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Dane Jury: If the Dog Didn't S**t, You Must Acquit

7/11/2008 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Dane Cook jury must decide an issue that could ultimately go to the U.S. Supreme Court: Does dogs**t constitute a nuisance?
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Dane's landlord wants to 86 him because his pooch has allegedly been pooping all over the common area and Dane hasn't been picking up after it. The jury is deliberating, we have the verdict forms, and here's what they must decide.

First, did Dane's dog do the deeds? Second, does crapping on the lawn constitute a nuisance, especially when the owner lets it just sit and rot? But wait! Even if Dane did the deed, if the landlord accepted rent knowing about the craperia on the front lawn, Dane could still be saved from eviction.

BTW, if it goes to the Supreme Court, we're thinkin' the name of the case would be Really Brown vs. Board of Education.

Stay tuned.


No Avatar

Blue Drew    

Who really gives a sh** about this?

2265 days ago

brian scott miller    

You mean they cant evict him for his (stolen) act alone?¿?

2265 days ago


Un-freakin-believable! Of course they should be allowed to evict him - he's freakin NASTY and YES, it IS a nuisance! I hate people who think that for some reason they're better than everyone else and don't have to clean up their dogs s**t. Someone should drop a human deuce on HIS door step everyday and see how HE likes it.

No talent, POS....

2265 days ago

patsy ramsey    

theres more important world news out there, like what's new with paris hilton? or has karma hit vonahole yet? or when will madonna admit she is a whore and a homewrecker?

2265 days ago


Part of the problem with America is that too many people don't take resposibilty for their pets ,their children, themselves. I hope society as a whole if not just by shame forces people to take responibilty. We take our dogs to the dog park and everyone picks up their dogs mess. And of course we do pick it up at home. How did we get so... lazy. We all have friends with adult kids that don't work, don't do dishes much less clean up after something else on their life,

2265 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Tooooooo funny TMZ........................LMAO.

2265 days ago


This is great! Keep it up TMZ! Love you Dane!

2265 days ago

Jackson La Londe    

wow, even i found that last lime in bad taste.

2265 days ago

Nick Sunset    

Every little bit helps in a city that smells like urine and feces. And no, I was not talking about his act.

2265 days ago

pattie in cali    

is this the guy who played in WAITING ???? it doesn't look like him.

2265 days ago

kitten with a whip    

Hilarious. I am glad he is making a ridiculous scene out of all this. Keeps my workday moving swiftly. I love you TMZ!!!!

2265 days ago


This is absolutely a nuisance and if it can be proved that it is his dog and they gave him notice of his failure to abide by the rules then they should be able to evict. People like this create such problems for everyone else who want to enjoy common areas in buildings. I'm anti-Dane Cook now.

2265 days ago


Isn't Dane Cook rich enough to own his own home? That way, his dog could go to the bathroom wherever it wants.

2265 days ago


Put the dog in a white suv and send it to Christie Brinkley and the kids.

2265 days ago


Oh for the love of crap. Grow up Dane and buy a F(&#T*(ing house already. You have the money. Jeesh. There is nothing worse than a cheap multi-millionaire actor.

2265 days ago
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