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Khloe's DUI Excuse: Dead Wrong

7/21/2008 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian was on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning -- and explained her DUI by saying: "Right around the time that I actually got pulled over was the anniversary of my father's death."Click to listen!
But there's a big problem: Khloe was arrested on March 4 last year. Her father died in 2003 ... on September 30.

Even the episode description of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in which her arrest was reenacted is: "On the anniversary of her dad's death, Khloe spirals out of control and gets busted for a DUI."


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Who are these people and why is TMZ writing about them??

2283 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Well I hit my wife because its the only way I can vent my anger, I smoked crack because its the only way to vent my stress, I ran some oneoff the road because because its the only way to cope with my road rage,/????? Get the picture Crowey, excuse are easily used but the truth is, your a drunk and only a drunk and when you drive drunk you will wind up killing someone,WHAT EXCUSE ARE YOU GOING TO USE THEN ???????? TELL THE TRUTH

2283 days ago


Face it, more and more people just don't like accepting complete responsibility for their actions. This is nothing new.

2283 days ago


News flash, klhoe--like others have said, millions of us have lost our parents but that does not mean that we go out and drive drunk not caring about anyone elses safety. This whole spoiled, slutty attention whore family needs to go away. I watched the whole first season of their show and was honestly shocked at how self absorbed and out of touch with reality that they all are.
Everyone needs to stop buying from their stores, stop watching their show and don't buy anything that they are in ads for. Then their income will be gone except from their sex tapes and photos.

2283 days ago


my dad died two years ago. i've never used drugs or alcohol to deal with my emotions.

2283 days ago

Mary Poppins    

I can not believe Khloe used the parent excuse, I lost my father over 24yrs ago but I dont go out and get beyond stupid ass drunk near on or before his anniversary either. I always go to church either before or after and put flowers out and have dinner with family its what my dad would like and show my respect that way. Using her fathers death as and excuse goes to show you because she thinks she is a star that using her dads good name makes up for what she did. In 87 I was hit by a drunk driver 2 blocks from my home on the way to bury my fathers DAD, so I have no sympathy for what she did what if someone was in a car she could of hit, would she use the same excuse to apologize to the other family? she should be ashamed nyond words and I hope she is..............

2283 days ago


What a disgusting family! Using your fathers death to boost ratings for your show! GROSS! And then taking your reality cameras with you while you go to jail! Shows how serious you take it! I can't stand these wannabe celebrity fame whores!

2283 days ago


First of all, maybe she was upset about her dad when she was arrested. Who really cares? Is that an excuse for driving drunk? There's absolutely no excuse for that ever. She could have killed someone and then you know what, she would have had to deal with the anniversary of their death that she caused.

2283 days ago


As someone who lost their parents around the age of all the girls I have to say that pointing out that it was not the "exact" date of their fathers death is in poor taste. When you lose a parent at that age you feel cheated and angry. To her it may have been a special "anniversary".....maybe her Bday....or someone else's fathers bdays......these are all triggers that when you are not prepared to lose a father at that age are all things that make you lash out. I feel for Khloe - she knows that that day reminded her of.....TMZ should do a little thing called research. How about a call into her mom to ask.......crazy idea I know.....but whatever the reason it isnt yours to doubt.

2283 days ago



2283 days ago

BOEING 787    

Khloe's excuse on her father is pathetic, Khloe's will use any excuse for her DUI, she
deserves the whole thirty days in jail. "hay she's tough, she has a persona of being
tough and has a rock solid ego" and, Khloe is as stubborn as a Mule. Why no
community service?

2283 days ago


Dumb ass!

2283 days ago


It's NOT surprising that she will use whatever she can for a excuse. But she needs to realize that if you're going to lie, at least make it something realistic. Secondly, there is NO excuse for driving while intoxicated, except that it's plain ignorance with little or no regard for yourself or the other people that you may encounter!!
She is just another spoiled and conceited brat that got off easy. If her little stint in jail was the worst thing that's ever happened to her, she is very fortunate. She placed herself there by choice! That whole family is a joke-they think they are so superior. Bet their dad is turning over in his grave!! Very sad and pitiful!

2283 days ago

TMZ sucks now    

she probably could care less that he died. she so rude and mean its obviously a front to cover her MAJOR insecurities. all her pretty sisters. plus how they all look the same except her. he wasnt even her biological father. i mean look at her. does she look Armenian ? she must know her mom had an affair. she looks nothing like the father!
Posted at 6:52PM on Jul 21st 2008 by bbk

2283 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

You have to feel sorry for a girl whose ugly face is outshone by her sister's big ass. And Kim's big ass IS much better looking than Khloe's butterface.

2283 days ago
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