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Manson Family Member -- Should She Go Free?

7/14/2008 3:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan AtkinsManson Family member Susan Atkins should not become a free woman, at least if the L.A. County D.A. has his way.

Atkins, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer and may have only six months to live, has applied for Compassionate Release Consideration.

D.A. Steve Cooley says not good enough, noting that Atkins was front and center for the Sharon Tate murders back in '69. Atkins personally stabbed Tate, tasted her blood and used it to write "PIG" on the front door.

Cooley claims Atkins "has failed to demonstrate genuine remorse and lacks insight and understanding of the gravity of her crimes."

Atkins received the death penalty but it was commuted to life after the California death penalty was ruled unconstitutional.

The Board of Prison Terms hearing is tomorrow in Sacramento.


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The Great LaTini    

She knew full well what she was doing and now she has to pay the full price as did her victim.She will be judged by a higher court as to where she is delivered to.

2301 days ago


I remember when all of this was going on even being thousands of miles away I was frightened just to read about this they would break into homes and crawl around on the floor at night just to see if they could without the people knowing it.They did that several times.However they were given the death sentence then California did away with the death sentence and they were given life then when California got the death sentence back it should have been given back to them.The jury said death and that is what it should be.She's married to a lawyer but she should never set free.

2301 days ago

Boston Kate    

What a joke/travesty that she is looking for compassion.

2301 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Let Manson out. He didn't kill ANYBODY!

2301 days ago


I remember when this happened I was 10 years old and I was scared to sleep in my own room. I am torn though,Susan Adkins deserves to die a long slow painful lonley death but am irriated by the fact that my tax $'s are paying for he care. So which way is better let her spend her last days behind bars or let her out and hope that someone comes a long one night and brutley murders her (which I really think will happen if she get let out)

This is just one of the major flaws in our justice system. I can't believe that this compassionate release crap even exists! Eye for an Eye that is what I think. I believe crime rates would drop, no more over populated jail. Much less of my tax $'s being used to house these losers.

2301 days ago

m dennings    

There is no hell, just Karmic justice and that is played out right here on earth. It's a nice thought believing folks burn in hell but complete fantasy. No sooner will she be free of this life experience only to return to learn to have reverence for life and make right what she has wronged - and that, will take many, many lifetimes. Could it possibly be that 'innocent' people in this life are perhaps those that perpetrated injustices on others in another life and are simply learning what it's like to switch roles and be a victom so they fully understand and grow as we are all here to do. We all have a price to pay, in reality, a lesson to learn. Perhaps the lesson here is compassion. She dies regardless of where and I'm sure she has family that have been completely devstated by her choice 40 years ago. What did they do to deserve the fall out? Her denial and lack of remorse is a facade of her fear of what awaits. Perhaps learning not to withhold compassion for anyone is the lesson for all of us.

2301 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Why let her out? It'll cost the taxpayers less money for her to die in a prison hospital than to provide care for her on the outside. There's no sense in giving her any taste of freedom, when she was originally sentenced to the death penalty.

Compassion would be euthanasia, to spare her a painful death. I say let her die in pain, like her victims did.

2301 days ago


Ok when you are sentenced to LIFE in prison thats what it means LIFE....let her ass rot in there. And no meds let her feel the pain like sharon did...Oh and to kitkat...I get it she was a child then but if she is STILL NOT showing remorse why should she be out?

2301 days ago


Atkins shuld stay in jail,who care if she has cancer,boohoooBut there are other members of the family, (cant rememberthe one girls name?? that should be set free. There are thousands of prisoners in CA that have not done close o the
time of some of these girls and have done similiar r worse crimes.It s all political,its not PC to let a "Manson Family"
member of of jail

2301 days ago


Screw that bitch rot in hell oh and take manson's sorry ass with you.

2301 days ago


If she was released and she knows that she is going to die in 6 months what's 2 stop her from going around and killing the peeps that prosectuted her and Manson.She was given the death penatly and was commuted to life.I think that is more than enough compassion.

2301 days ago


She should die in prison. Where was her compassion for Sharon Tate and the other victims of those two nights? Oh yeah, she's the one who told Sharon Tate, "Look bitch, I have no mercy for you." She deserved to die 37 years ago in the gas chamber.

2301 days ago


...but the free health insurance stops when she gets out of jail...oh yeah, the CA taxpayers will take care of her. Arnold, just say no!

2301 days ago


Mind you...I think she should rot there...not only did she kill Sharon Tate, she killed her baby, too. Someone who can kill a woman begging for the life of her baby deserves no pity. Of all the Manson women, she seems the least remorsefull in interviews. The others know they deserve to be where they are. On the plus side, her family would have to pay for her medical care and burial. Still...I say let the woman rot and I hope she suffers more than Sharon Tate did.

2301 days ago


Please tell me what kind of morons make up the 8% that want this pox on humanity to go free? SHE STABBED A PREGNANT WOMAN LICKED THE KNIFE AND WROTE PIG ON THE WALL. Did they not read that part?

2301 days ago
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