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Amy Winehouse Takes a Powder?

7/12/2008 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse out in public in London last night -- on her way to a pub.
Amy Winehouse
You be the judge.


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yawn. and? TMturds....

2258 days ago

Mr. Obvious    

I guess British women are a little lax on the personel hygene as well????

2258 days ago

Kat Ramone    

Not really knowing who Amy Winehouse was (okay, so I'm a bit backlogged on who's who now-a-days), I've been following this train-wreck on the usual sites such as this one. I caught her several times on the Nelson Mandella birthday it's probably me, but would someone tell me what the buzz is about her??? Everyone talks about what a FAB voice she has, how talented she is; she won how many Grammy's last time 'round--I swear, I could not understand a f-ing WORD she was singing, and the way she mangled, "Free Nelson Mandella," I was like begging for the friggin' Specials!!! Okay, so she really looks like crap, she seems to constantly be caught punching someone, smoking something other than cigs, her self-mutilation cuts, her weight's plummeted to anorexia-stage, there's always photos of her once again caught with white, crusty boogery powder in her nose...and now this really gross photo of her with (and this is what I noticed first) the sideburns, 'stash, and nasty look...when one's body gets outta whack from drugs, diet and such, women (especially) start getting that facial hair, which is probably her problem...everyone has a comment on what she "needs" to do, self included, but obviously, she seems to be talented enough (someone again please explain the talent) that no one's giving up on her and she continues to do what she does and people still buy her LP's and book her for shows. There...'nuff said!!! UGH!

2258 days ago

Whino is SKUGLY!    

What the heck is in her nose? She's SO f---ing Nasty. She looks like a walking STD! And those sideburns....ugggh!
Whats with her eyeliner? Seriously, she's an embarrassment to ALL human kind...especially us women. What kind of women walks around with a birds nest on her head...and goes around punching random people. Also, I don't care what anyone else thinks but she has ZERO talent. That voice sounds like someone growling through a pipe!

Are we sure there isn't a man under that bee hive?

2258 days ago

Denny Crane    

Is that coke or a bugger in her nose. Notice also all the meth scars on her face and skin which she is trying unsuccessfully to cover up!

2258 days ago


Some of you people make me sick with your comments. You call yourselves human beings? You are cold hearted bitches.

2258 days ago


that chicks hot no no no 1111

2258 days ago


she is the biggest PIG i have ever seen...why do ppl bother with her...shes a loser in life....pure pig

2258 days ago


How can people call her an "icon?" She's disgusting! Good voice, shame about everything else lol

2258 days ago


Hey British women arent all like that y.know and have some really classy ladies over here who don't stuff their huge mouths with Big Macs + fries at every opportunity. I DO agree Amy Whinehouse is disgusting as an example to any women from whatever country? Do you think Britney Spears is a shining example of American women? Nah..didnt think you'd say yes!!

2258 days ago


That's a booger

2258 days ago


She is so gross. I bet she smells like cat pee.

2258 days ago


Gross....... I am usually angry at TMZ for judging women unfairly, but in this case.....please spare us.

2258 days ago


It looks like white scar tissue on her septum to me,

2258 days ago


she sounds as bad as she looks

2258 days ago
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