer. This is a felony DUI, which is why she had to post bail. She will get pretty severe punishment, even with a good lawyer. Above .15 the consequences become steeper. MAAD for sure, Hospital and Morgue program, 12 months or longer in this one day a week class (teaches you about these things), DMV will suspend license until that DUI class is complete, 10 year probation from DMV, 3 year probation form the gov't, AA, DMV trial, Beverly Hills Courthouse trial, victim assessment through the govt, electronic breathalizer on automobile, community service, $2000.00 in regular fines, jail time, etc. FYI, most insurances DO NOT COVER DUI'S. I estimate this will cost her about $500,000.00. Mine was $40,000.00 and I got in a accident with 2 parked cars and no persons were involved.

Another thing Benz are like Toyota Camry in LA and I don't think they are really that expensive.

I feel sad for all the individuals that were involved in this incident. This girl just needs to stay strong, because trust me she has a tough year ahead of her. And, keep yourself away from anything dangerous , because you will get suicidal. The victim now has this scar on her life, but at least she is not dead.

2273 days ago


This girl is disgusting. Typical LA trash. Hope she gets life in prison.

2273 days ago


Just one question her prior? driving with a suspended license? why was it suspended another DUI? if so lock her up and throw away the key.

2273 days ago


TMZ, will you be there on the 23rd to let us know what happens in court???

2272 days ago


It was an ACCIDENT and a tragedy all around. The driver involved will never be the same after this. Everyone here should just lighten up and stop posting about this, hopefully TMZ will actually do the right thing for a change and stop exploiting this terrible situation.

2268 days ago


naughty little rich girl is going to jail who will help you now hope you become the block bitch you deserve it.........when are the little rich kids from Hollywood gonna learn DUI is A very serious thing grow you

2265 days ago


Hope you go to jail for a long time you thoughtless bitch,you deserve it when are you rich Hollywood children ever gonna learn?DUI is a serious crime I hope you become the block bitch in jail............

2265 days ago

Bobby Jones    

I think she could have a career in porn to help pay the attorney fees. Contact me babe and we will work on getting you a bigger rack and add some fullness to those lips.

2264 days ago
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