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Crazy Publicist -- Insanely Intoxicating

7/15/2008 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Publicists are supposed to stop their clients from acting a fool, but after pounding down a few glasses of Jesus Juice, the one we ran into running loose on the streets of Hollywood could barely control herself.

Meet Charmaine Blake, wacked flack for such A-listers as Playmate Colleen Shannon, former meth addict Jodie Sweetin, and unfortunate sex tape star Chyna. She's the self-proclaimed "craziest publicist in town." Hey, she said it.


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first? cause no one cares TMZ....

2256 days ago


She's seemed okay to me.

2256 days ago

richard angelo    

" former " ?

if you told her you LOST your stash,
she would STILL know where to find it.....

2256 days ago


Can you say AA? Boy this chick is up there with Lindsey, And Britt!

2256 days ago


Who would hire that whack-job? What a crazy lunatic. She doesn't seem to have much for brains.

2256 days ago


She may be a little crazy, but you have to be to succeed in the biz. Seems like she is still excited about her work - even at 3am, and that's more than most people can say! Anyway, she throws some good parties.

2256 days ago


Hey Mon, what Island are you from? Where we stay drunk all the time...Cola Nut, Red Red Wine...she's just doing what she learned growing up...Staying Happy Mon.

Who was the white girlfriend who ditched her during the interview?

Either way, I'm sure she does a great job for her clients---as long as they're all parrot heads together.

2256 days ago

Jonathan Chang    

her clients are listed at charmainepr dot com

2256 days ago

richard angelo    

at least you got the
" A " list thing right;

alcohol Anonymous;

drugs Anonymous,

but 1 thing is for sure;

there's NO sex
Anonymous for her.

because not even a down-and-out corner
crackhead would EVER do her for a fix !!!!!

2256 days ago

richard angelo    

what does she pay
you with, malt 40's ?

2256 days ago


Um, Kendra Wilkinson?

2255 days ago


i do agree on one thing she said....she does make people famous....she used to be my pub after i won Ted Nugents Wabted Ted Or Alive...BTW she wasnt cheap..but she did get me a manager and a co starring role on CSI: no where near famous but....she does have nack for gettin people work....accept CHYNA..

2255 days ago


SEEMS TO ME THAT ALL IS NOT WELL IN THE HOUSE OF HEFNER IF HOLLY CAN BE MAKING DIGS AT KENDRA VIA HER PUBLICIST. not sure why this one is crazy cos she is a little tipsy.. as long as her ass isnt driving who bloody cares?.kendra is making pots of money and has started a virtual empire independent of the playboy family.. it could be GOOD OLD FASHIONED JEALOUSY REARING ITS UGLY HEAD .. i think that kendra will leave the mansion eventually as she is young , good looking and hef is her grandpa, yuk!. Of the three of them, she is the most INDEPENDANT AND LEAST CALCULATING.. bridget is the most opportunistic.. and holly the most delusional to think that HUGH HEFNER WILL EVER, EVER ,EVER MARRY HER OR HAVE ANY MORE CHILDREN..not EVER GOING TO HAPPEN GIRL.TRUST ME.

2251 days ago


Charmaine may be a little different in her style but if "crazy" means working her tail off to get you exposure in the media and showcase you at red carpet event so that you are in the mix around Hollywood then she is crazy to work so hard when so many publicist take client's money and barely talk to them. Charmaine gets to know her clients and works hard to introduce them to managers, agents, producers, other business opportunities etc. I landed a major role in a film that helped build my career because of Charmaine!!! So don't touch her!!

1488 days ago


I have known Charmaine since high school and she has always been very ambitious. This is her dream and I am glad that she is living it. She has always been different and I admire that about her. As for the ASS that made the coment about “Hey Mon” don’t hate, just appreciate.

1479 days ago

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