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Did Batman's Bad Mouth Trigger Bust?

7/22/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christian BaleThere are reports circulating that Christian Bale was arrested for verbal assault, and one of Bale's reps is echoing that.

Who knew, but we called around jolly old England and found there is such a thing as verbal assault, Class 4 and Class 5. Class 4 is more aggravated than 5, with "an intent to cause alarm."

Was Christian's offense mouthing off to mom? We're checking.


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Hey you don't mess up with Bale here! not even if you're his mom or sis!

Still, that was awkward.

2286 days ago


I really hope it's just a simple case of yelling a little too loudly ... maybe his mom was driving him crazy ... god knows, that's happened to everyone. I don't think running to the police when your son is Christian Bale, and on the biggest weekend of his life, was cool. Some things should be kept within a family ... Knowing what I know about Christian bale, I would be shocked to hear that he actually physically hit his mom. I think the media has overplayed this now and should leave it be settled before speculating.

2286 days ago


Christian Bale just wiped hiss a$$.
Now that's news!

2286 days ago


What kind of idiots are his mother and sister? Sheesh. Who hasn't had it out verbally w/ their family at one time or another?? It's disgraceful that they felt compelled to take this to the authorities, given he is such a public figure. For God's sake, work it out/talk it out like most families do! They obviously wanted to cause him much embarassment and chagrin.

2286 days ago

paul dennis reid    

IF and when i EVER get arrested,
will harvey please represent me ?

now THAT would
be some news !

2286 days ago


Isn't his mom a circus clown? I mean, no offense to the circus, but I don't really have much faith in her credibility. I doubt the kids birthday parties are bringing in the big bucks.

2286 days ago


Oh, for God's sake...Christian Bale never gives the media cause to harass him about anything. He's one of the most humble, private, professional actors around. Way to stir up a tiny incident and turn it into a load of crap. Pathetic.

2286 days ago

Erica Jayne    

I totally agree with ratmandu...what are the REAL facts?? (Like what did he say? Was he arrested? If he was arrested, why wait until today {I know the articles all say that it's because the police did not want to interfere with the opening of Dark Knight, but if he threatened to take a life, then it shouldn't matter}?)
Bale has always been mild mannered, why would he do something like this to ruin his career. He has a HUGE fan you really believe he would screw that up?
Either way, this seems like either his mom & sister wanted some attention or it's a publicity stunt because he wants out.

2286 days ago


I'm glad to hear it wasn't physical.I was reading another article about this and apparently he has been pretty much supporting the family since his child acting days.He's probably had enough and want the bloodsuckers to get lost.I just hope this incident doesn't ruin his career.

2286 days ago


In such an important week for him professionally... if this is actually about a VERBAL assault, I hope he never gives his mother and sister one thin dime/shilling/lb again! With family like that...

2286 days ago


I agree with all the others who said that it is a total disgrace to do this to him on one of the biggest nights of his life over a verbal confrontation, just insane.
I do like Mr.Bale but he just does not seem to be the cheeriest bloke on the block, now I suppose I can see why!

2286 days ago


In the UK, you can be arrested in order to be questioned. Perhaps his mum and sis felt threatened by what he said to them. Still, to start a publicity storm over it.......

I'd be willing to bet this 'verbal assault' may have been the result of exhaustion and tension related to the "Dark Knight" press tour. Isn't Bale also in the midst of filming the new "Terminator" flick? Yikes! In a similar situation, -I'd- probably be taking everyone's heads off around me, too.

2286 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

I think he should go "American Psycho" on them... hangers on.. pigs... probably deserved it... IF he did anything. Next you will tell me he killed Estelle Gedde.

2286 days ago


Whoa! You can get arrested for voicing your angry opinon, rather true or not?! Damn "big brother" has his foot in our ass for real!!!!

2286 days ago


Family can bring out the worst in people sometimes, and it's sad that they had to take their private issues to public light where it will be (and clearly has been) blown way out of proportion. I know my family and extended family have had our share of disputes over the years - even physical altercations - but I believe it's something nearly everyone deals with and has to work out between themselves. I don't want to pass judgment on his mother and sister, but I can't help but think it says something about their character when they decided to take this kind of matter to the police...during the opening weekend of the biggest movie of his career, no less. I'm sure Christian will be vindicated in the end, but this is horrible press for him and sadly, the damage has already been done.

2286 days ago
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