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Charlie & Denise Fight Through Their Kids

7/21/2008 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's people are kinda claiming victory in today's court battle. But Denise's lawyer Neal Hersh says they are dreaming, claiming Denise is happy with the results.

The judge spoke with two experts in court and then made various orders. Hersh says the orders are consistent with what Denise wanted.

Hersh says, "If Charlie wants what's best for his kids, then we look forward to his fully and completely following through with what the judge ordered today. If he does so his children can only benefit."


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Ha-Ha First! These two deserve whatever comes their way. He's a wacked out druggie and she's a trash mouth trailer park skank!

2283 days ago

nikkis mom    

Denise Richards knew everything about Charle Sheen before she married him. He has been in the news since he was 18. There were no secrets. She plays such a good girl and a perfect mother! Give me a break!!!!!!!!!! She marries a bad boy - makes her divorce public (always on Larry King; calling papparazzi, reality TV) has an affair with her friend's estranged husband. She ends that, and she is not getting enough attention. She accuses Charlie, go sobs on Ryan Seacrest and she does reality with a mouth that is so foul that a child should be taken away from her for her cussing. Charlie gets married and then on the day - he gets nominated for an EMMY - she finds another thing. I do not know how they are acting out. If it is sexual or what. I do know that 20 years ago my youngest at age 2 always rubbed herself improperly. IS THAT ACTING OUT. I am so done with this publicity whore. These poor girls do not have a chance and when they screw up - Denise will blame it on Charle and not on her choices. I KNOW _ DENISE-----IT"S COMPLICATED

2283 days ago


Charie is a violent pig, he shouldn't be with the kids.

2283 days ago


Rocket you got it right, but I still think he's a pig.

2283 days ago


Who hasn't made a mistake before???? Give Denise a break. I am sure there are plenty of women out there, myself included, that has fallen in love with a "bad boy" that claimed he'd changed. Besides you can't prevent or predict who you'll fall in love with. As for their parenting....I can't think of one single person that doesn't have a parent that had a life filled with issues prior to conception. They split, they are moving on don't you think everyone should cut them a break and do the same?? Unless you have a pathetic life that prevents you from doing so!!!

2283 days ago

paul dennis reid    

DENSE richards is really
happy with the results;

she can't even spell I.Q......

2283 days ago

She's a dope    

Haven't ya'all noticed that she hasn't been in the news for the past couple of weeks? Her show has tanked so she has to come up with something.

She knew from the very beginning what she was getting herself into. She's not stupid. She's going to continue this crap until the judge lays the clamp down on her.

Charlie's wife, whatever her name is, has got to have alot of patience and strength and must love Charlie a lot to put up with his crazy ex-wife.

Notice how he's so quiet through all this?

Let her screw herself and make herself look bad.

Psycho bitch from hell.

2283 days ago


Denise is a BITTER BITCH with NO TALENT!!

2283 days ago


She just never stops, does she. Just shut the f up, Denise.

2283 days ago


She's trash, what a sorry example for girls!!!!! Where are they when she's filming? And what about grampa? He seems to think his girls are ok to be around his granddaughters. A sorry family.

2283 days ago

Where There's Smoke There's Fire    

Her WHITE TRASH SIDE integrated with the SNOBBY BITCH SHE IS SIDE sure does come out on her show....WHY CHARLIE DID YOU MARRY SUCH A WHACK BEEEEEOOOOTCH..!!! THINK WITH THE OTHER HEAD NEXT TIME..or the time after that...or the time after that......

2283 days ago


Charlie may be a little wild and crazy but Denise is trash! She has only gotten her name today because of Charlie and she is OLD news... after being a total white trash loser and stealing her BFF's husband... which HE even realized what she was... she has lost all credibility. The only reason she is keeping up this fight is to stay in the public eye....No one cares about you anymore Denise...

2283 days ago


lawyers and whores....whores and lawyers...any difference! add kids and it's robbery. anybody for true tort reform?

2283 days ago

nikkis mom    

gracielynn - She did make a mistake marrying Charlie Sheen. He is know for being a BAD BOY. Was it a mistake running after RICHIE SAMBORA. No parent is perfect but most parents are adult enough to try not to scar their kids by continually bringing Daddy to court, going on Reality Shows and putting him down and going on every Talk Show - saying I'M A VICTIM. Charlie - doesn't put up a false front. He admits every terrible thing that he has done. He says YES, I DID IT!

Every parent f**k up in some way - but they learn. These kids are under 5 - what is going to happen to them when they start school and their peers make fun of them.

We would all like to move on just like you suggest. DENISE WON'T ALLOW IT. SHE IS AN ATTENTION GETTER. What is all these trips to court helping except a real disgust for 2 adults that had no right to have kids.

2283 days ago


Blah,blah,blah,blah,denise go get a real job and get some therapy you have no talent in acting and taking your clothes off will only be short lived,your big frown face is not aging well,tired of this attention whore please go away!!! Maybe not calling the paparazzi all the time and not having camera's and strange people following you around might help your girls from acting out!! Get real what an idiot!!!!!

2283 days ago
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