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Susan Atkins -- Denied

7/15/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan AtlkinsBrain cancer won't get you an early release from prison, not if you're Susan Atkins.

The California parole board denied the application for release by the jailed Manson follower. Atkins, who was diagnosed with brain cancer and may have only six months to live, had applied for Compassionate Release Consideration.

The L.A. County D.A. argued against it, saying, "[Atkins] has failed to demonstrate genuine remorse and lacks insight and understanding of the gravity of her crimes."

Atkins received the death penalty but it was commuted to life after the California death penalty was ruled unconstitutional.


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She was 21 or 22 years old when she committed these horrific crimes. She wasn't an innocent teenager on drugs like someone previously stated. She worked with Anton Levey, gave birth to a baby, and she was a prostitute. She was an adult when she killed those people not some innocent teenager. Yes, she should stay in jail.

2298 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Oh, no you didn't!!! You did not ask to let her die in the sunshine...unless you mean that we should shove her in a furnace, then, HELL no! Compassion is that she wasn't electorcuted, drugged to death or shot, whatever. There will be no sunshine for all the lives she took....and there many. Everyone has a price to pay....and just because she is old and has a tumor doesn't mean the piper won't be paid. Read "Helter Skleter" by V Bugliosi....they were without souls. Now you, go away and pray for somone who needs it.

2298 days ago


Where was your compassion when you helped to commit these murders?

2298 days ago

Kat many posters here who think she should burn in hell because she showed no compassion. And may all of you receive the same judgement. The compassion you receive will be equal to the amount you gave out.

2298 days ago


#63 - DESSARAE, you are mentally ill. Get some therapy for your own sake.

2298 days ago


One of my best friends just died from brain cancer in May. When the doctors finally found out why she was having such bad headaches and nausea, they only gave her 3 weeks to live. Talk about a compassionate release? She didn't deserve the treatment the doctors gave her, she didn't deserve to go through everything she went through. She worked her whole life to take care of her family. She worked 2 jobs as long as I've known her. She worked and worked til she was so sick that she couldn't even stand. Finally she lost vision in her left eye and hearing in her left ear and they doctors were still saying they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. Where was the compassion for her?

2298 days ago

that's all    

64. many posters here who think she should burn in hell because she showed no compassion. And may all of you receive the same judgement. The compassion you receive will be equal to the amount you gave out.


That's only if we commit the same crime which I doubt any of us have. I hae no plans to murder a woman and her baby and torture a man for three days....Garyn Hinman (have you?)

2298 days ago


The mills of God grind slowly but they grind fine.

2298 days ago

chin chin    

Oh Thank God, there is justice afterall! Well, she should've been lethally injected at the initial request of the jury. But I guess this is something....

2298 days ago



2298 days ago


This news is the 'bright spot' of my day. I generally have little faith in the U.S. justice system, but I'm glad to see that this time they made the right decision and decided NOT to let Susan Atkins leave prison. I'm glad she was never executed because to me, dying of cancer (slowly) is the worst punishment of all; giving her the chair would have made her a martyr.
You've made your bed, Susan, and it's finally time to lie in it.

2298 days ago


Mary #43...How old are you? Just curious. Wondering if you were alive when this henious crime was committed. I remember when this happened--hearing about it on the news. These people were not just murdered, they were slaughtered. Imagine, if you will, waiting as a mother to be, for your precious child to be born only weeks away. Have you ever had children? Feeling that wonderful life moving inside of you and loving it so very much even before it is born. Imagine the horror for Sharon Tate as she watched her friends being butchered and knew what her fate would be and the fate of her unborn baby...pleading for Ms. Atkins not to kill her baby. Feeling that knife intering her body and knowing she and her unborn were about to die. This animal, which is what she is...I don't care if she was a teenager on drugs or not...knew exactly what she was doing on the night she decided to kill. This is now her date. To die from brain cancer in prison. Mary, it's all about karma. Brain cancer is one of the worst cancers there is to get. How appropriate for this monster to die in such a manner.

2298 days ago


num num num num num ... do i have to eat it all Karma? it's kinda got a crazy taste ... num num num num

2298 days ago


sweet angel #66...My condolences for your friend who died from brain cancer. My previous post was in no way to hurt you or anyone fighting this disease. My mother died from cancer. I was a nurse and took care of cancer patients in the VA system in my youth. In no way do I want to disparage anyone such as your friend with my comments about Ms. Atkins.

2298 days ago


good (period). enough said.

2298 days ago
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