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Madge's Boys Endlessly Amused

7/9/2008 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Madonna, Guy Ritchie or A-Rod no where in sight, Madge's sons enjoyed some play time with their nannies in Central Park on Tuesday.

At least little David and Rocco can still act just like regular kids -- minus all the security and photographers.


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looks fun

2259 days ago


Yes Everyone credits Madonna as being a good mother but she has the nannies do all the work. Good mothers DON'T have Nannies taking their kids to the park etc. Good mothers would be taking the kids to the park themselves. Oh yea I forgot Madonna is far too busy to take care of her kids

2259 days ago


Kay, wtf do you know about anything, much less what constitutes being a good mother? You're just plain ignorant.

2259 days ago


Kay: I take it you are with your kids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We''ll some mothers actually have jobs and have to leave their children with a babysitter. That doesn't make them bad mothers you loser.

2259 days ago


How Cute

2259 days ago


Uh... why adopt a child when you aren't the one even taking care of the child? Not saying that Madonna isn't involved with her childrewn but people like Jennifer Gardner or even Angelina Jolie seem to take more time to care for their kids.

2259 days ago


ok-why is she known as "madge"? why not her kaballah name esther? under what ever name she's disgusting-please make another movie so she can fail in public and humiliate herself with her awful actinng and fake british accent.

2259 days ago


Give me a break TMZ, stop photographing little children. Its sick. Leave them alone. Photograph adults all you want, but leave children alone. You make me sick.

2259 days ago


I agree with you Kay. And Jess, some of us mothers do have to work, but we plan fun trips to amusement parks when we can enjoy it with our kids. We don't just send them off with nannies. I think people like Madonna can find the time to do the things she really WANTS to do, which must not include taking her kids to the park. Oh and TMZ, I love the way you say "minus all the security and photographers". Yet, you have a photographer there stalking them.

2259 days ago

The Observer    

Lots of working mother guilt going on in this thread... Kay nailed it perfectly.

2259 days ago


Kay, I agree with you. I am a full time working, SINGLE mother, yet I always found time to take my child, by myself all on my own without nannies to the park, or a six flags, or a water park. We managed just fine. Madonna is a mother when it suits her and her image. Yet, she confesses to never changing a diaper, not the most glamorous job, but yet a job that a mother (or father) has to do.
What most kids long for is to just spend time with their parents. They could care less if it was at some expensive hotel, or high price play place, they just want their parents love and attention.

2259 days ago


ok seriously...where is the line of stalking drawn? leave the kids alone!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously how do you people sleep at night?

2259 days ago


Sad. These kids going out with total strangers. All the "stars" are the same. Even when its only the kid and the "star" parent there is always a nanny near by. So stupid. The only celebrity I haven't seen use a nanny out in public is Kelly Ripa. I'm sure though that she has nannies at home. Being a true parent is when the parent does EVERYTHING for their child. Angelina Jolie will be a true parent when she does ALL the washing, ALL the grocery shopping, ALL the cooking, ALL the cleaning every day for her children. Then comes helping them with their homework.

2259 days ago


No photographers? WHO TOOK THESE PICS?

2259 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

I'm totally not sticking up for Madonna but maybe she thought her kids would have more fun at the park if she wasn't there with all of the paps and fans making it impossible to have an enjoyable day? Just a thought.

2259 days ago
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