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Charlie & Denise Fight Through Their Kids

7/21/2008 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's people are kinda claiming victory in today's court battle. But Denise's lawyer Neal Hersh says they are dreaming, claiming Denise is happy with the results.

The judge spoke with two experts in court and then made various orders. Hersh says the orders are consistent with what Denise wanted.

Hersh says, "If Charlie wants what's best for his kids, then we look forward to his fully and completely following through with what the judge ordered today. If he does so his children can only benefit."


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I think denise is doing a great job with those girls. Keep them as far away from that druggie charlie as she can. She is doing the best that she can all things considered-druggie husband, death of her mother, idiot reporters that dont leave her alone, and small minded people who leave horrible comments about her when they dont even know her. Keep doing exactly what you are doing denise. I love your show!!!

2254 days ago


All you have to do is see the pics of the kids with her on AOL open page today. The oldest is sucking thumb and holding a washcloth thing. Both the little ones look absolutely miserable with a smiling Mom between.

Kids belong in Foster Care.

2254 days ago


Denise has done herself no favors with her show. I didn't realise how stupid she was until I watched it. I feel bad for those two little girls, it seems like both parents are messed up

2254 days ago


Why want this husband stealing, foul mouth, sorry excuse of a mother just go away!!!!!!!She is sad.

2254 days ago

mystisol you know her??? denise shows her ass everytime she's caught on tape or camera....based on what she shows the American public...she doesn't deserve to be called mom...using your kids to fight with you ex is trashy...i have not heard one story of charlie bringing his ex to court and dragging her through the mud...sure, i may have missed an article here or there, but denise is plastered everywhere there is trash to be found...

we don't KNOW these people...but we do know what we see...and we see denise act like a publicity whore with trashy values...claiming to be the better of the two...maybe these kids would be better off with an aunt and changed their names...

just my 'em or hate 'em....makes no difference to me

2254 days ago


OK, now I have to jump in here. First of all, when I first heard Denise was getting her own show with her daughters, ya I was upset at the time but I've watched all her shows now and I am even sorry I said anything bad about her. The girls are hardly in her shows and I'm going to have to say, I think Denise is right this time. I try not to read the bad comments but I do have to say she's a great person!

2254 days ago

Friend to Howard    

Leave Denise alone, who are you to judge unless you have walked in her shoes..Come on there a 2 sides of the coin and if were any of you going through this you would fight to the end to get what is right for you and your kids. I love Charlie and I love Denise and neither are no angel but at least Denise is trying, and Charlie well since he married Brooke at least he is trying to keeo quiet. And I love and support both of there shows!

2254 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

This is all about keeping herself in the spotlight...........She is pathetic, and is using those little girls to the hilt. She lied about the email and God knows what else. She loves the publicity plain and simple. It's not even about $$ anymore, she is bitter and vindictive.....

2254 days ago

paul dennis reid    

will somebody PLEASE intervene with these

people so those 2 adorable little girls don't grow

up with that richard's family fake HORSE laugh..........

2254 days ago


THose poor kids are sooooo miserable, just look at how they are always so unhappy looking. This is pretty much every picture we see of them, so it's not like they were just photographed on a bad day. Those poor kids have no homelife with all of those crazy peeing dogs and pigs running around the house. Denise should really, really stop putting herself FIRST all of the time. Charlie's no prize, but really, she knew all about him BEFORE she went ahead and has not just ONE but TWO kids with him. This girl is just trying to control him, and he's really sooo over her, even if he is a creepo.

2254 days ago


Charlie is filled with such rage towards Denise, he probably can't help himself when he's around his girls. She is really nuts, but he needs to suck it up for the sake of his kids

2254 days ago


Sorry, but I like them both. There are 2 sides to every story. Charlie is so funny, and I love his show. Let's give them both a break. Are we perfect?? I know i'm not.

2254 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Maybe she will be a class act like Christie Brinkley and bring up porn on the computer, etc. so the kids
can hear all about it.

2254 days ago

Fact Checker    

Looks like Denise is having fun here as the only blogger trying to tear down the man she married whos life was an open book.... looking for a meal ticket perhaps?

You must think we are all on crack to believe it is hard to get an Emergency Hearing. You just have to fill in ONE form, fax a copy to other defendents lawyer night before and show up before court opens at 8am instead of 8:30am, So why get an emergency hearing? So the other side DOES NOT HAVE a chance to prepare for a hearing as you give nature of complant to them and the judge at the same time. Heck, an emergency hearing could be held for something as simple as you want to change a hearing date because of a court conflict and the other side says no way to a change. You have NO choice but to go before the Judge who will grant the change of date for good cause - will NOT if it is a delay tactic.

I also know Judge Silbermen. CAUTION TO EVERYONE - HE WILL LOOSE IT IF PARENTS KEEP FIGHTING EVEN IF IT IS ONLY DENISE DRAGING HIM TO COURT. I have seen him in action many times. A woman who requested more child support because she stopped working full time as their child was a special needs child. She was now working 20 hours a week ( BUT making better money with less hours than before as an independant personal trainner for several locations & less child care costs). She might of gotten it BUT..... days before she went to a different Judge for an emergency protection order saying he assulted her while she was holding their son and was high on drugs. She painted a picture of a violent drug addict who was so out of his mind that he was a danger. TRUE cops found the marks on her and the drugs BUT, she went to his townhome WITH THE CHILD IN TOW WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION (his cleaning lady testified she was downstairs when the ex-wife came in and was asked to leave but went upstairs with child instead). Well Judge Silberman was PISSED that she would DARE take the child into the home KNOWING it could be a dangerous situation AND breaking the law by entering a home that was not hers. He said you CAN'T have it both ways. You say he is out of his mind on drugs but has had the same job for 15 years, got a big bonus and was promoted again. You get a restraining order for him to stay away but it was you who broke into his home WITH the child and endanged the child. Silberman then ordered HER mental evaluation and ORDERED her to work 40 HOURS A WEEK - EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS MAKING MORE AT TWENTY WITHOUT 1/2 CHILDCARE EXPENSES. Now this special needs child must be in daycare for 12 HOURS a day. No encrease for her, must work full time AND restraing order issued AGAINST her EVEN THO HE CLEARLY WAS ARRESTED FOR DRUGS AND MANUFACTURING. Judge said he is NOT guilty UNTIL proven by a court. SO BE CAREFUL DENISE AND CHARLIE. YOU MUST GET ALONG. SILBERMAN IS VERY SMART AND WILL BE VERY VERY VERY ANGRY IF YOU CAN'T FIND AWAY TO WORK TOGETHER - EVEN IF YOU CAN'T AND YOU NEED HIM TO DECIDE, IF YOU SAY NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT A NEW SPOUSE OR OTHERS WHO ARE NOT A PARTY TO THIS CASE BE PREPAIRED FOR HIM TO THROW THE BOOK BACK AT YOU.

BOTH parents need to NOT try to bash the other parent because this Judge cares ONLY about the kids whos lives are forever changed because the parents marriage did not work. The emotions run high for most divorces. It is NOT about WHAT the other parent is doing. BOTH caused a divorce upon the kids. ALL children will go between parents as they get older. Give it up Denise. The only thing your doing by fighting instead of working on YOUR time is making sure your kids HATE the half of them THAT IS YOU. And for Charlie, getting married so fast instead of putting your children first because of this divorce, thinking of your emotional needs ahead of your kids is damaging. Now that you have done it, I would hope you would be willing to put them first and forget about ANYTHING Denise says and work on YOUR time with your kids. For Charlie's new wife, don't worry about anything Denise says about you to the Judge. Your not involved in the case, look at the divorce papers. Your NOT listed as a party to the case. Only a NEW case brought by child protective services or the sherrif dept with a different Judge against you can affect your role with the kids. Just keep Charlie focused on the kids and DON'T make him prove any loyality to you if your feelings get hurt. Your an adult. The child are babies who need someone to be there for them. Only their feelings matter. Also, this Judge will be SO angry if Charlie engages in Denises plot to drag him down. It takes 2 to fight. We all know she is crazy but the Judge wants to NOT hear it, only the two parents getting along for the good of the kids. So keep Charlie focused dear and your home will be a happy one. He will love you forever if you keep drama out of your lives - just dont talk about it. Enjoy your life as a couple and new family. Put in the time, take a backseat and

2254 days ago


The judge in this case should remove those poor kids from this talentless, attention seeking whore. She has shown that the only thing she cares about is herself, having cameras follow her everywhere, and playing the victim. Denise, just go away! You are staring to make Paris Hilton look human. Get a real job, one that you can actually do well, like a Waffle House waitress.

Jamielynn in ATL

2253 days ago
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