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Eliot Spitzer -- Working Stiff

7/16/2008 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Street walking Eliot Spitzer was out in NYC yesterday -- and even though he laid himself off from his last job, it doesn't mean he isn't keeping busy.


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QUOTE: "....even though he laid himself off...." That's a helluva lot cheaper than paying $5000.

2289 days ago


He says "always" when asked, are you working? Working on what? Always? He should be working on his family and his charchter. Could you imagine this man being your Father, or husband, or as in Jim Cramers case your BF?

How does someone like this live with themselves? Or be able to look in the mirror? Duping the public and your family, thinking you are smarter than every single other human being? I'm so glad they caught him and got him for all the pain he caused other people he went after during his career. I'm just sad to see him still walking our streets. He needs to go hide away on a remote farm and learn to live with himself and animals.

A very dangerous human being.

2289 days ago

Britney's Lawyer    

His father is worth $400 million. (He's a NYC real estate developer). Elliott will go back to work for his father. He will be screwing hookers in his dad's apartment buildings in no time.

2289 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Only a prostitute would have sex with a creepy looking guy like this. Doesn't say a lot about political wives, does it?

2289 days ago

Britney's Lawyer    

Ever notice that Democrates cheat on their wives with other women, while Republicans cheat on their wives with other men??

2289 days ago

pattie in cali    

what a jerk, hes gives me the creeps

2289 days ago


The reason why republicans cheat on their wives with men is because they are huge hypocrites. They are against gay rights because they are self loathing homosexuals themselves.

2289 days ago

Illinois person    

Leave the guy alone. His job is over, I would assume so is his marriage too. His paid whore is hardly a saint either. With all of this said, and hopefully he used protection, it's business as usual.

2289 days ago


Oh, but I find this an attractive man.
For real.

2289 days ago


#3 - no wonder his wife is standing by his side - that's a lot of money involved and some wives will look the other way. Honestly, I don't know if I could.

2289 days ago

john wayne gacy    

what's so wrong with
getting a head in politics ?

2289 days ago

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