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Stevie Wonder -- Politically Tourette

7/16/2008 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We didn't ask him anything about the election, but it was clear to see Stevie only had one guy on his mind.


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noone is first with the dumbass first comment?

2288 days ago


why would a black person vote for Obama just because he is black. I don't get it .... Well at least an educated person wouldn't

2288 days ago



It could not possible be because the republican party never once came to any NAACP meeting that they were invited to,it not because BUSH left are people on top of there roofs for 5 days during katrina,it not because MCCIAN did not want to recognize MLK,JFK,day as a holiday,it not because you never here the republian party talk about equal rights for all american,it not because every month or so the republican party comes out with some racist GOP rants(IF OBAMA WINS THE WHITEHOUSE WILL IT STILL BE CALLED THE WHITEHOUSE), it not because were fighting a war in IRAQ that were not even suppose to be in,it not because gas prices are though the roof,it not because american are losing hundreds of jobs a month and we all no who taking the braunt of those loses,no it none of those reason it because he's black and you call yourself educated.

2288 days ago


I thought Obama didn't want this election to be about race and yet 98%o of blacks are voting for Obama. Tell me if any other group (white people) voted in mass we wouldn't be called racist! Obama spent 143 in the US Senate before he decided he was ready to be president. Before that he was a community organizer from the south side of Chicago and state senator, Chicago is still the SAME! Never CHANGED under Obama. He's probably better suited to president of the NAACP.

2288 days ago


course he supports obama.......what color is he.....well there you go...

2288 days ago


youngblackbro - you need to learn to spell - DAMN - your ignorance is obvious & laughable. You would surely hang your head in disgrace, if you only had a clue & a conscience.

2288 days ago


Take personal shots at spelling way to avoid the facts.OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!

2288 days ago


Ironically educated people DO back Obama but don't let facts get in the way of your smarmy jabs.

Furthermore, Barack isn't making this about race. AA's in this country, like much of the world observing this process, can't believe they're seeing a viable black candidate on the ticket in their lifetime. Surely you can add 1+1 right?

2288 days ago


Oh sure, let's get bent out of shape because black people want to vote for their own, but let's act outraged if anyone suggests that far too many white people vote for old senile white men, just because they're old white men. Payback is a bitch. A choice between a multi-racial guy with sense or a white Bush part 2? I thought I was white, but I guess I must be black, cause Obama is getting my vote.

2288 days ago

john wayne gacy    

let's not pull the wool
over our eyes people;

even the blind can clearly see that obama will
be just ANOTHER puppet to be played like
condi rice, okra winfrey and michael jordan.

stevie doesn't have to wonder
what an OREO cookie taste like.......

2288 days ago


Just as much of a percentege of white people DO vote - "en masse" - for old white men for President.

2288 days ago


LOL @ number 4's remarks..
He lost me at
"It could not possible be"

2288 days ago

Little Feather    

The funniest part of the etire video was the pap. Wonder says "Barack Obama", then one papa says, "Yeah, all the way", then the other one goes "Who?". Hilarious.

1. Check your notes, John McCain spoke at the NAACP today, and President Bush has spoken there a number of times. 2. I didn't know Katrina victims needed Bush to come down there and lift them off their roofs personally, blame FEMA. It was that organization that let those people down, but Bush gets blamed because the buck stops with him. 3. equal rights for all, tell me, what party was behind the Emancipation Proclamation? 4. Name the GOP person who made that recist comment about the White House?, if it were some talking head on tv, the big freakin deal, he doesn't represent the GOP. 5. Not supposed to be in Iraq??, Saddam Hussein broke the original UN peace agreement from the Gulf War in 1991, by denying access to the UN weapons inspectors, the US has every right to be there. 6. I cant argue the gas price thing, but at least Bush lifted the Executive order banning off shore drilling, now its the Democrat controlled Congress time to do something.
Lastly, vote your conscience, do not vote for someone because they have a (R) or (D) next to their names, or becasue of the color of their skin. If you vote for the person you believe will do the best job, you can't go wrong. Vote with your heart, and your brain, not your eyes.

2288 days ago


I get tired of this "is he/she is Black, of course they're voting for Obama." That shiz isn't true for everyone, me included, and I hate hearing it. I'm not saying I'm voting for McCain either, I'm waiting to see who the VP choices will be. Frankly, that could swing my vote either way. I was a Hillary supporter, but since she is now out of the running, I'm undecided.

Also, if people do vote for Obama cuz he's Black, big effin deal. It's no different from people voting for Bush cuz he was from Texas. Nobody game a damn about his policies (what policies), or that he's dumb as Jessica Simpson (another Texan, btw). The fact that he was from Texas was enough to get them to vote for him.

BTW I am from Texas so I can say this shiz.

2288 days ago


It's not shocking to find out that #4 is the caliber of person who'll be voting for Obama.

Hahahaha. I hope if Obama gets in he does something for the school system so people will freaking be able to make better use of the English language.

2288 days ago
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