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Candy to Ed McMahon:

I'm Losing My House Too

7/22/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy SpellingEven Candy Spelling is feeling the housing crunch -- she's scaling back from the infamous Spelling mansion to a paltry 16,500 square foot penthouse.

Spelling just dropped $47 million (!!!) of her late husband's money on a two-floor condo that is a third of the size of her 56,500 square foot Holmby Hills estate. The apartment is located on the 41st and 42nd floors of the brand new Century building and won't be ready until 2009 -- around the time Tori gives birth to her fifth rugrat.

Candy is giving up her notorious gift wrapping room, 3,500 square foot closet and bowling alley and making do with the condo's two fireplaces, dining room for 25, staff quarters, massage room, rose garden and private swimming pool. These are tough times, people!


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Kiss my wage-earning a**, Candy.

2292 days ago


Tori didn't act like Paris Hilton bar hopping, getting arrested and disgracing the family name but you would never know that by the way Candy treats her. It's a shame, all that money and Candy never used any of it to take a parenting class and learn how to be a mother.

2292 days ago


Wow! It's a shame she does not donate some of that money to the many organizations that could really put it to good use. Does anyone, no matter who they think they are, really need a $47 million dollar penthouse??

2292 days ago


We may not agree but Candy can spend her fortune however she wishes. She may even make a will that leaves everything to charity when she dies. Or to her pets as Leona Helmsly did. Not most peoples idea of how to live your life but it's her choice.

2292 days ago

just wondering    

I have a couple questions that I am hoping someone on here can answer. Why is this woman so horrible and why does she hate her daughter? I love Tori and Dean and I really feel bad for her. Also, wheres the brother? Wasnt there a brother?

2292 days ago


If Aaron wanted his little Princess to have more money then he would have willed it to her. He spent millions on her first wedding and she cheated on her husband before the ink was even dry with a married man. Tori broke up a family with a young child in the picture and you people actually have sympathy for that home wrecking tramp? Like it or not it's Candy's money. How many of you give money to charity? There are many people out there that a lot of you have more money than, so what are YOU doing to help them?

2292 days ago


Candie Spelling has been jealous of her daughter since she was born. Aaron left Tori in his will, she is a shrew to not give her any of her inheritance. More than shame on her, may she know what it feels like to be left out of everything before she dies and leaves it to some man who wouldn't look at her twice if she didn't have all of Aaron's money. Maybe she wil live to regret it.

2292 days ago

just wondering    

Hey Lenor, cute name, LOL..........blow it out your a**

2292 days ago


I would rather have the love of my mother, daughter and family any day over all the money in the world!!!

2292 days ago


Just wondering. Thank you for the compliment on the name. Just a bit annoyed when people sit here and suggest how others should be spending their money. I doubt most of them would appreciate a complete stranger telling them how to spend theirs.

2292 days ago

Misplaced Texan    

The big question is, who in hell is Candy Spelling going to sell that monstrosity of a house to in this market? She should donate it to the Actor's Home. After all, it will soon be filled by the actors from Aaron Spelling's old shows. You know, the ones that made him all that money to begin with? And since Tori was on an Aaron Spelling show, she will eventually have a place to live.

2292 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

I have a step mom the same way as Candi Spelling. She probably told her late husband that Tori would be "taken care of". Then when he died, Candi forgot all about the rest of the family & took control of everything & everybody. I'm glad to see Tori take a stand for herself & make her own way in life, she is a great inspiration to me & others in the same situation. My Dad left millions to my step mom on the basis that the rest of the family would be "taken care of". Wake up people, get your wills in order, you just never know about people. Take 1 person out of the equation, & you're screwed.

2292 days ago


What goes around, comes around. KARMA is a bitch........... (Sour) Candy Tori's day will come too, for the better.

2292 days ago


When I am able, I do try to help people Lenore, and I have a helluva lot less than Mrs. Spelling. I can pretty much bet you that no matter how much I work my azz off, I will never see that kind of money in my lifetime. As I type this, my stomach is growling. I was recently laid off from my job, and altho' I get unemployment, there is hardly anything left for food once I pay my rent and bills; I try to make sure my kids are fed first. So please, don't question my putting my money where my mouth is, cuz I do...when I'm able.

This sounds somewhat presumptuous, but I feel that only people who have worked hard for what they have are truly able to appreciate good things, no matter how small, when they come their way. I do not feel that Candy Spelling is one of those people. Sorry, my opinion.

2292 days ago


Didn't She just win Big Time on the Slots ?

2292 days ago
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