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Cops Say Jackson Went On Rampage

7/15/2008 7:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson got busted just minutes ago, and is currently in custody on the way to the clink -- but not before he was ordered to the ground, cops nearby with guns drawn.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Rampage was in a car crash near Newport Beach (that's near Laguna Beach in the O.C.) and then split the scene. Cops gave chase and eventually caught up and charged him with felony hit and run and felony evading arrest.

Here's the deal about the dumbest hit and run ever. Notice the truck he tried evading police in -- the one with the giant picture of him plastered on the side!

We're told there could be additional charges. No word yet on whether Rampage resisted arrest.

Bad week. He got his ass handed to him last week (courtesy of Forrest Griffin) and just got it handed to him again.

Story developing ...

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Fan Since 2007!!!    

If everyone will please excue the bitter rantings of richard biegenwald (real name?). We are all aware that he is a sick, bitter drunk wasting his life venting out on decent society for his own failings. rest assured he will soon blow his own brains out for his own self-hatred...

2300 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Now that I think about it, I wonder how long it will be until we see a 30 second head shot explanation of Quinton talking about his extreme loss of common sense on his double comeback special show, where they show his making amends for his actions as he trains to forget what happened this month? Double comeback for the loss of the title and the loss of his common sense. I can almost see the interview now. It will be quickly done and then they will focus on his hard core training routines, as they always do. UFC fans know exactly what I am talking about. He will be back from this, Bank on it (as the UFC does). I wonder how many aspirins White the the F brothers just ate?

2300 days ago


Dumb, dumb, dumb!! How in the hell can you try to escape from the cops in a big azz truck with your ugly mugg spread all over the side of it??


2300 days ago


well there you go

2300 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

The Imus joke is BEYOND tired...


2300 days ago


Ass handed to him by Forrest??? Obviously the author did not watch the fight, nor is a fan of MMA.

2300 days ago


He must still be dizzy after forest kicked his ASS.

2300 days ago


This would never happen in Chicago.

PS I still want to rip Obama's n**ts off.

2299 days ago

marco polo    

wow, the funny thing is as stupid as Rampage was for this, some of the commentors seem to actually be even more stupid.

2299 days ago

Lester More    

I just wanted to let you all know that Dana White is a dude who is trying to create a monopoly. Watch Affliction on pay per view this Sat. the 19th instead of the weak fight card Dana White is showing on Spike. The best heavywight in the world is fighting on Affliction (Fedor Emelianenko) too bad Dana White's punk ass won't negotiate a reasonable contract to hire him for the UFC.

2299 days ago


FOR THOSE of you who say FORREST handed him his az and whip him like a run away slave, you all must be blind,
that fight was a toss up clearly and did you see Forrest face after, he as much admitted he it should of been a draw.
But back to the issue at hand, Rampage that was just plain ole dumb, he had to been on drugs or Alcohol..

2299 days ago

John Cargola    

Everyone makes mistakes..Was is dumb,? Yes. But, Rampage is a good guy and a better fighter..Get off his assll and you hillbilly's who are on here making the racist comments...Rednecks behind a key board, worlds toughest men!!

2299 days ago


"rednecks behind a keyboard: world's strongest men!!"

2299 days ago



2299 days ago


Wow! Can you guys be anymore racist? Do you really think this is all funny? Sad. And you probably consider yourselves religious people. Yes, this is the biggest and dumbest thing he has ever done, but racial jokes and comments are just plain ignorant... TMZ, get it right. Rampage did not get his ass handed to him. Did you (who ever wrote this) watch the fight?

2298 days ago
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