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Candy to Ed McMahon:

I'm Losing My House Too

7/22/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy SpellingEven Candy Spelling is feeling the housing crunch -- she's scaling back from the infamous Spelling mansion to a paltry 16,500 square foot penthouse.

Spelling just dropped $47 million (!!!) of her late husband's money on a two-floor condo that is a third of the size of her 56,500 square foot Holmby Hills estate. The apartment is located on the 41st and 42nd floors of the brand new Century building and won't be ready until 2009 -- around the time Tori gives birth to her fifth rugrat.

Candy is giving up her notorious gift wrapping room, 3,500 square foot closet and bowling alley and making do with the condo's two fireplaces, dining room for 25, staff quarters, massage room, rose garden and private swimming pool. These are tough times, people!


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Umm, Lenore. I don't think that was a compliment. LOL

2281 days ago


These people prove money can't buy happiness or class!

2281 days ago

paul dennis reid    

all she needs to do is straddle
jay leno's vibrating hog;

he seems to be in the HARD
money loan business these days........

2281 days ago


38. I was being facetious.

37. Sorry about your job. Best of luck on getting another one. People here are sending mixed messages. On one hand they are saying Candy should be helping out others. No issues there but they are also saying she should be giving the money to Tori. Tori has plenty of money. She has more than most of us combined. I don't consider Tori a charity case.

2281 days ago


Not the gift wrapping room?!?! Oh, the humanity! I can't believe anyone actually cares....

2281 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

I think Tori said after her father passed away that the $800K she got 'was a lot of money'. She seems greatful for the things she has. Oh BTW Tori did do her share of bar hopping when she was on 90210, she and Shannen Doherty were fixtures at the Roxy, but as time progressed and Tori got older she got out of that scene. See...Some of these girls DO actually mature.

2281 days ago

just wondering    


2281 days ago


Lenore....looks to me like you are on here telling people what they should and shouldn't write. Bitching at others for not thinking like they think you should just tells me you are a control freak. Cram it, babe. You are an idiot, period.

2281 days ago


I think the old lady Spelling is suffering from "Old timer's" disease. She probably won't live too long as she is degenerating fast, especially in the mental department.

2281 days ago

we will miss MJ    

this selfish old bat needs to do the right thing and give Tori her money, her dad would have wanted her to be taken of care of. Candy displays what is wrong with wealthy relatives, greed, control, no family integrity/loyalty or real love of their own. She may be financially wealthy but she is emotionally bankrupt.

2281 days ago


All this mess just proves that mega wealth wreaks havoc on families. Also for the record, percentage wise we average folks give a LOT more to charity than the ultra rich.

2281 days ago


One look at the study of Candy Spelling’s Los Angeles home tells a visitor all he or she needs to know. The beautiful room has more bookshelves than can be easily counted, and each is filled with leather-bound scripts that make up the thousands of hours of television and films created by her late husband, television’s most-prolific writer and producer, Aaron Spelling.

Shelves of “Beverly Hills 90210” are across the room from “The Love Boat,” with “Dynasty,” “The Mod Squad,” “Vegas,” “7th Heaven,” “Starsky and Hutch,” “Fantasy Island,” “Melrose Place,” and scores of other series, specials and movies all taking up honored positions on the shelves.

Photos of the Spelling family together far outnumber photos of the celebrities who starred in Spelling’s shows. There are awards and memorabilia everywhere, more photos of Candy and Aaron Spelling with their children, and sections devoted to Mark Twain, Aaron Spelling’s favorite author. “Everyone thinks they know all of Aaron’s shows,” Candy says, “but we often laughed that there were some not so famous. Even Aaron had shows that had short runs, and those are here, too. We didn’t take the success for granted,” she explains.

While Aaron Spelling was celebrated publicly, Candy Spelling carved out diverse niches for herself. She is a tireless worker for her native Los Angeles, working in a variety of volunteer and civic roles with causes important to her. She is currently a Commissioner for the Board of Recreation and Parks for the City of Los Angeles, an active panel overseeing hundreds of public parks and recreational areas serving millions of people who annually visit the public areas. She is also a member of the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission, part of the on-going effort to attract more events to the historic site. She is also an active Board Member of L.A.’s Best, the after-school enrichment program that serves children in need through the city in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District, the City of Los Angeles and the private sector.

Centro De Ninos, a downtown Los Angeles daycare center for underprivileged families, holds a special place in Candy’s heart. Her participation was even noticed by the federal government, enabling the center to expand its facility and offer several additional programs and services to needy families and their children. Candy championed their cause and brought results. According to director Sandra Sewell, "Candy has been a God-send and our true angel."

In between her civic associations, she has had a number of successful business ventures. A graduate of the Chouinard Art Institute, Candy combined her artistic and entrepreneurial talents to establish several successful business ventures throughout the last 25 years. These included an exclusive gift store, a line of jewelry, and an interior design service. She, too, created television programming. Candy also designed a special line of limited edition collectible dolls, The Candy Spelling Fantasy Dolls, which she sold on the QVC network to raise money for Centro De Ninos.

Most recently, Candy has added blogging and writing to her activities. She was asked to write columns in the form of open letters for popular web site to provide advice to personalities such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, and she has been a contributor to The Huffington Post. This summer, she was added to the masthead of LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL Magazine as a Contributing Editor.’s readers immediately responded to her “Spelling It Out” columns: “Someone please offer this woman a column…call it ‘Candid Candy,’” wrote one reader. “I love Candy. She should have an advice column for all the loser stars out there. Go Candy,” posted another whose comments join scores of others at

Her work was recently recognized when she was named a 2006 recipient of the Treasures of Los Angeles Award from the Central City Association. She also this year became a grandmother to Liam Aaron McDermott, and inspired son Randy to become a board member of L.A.’s Best Friends, a philanthropic arm of L.A.’s Best.

“Aaron was the ultimate Hollywood ‘hyphenate’ as a writer-producer-performer-creator-creative consultant-innovator for all things entertainment,” Candy says, “but he used to tease me that I had a lot of hyphens, too, as an entrepreneur, civil commissioner, charity board member, television hostess, and wife and mother. His legacy is without peer, and I know he would be proud if I added even more hyphens to the Spelling family history.”

2281 days ago


FL Biker wanna be, yet it's perfectly alright for people to come on here and say what others should or shouldn't be doing with their own money? Pretending to be the real FL Biker just tells me what a loser you are.

2281 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

27. If Aaron wanted his little Princess to have more money then he would have willed it to her. He spent millions on her first wedding and she cheated on her husband before the ink was even dry with a married man. Tori broke up a family with a young child in the picture and you people actually have sympathy for that home wrecking tramp?

Posted at 3:25PM on Jul 22nd 2008 by Lenore
It seems to me that Dean had a hand in wrecking his marriage. A woman can't take a man that doesn't want to be taken. Good, bad, or indifferent...they are both happy now. I think they really love each other and in the end, that's all that will matter to them. I think they are a great couple and I feel sorry for Candy. She is missing out on her grandchildren.

I wish Dean and Tori all the love in the world.

2281 days ago



2281 days ago
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