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Mirren, Mirren On My Wall

7/16/2008 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At 62-years-fabulous Helen Mirren really is the Queen -- of rockin' a red bikini. What a Dame!

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No Avatar


Wow...Helen Mirren looks amazing!!! That is NOT the body of a 62 yr old!! And good for YOU, TMZ, to say something NICE about a celeb for a change!!!

2256 days ago


Wow is right... Helen, yet another reason you will always be the Queen.

2256 days ago

Ronald Fisher    

I'm sure there are some NOT 63 year olds out there that are jealous! Looking good girl--way to go!

2256 days ago


Helen Mirren looks incredibly sexy in that bikini. She looks better than some women half her age.

2256 days ago



2256 days ago


She definately looks great! I'm doing my best to stay in shape so that I age as well. Hopefully the personal trainer and 4 tims a week hour long gym sessions will pay off in the long run. Way to age ever so gracefully!!

2256 days ago


That my friends is the epitome of a REAL woman - not someone that had to purchase her assets from a surgeon. Long live the natural woman; not shaved and falsely enhanced. Real women are beautiful in their own right. Laadies, real men do not need to a woman that wants to look like a little girl. They're phoney and only really appeal to old farts like Hugh Hefner, Ron Jeremy, Bill Maher, etc. and their weird and phoney,hip celebrities that are "in the know" and oh, so informed. Just as Mirren, real women can go the distance - they do not have to stop every few seconds and be reenforced as to just how "wonderful" they look. Face it ladies - REAL women are and always will be in demand.

2256 days ago


yeah, WOW. Nothing looks "weird" either. So, she's most likely a natural beauty.

2256 days ago


looking at the edges of this photo-it looks superimposed-I don't think its real. Sorry-even a 62 year old in the best shape doesn't have tight skin like that. I think a cut and paste job was done on this.

2256 days ago


I wonder if she's fully shaved.

2256 days ago


Yeah that 62 year old - I'd do her. Maybe needs a little KY but what the heck!!!

2256 days ago


Good for you great lady. I am 71 and can still wear a bikini. Age is only a number.

2256 days ago

vicky& robert    

helen mirren is a old bitch who need to quit holding in her stomach to look good in a bikini and act her age and wear her DEPENDS

2256 days ago


WOW!!!! Vicky or Robert must be very insecure of themselves to judge such a great photo of Helen!! Geez, I am not so sure you are much better....but trying finding someone who cares enough to photog you and post it....besides your own myspace page!!! ;) Way to go Helen...keep up the good work!

2256 days ago


#13 vicky& robert: what in the world do you have against Helen Mirren? Are you a 60-something British actress who went up against her for a role, and didn't get cast? If not, then what is wrong with you? Helen Mirren is not only one of the most talented actors in the world, she also looks GREAT! She's old enough to be my mom - and I only wish I looked as good as Helen in a bikini. You rock, Helen! (And vicky& robert, you suck.)

2256 days ago
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