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Former Ram Kicked with Felony Rape Charges

7/10/2008 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors have charged former L.A. Ram kicker Antonio "Tony" Zendejas with drugging a woman and then raping her.
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The L.A. County D.A. says that in January, the 48-year-old owner of Zendejas Mexican Restaurant in Pomona gave a woman a drink at the popular bar that made her "groggy." They then say the victim woke up at a motel down the street and called police, saying she had been raped.

He was arrested this morning in San Dimas and is still in jail on $260k bail.

Zendejas retired in 1995 after playing for ten seasons with the Rams, Houston Oilers, Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers.

He faces up to 15 years in the joint.

UPDATE: Tony's lawyer released a statement on his behalf saying the charges "are utterly false. I look forward to the opportunity to prove my innocence."

UPDATE 3/11/09: Zendejas was acquitted of all charges.

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No Avatar


Okay..I still have no idea why ppl do this, can't you get a woman to go to bed with you "honestly", if your "game" sucks that bad - get a prostitute, you have the money.

2275 days ago


He was arrested once before for being with a 12 year old. They charged him with scoring before the first period.

2275 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

If he did rape her...he should be put under the jail. Rapists, child abusers and elderly abusers are the lowest form of life. I hope she can prove her case. Speaking from experience...she'll never be the same again.

2275 days ago


Nice picture of his LA Express days. Couldn't dig up a Rams pic?

2275 days ago

Puppy Pop    


2275 days ago


hold on to your cookies #1.You have him guilty before a trial. She as in woman,may be looking fo easy buck.

2275 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

Ashley - Rape is not about sex - it's about power. A sick, twisted, perverted version of power.

2275 days ago

richard angelo    

this player gave her something so she

could focus on hold his balls in place.

2275 days ago


How can u already commit him w/o knowing the factss? Women cry rape everyday then when it comes time to prosecute they back down.....let a judge and jury decide. There have been plenty of other "Professional Players" who people have claimed they were raped by and then the charges dropped......

2275 days ago


Why is it that whenever a famous or semi-famous person is accused of sexual assault the first place people go is "she's just looking for money"? In your mind is it impossible for a celebrity to commit rape? Do you feel that anybody that comes forward to accuse a celeb of sexually assaulting them must have dollar signs in their eyes?

This is absurd. A rape allegation is a terrible way to shake somebody down for money.

2275 days ago


How does she know he was the one in the hotel room if she was all drugged up?

2275 days ago

Elvis Impact    

I know Tony personally. I have performed in his club for the last 7 years. He did NOT do this. I am not saying that the alleged drugging and raping didn't happen, but Tony didnt do it. I can testify that Tony always has a beautiful woman near him at his club. Women throw themselves at him because he is the owner. There is no need for him to have to drug a chick just to get some quick ass. And certainly does not need to go to a motel. he can just do it in the back room at his club if he really needed to. She is definately just after his money. As a performer in his club and as a long time friend, I stand by Tony's side and rebuke anybody who says that he is guilty. -Elvis Impact

2275 days ago

Bristow Grey    

WOW! This is shocking!! But yet, somehow I am not surprised. I've been to this club/bar many a times and have seen some shady stuff go down. But I can't say he really did do it. Until he is tried. But for someone to "rebuke" any comments and whole heartedly belived he is innocent, especially coming from someone who has played at his club for 7 years like Elvis Impact....then that just makes me believe he really did do it. Especially if you claim that "women throw themselves at him" And that he doesn't need a motel to "rape" anyone....when he has his club right? And really, why is that people say that the victim is after his "money"! What money!!? That place is JANKY! That's why I liked going there and the music is good. How can you say that the alleged raping did happen, but he didn't do it? What...does he have a twin? Or did he just drug the victim and let one of his shady staff members do the crime and he watched? If he is innocent, they he is innocent. But if he did do the crime....then I hope he gets what he deserves and that the victim gets her justice. Like I said before....I've been there plenty of times and seen shady stuff go down.

2275 days ago


If it was a power trip then why drug her...there's no fight in that?

2275 days ago


And many men claim "I didn't rape that women" only to be shown to have at trial, or plea out before trial begins. What's your point?

I agree that not enough evidence is known by the public at this time to show that he did or didn't do anything. I do believe that before the DA's office files felony rape charges that they first do a preliminary investigation. They have to prove during the arraignment that they have enough evidence to proceed to trial. Since they are confident that they do have enough evidence to warrant a conviction against Antonio "Tony" Zendejas I would say that there is something to the allegation other than the testimony of a drugged victim.

After the Duke Debacle, prosecutors are very careful in filing such charges, especially against an accused who is a celebrity. No prosecutor wants to happen to them what happened to Michael Nifong. So at this point I would say yeah, he did it. I couldn’t say that conclusively, but it seems more likely that he raped her, than he didn’t.

2275 days ago
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