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Pearl -- Oprah Treated Me Like Doody!

7/16/2008 4:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barry Pearl -- that's Doody from "Grease" to you - says "Oprah's Big Give" is plenty generous ... except when it comes to paying up for movie clips they use on the show.

Here's how it works -- in order to use a clip from "Grease" on TV, it must be licensed first from Paramount and then a fee needs to be negotiated with each of the actors. Pearl says Harpo skipped that crucial part.

He says when he asked for a reasonable fee from O's production peeps for a clip that was on "Big Give," they scoffed -- and called his residuals "found money." Thing is, residuals are much more than "found money" for Barry -- it's his livelihood. So when he saw "Summer Nights" playing on a TV in John Travolta's episode of "Give" -- without his consent -- he asked O's company Harpo for $7,500 for himself and three other Greasers in the clip.

That's when Barry says things got, well, Ken-icky.

Harpo countered with $5K, and when he and his agent then countered again, Harpo low-balled him with a SAG-endorsed offer of just three times the weekly wage ... from 31 years ago, i.e, peanuts. They also told Barry to be happy with peanuts, because the cash was "found money." Not so giving!

Barry is suing mad -- and his lawyer is firing off a letter to Harpo as we speak.

Harpo Productions tells TMZ: "The clip in question was included on the "Big Give" series for less than five seconds. We have been involved in discussions with SAG, Paramount and Mr. Pearl's representative in good faith. We have made a settlement offer that is in accordance with SAG guidelines, with appropriate penalties, which should bring this matter to a swift and satisfactory resolution."

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2288 days ago


I hope he gets it. Oprah is so high and mighty. Would be good for her to have a little bad press now and again. Knock her off her high horse.

2288 days ago


hope he gets 50 million from oprah. she only cares about certain people and disregards the rules.

2288 days ago


Pay up Harpo. You people have so much money and are trying to keep this man's money. I would like to know how you would feel if you were on the other side of the spectrum.

2288 days ago

Lana Caine    

What else would you expect from that horrible witch. She is evil through and through. Oprah, the "icon" who gave us Dr. Phil, "A Million Little Pieces" and Ofrah Winfrey's school for pedophiles. If she wasn't spending so much time in the make-up chair, she might be able to investigate the things she endoreses.
Her make-up people are magicians. And that ego! Even Martha Stewart doesn't plaster her face on EVERY issue of her magazine. Thanks Ofrah--some of us can think for ourselves.
Now go eat another dozen Happy Meals.
Have y'all seen that cartoon on youtube showing Stedman avoiding having sex with her? It's so funny and it's soooo true!

2288 days ago


hes a whining crybaby. He oughtta go get a job at Burger King

2288 days ago


Oprah has more money than GOD! Imagine that she is balking over $7500.
That is the epitome of greed in my eyes. She should be ashamed of herself.
Unfortunately, Oprah may never see the day where she has to rely on "Found Money" in order to survive... although I wish it would happen, and sooon! SOOOO Sick of her.

2288 days ago


you people are just jealous cause Oprah's sucessful. Try getting off welfare and maybe YOU can be sucessful yourselves!

2288 days ago


Also, her production company should be called "Harpoooon" because thats what they would need to do to rope that fat whale ass of hers in.

2288 days ago


if this is True - SHAME ON YOU have more money that pretty much everyone in the world

2288 days ago


7. you people are just jealous cause Oprah's sucessful. Try getting off welfare and maybe YOU can be sucessful yourselves!

Ummm apparently in showbusiness greed gets you success. She is greedy.

and I am certain I make far more money than you.

2288 days ago


cheap b*tch...and the sad thing is we put her up there where she just wishing someone would knock her down where she belongs...~shakes my head~

2288 days ago

the DQ    

She has more money than God, because she stiffs people and expects everything for free. She's a bit*h! I used to like and admire her, but not now and probably never again. She could drop off the face of the earth and would NOT give a s*it!

2288 days ago


How can anyone hate Oprah as much as she as gave the world.Some people really needs to look at them self and the way they live.What have you gave to the country besides your dumba$$ opinions.GET A LIFE

2288 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

Oprah is a fat pig. I can't believe she is balking at $7500. That's an appetizer for her; literally and figuratively. Pay up, chub scout.

2288 days ago
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