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Cops Knew Batman Would Return

7/22/2008 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just like the bat signal, coppers knew all along they could get Batman when they wanted him -- so they didn't arrest him until after his big premiere ... and the four press conferences he did before it.

So why did cops put a hold on busting Batman? They didn't think he'd flee.

Scotland Yard tells us after his mom and sis dropped a dime on Bale yesterday, the cops didn't jump because they felt Christian was not a flight risk. Also, they thought the crime was not super serious.

So, we're told, they waited until after "The Dark Knight" premiere to have him pay a visit to the station.


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A source from the Dorchester hotel in London said the mother and sister showed up to the hotel uninvited and seemingly intoxicated. The pair of them wanted the hotel to let them into Bale's room so they could wait for him. When the hotel refused, they started creating a scene and sat in front of his room for an hour waiting. From what was heard, the mother yelled such things like 'he would be nothing withour her' and 'he owed her'.

When Bale showed up, his sister started begging for money. He tried to get the sister to leave through the exit, but the mother started hitting him from behind. He managed to push them both out the door. This is when they proceeded to contact the police. Security at the hotel said the entire situation was a mess.

2247 days ago


Freaking FAMILY !!!!!!!

2247 days ago


Read the articles, the mother and sister did not call the police. They left the hotel and went to a local police station to file a compliant. IF, and that's a big if, they were in harn then by leaving the hotel they were no longer in danger. It has been noted in another comment section and I think it needs to be said again. Assualt is to verbally threaten or verbally attack someone. Battery is to phsyically attack them. Bale is being investigated for assualt. Which means the mother and sister were NOT beaten. And clearly if they thought themsleves in immediate danger they would have contacted hotel security or called the police from the hotel not gone to the police station. There is far more to this then we know and we should wait until all sides get a chance to tell their stories.

2247 days ago


Think hard people. When was the last time a family fight of yours was on every media outlet. Give the guy some privacy and credit. This is nothing but a family sqawble. You can't pick your family members but you can pick your friends.
This story broke early this morning and it is like a firestorm for nothing. You will see, Mr. Bale just has well questionable family memebers an issues. I sure we all have family that gets on our nerves.

2247 days ago



Beat the hell out of snoop for walking through the airport,let this man finish his movie premiere after being the hell out his mother and sister,way to act like the american police.

2247 days ago


Aww he seems to be a good dad and husband......perhaps mums is a "b" and so is sis...You know mums musta wanted some money.....Christain Bale was a child actor and all child actor's hate their mums for treating them like cash cow.

I still love the movie....He was sooo sexy in his crime fighting suit....I bet this is just the joker's joke on batman!

2247 days ago

Ric H    

I'll reserve judgment until we hear the particulars of the altercation. The word "assault" can mean LOTS of different things.

2247 days ago


Mums and sis is a blood bitch!

2247 days ago


Mom is a former CIRCUS PERFORMER--right up there with "carny folk"--not the most credible lot. I'm sure the money-grubbing b***h is hoping to cash in on his major success.

2247 days ago


I don't believe this story. His mom is a stage mom. She is probably wanting to get paid. She knew how much the movie was going to make and she wanted her share. They didn't arrest him because its all a big conspiracy against him. Drugs and women? The guys got a family. He just doesn't seem like the kind of guy to do something like that. Those stage moms just feed off their child's fame.

2247 days ago


oops, the article forgets to mention what he did to get arrested. details, details...

2247 days ago


Women are so hateful...the family probably wanted some of his loot, so he pushed them out of his room. It's always about the money!

2247 days ago


Tina---You are a disgrace to women everywhere.

2247 days ago


Let us keep everything in perspective...

Although the British system differs from the US. The state must still show a burden of proof before formal charges can be levied.

I hope these statements are exaggerated.

2247 days ago


To answer your questions, jandean61, no, Christian Bale is not Australian. He's Welsh.

2247 days ago
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