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Sienna Hanging Out With a Married Man

7/14/2008 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Brothers and Sisters" star Balthazar Getty says he and Sienna Miller are just friends.

Friends who hang out in Italy. Topless.

Worth noting: Balthazar is married with four kids ... for now.

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His Royal Blackness    

Guys think with their shlong, we all know this. What a moron. And Sienna Miller is a tramp, home wrecker. I can't think of an actress in recent memory that acts as loose as she does. Easy breezy beautiful.

2289 days ago


She must need publicity no matter what the cost.. why is she so stupid to ruin her rep. Anything for attention I guess

2289 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I guess the rich and famous don't get to experience the blues until they create some for themselves.

2289 days ago


WHATEVER!!! Friends my ass! If that was my husband I'd knock his teeth out!

2289 days ago


I'm so happy for his wife. She's gonna walk away millions!!

2289 days ago


#60 Catherine, the family sold Getty Oil awhile ago so there is a family trust worth between $1 billion - $3 billion. Granted it's split between dozens and dozens of Gettys, but I'm sure Balthazar gets a nice monthly check.

BTW, I think Sienna must give mind blowing, lose your mind, sell your soul to the Devil BJ's or her cha cha must be made of mink because it certainly isn't in her face or body. She sure know how to reel them in. B!tch should make a sex tape and leak it so we can find out what her "talent" is exactly. Snaps!

2289 days ago


Both are going to lose lots of cash over this affair. Sienna will no longer be marketable after this and the guy's wife is going to walk away with a pretty check.

2289 days ago


dang it! He ruined one of my favorite shows! I won't be watching brothers and sisters anymore. The guy gives me the creeps now.

2289 days ago

i'd be proud too    

He is married to Rosetta Millington and has four children: Cassius, Grace, Violet, and June.[2]

In July 2008 he was photographed by the paparazzi on the balcony of a hotel room touching and making out with a completely nude Sienna Miller. It is believed he is cheating on his wife of 8 years with the actress.

2289 days ago

Chris Curry    

It is wonderful to see people evolve right before your eyes. She was so hurt by Jude Law's infidelity that she turns around and goes after a married man with children. I have absolutely no sympathy for her anymore. She also gets to join the ranks of Julia Roberts, Jerry Seinfield, etc. who set their sites on married people and stole them away from their partners. What they don't realize is that they won a spouse who cheats on their husband/wife. They truly should all live in fear of the day when their kids gain this information and they have to explain what happened. That's the part that will hurt more than anything.

2289 days ago


this is absolutely disgusting, to make matters worst his wife left to italy with all the four kids when this first came out and how disrespectful that he goes to italy also with the tramp and they are dancing around italy knowing the wife went there to get away from him and whore. how hurtful he has no mercy for his wife, on top of that from the pictures i see sienna is purposely parading in front of window butt nake, come on follks she know darn well paparzzi are all over window areas just for this type of pictures and she stood there as if she know, i think she wants to make sure his wife has no confusion about what is going on so that there no chance for reconcilation. I feel sorry for those four kids and the wife to have your husband do this to you in the open like this is horrible and one more thing can anyone tell me what kind of friends can actually dine with these to lowlifes and not say anything to them and smile , i keep seeing pictures of sienna and getty hanging out with different friends how can any of these people not say something its crazy, and very low low low

2289 days ago


what is even worst is that his wife went to italy to get away from all this because they are being so public about it and what does he do , he goes to italy with the hoochie knowing his wife and 4kids are there , The poor women cant even go to another country and lick her wounds , now they have come to italy to rub salt on her wounds. Another things that irked me is that i keep seeing them with friends on the boat at resturant how can any sane person stomach this disgusting behaviour and not say something to them. Its like no one remembers one day he walks out his house and his wife and kids think he coming back and next thing his wife sees is his pictures with hooch plastered everywhere and husband doesnt return home . Disgusting and sienna and him are the lowest form of human beings no class , no morals, no self respect and no compassion .

2289 days ago


What a dirtbag this guy is.

2289 days ago

Never inked up!    

To the folks who are defending this slut because she isn't the married one, grow up!

This is just one aspect of her personality, but, if one can go there and actually want to be a part of all this man's BAGGAGE, what is that really saying about her gut? Come on, the morals of an alley cat.

If she remembers how it felt and was so wounded by Jude and that situation, wouldn't she be smarter in the future? Wouldn't she want to stay as far from all that type of thing as possible? There are a million men out there after all. And single.

Bottom line, selfish girl, too young to get it. This realationship is doomed, if that is even what it is, and if it it isn't how truly sad it is for this family who is going to never be the same after all this drama. Shameful Dad. He did this to himself.

2289 days ago


There really is something wrong with people who are habitually getting naked for public display. Here's your proof. Ugly, sexless proof.

2289 days ago
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