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UK to Christian Bale -- Why So Serious?

7/22/2008 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale barely cracked a smile with UK television on Monday -- but we can't tell if his grumpy demeanor had more to do with the alleged assault on his family the night before or the incredibly awkward time delay.


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stop the madness    

His mother wouldnt let him go out at night! "but mom I"m Batman"Go to your room!

2292 days ago

Kaitlyn Von Kat    

He’s generally always like that in interviews. He’s just a very serious guy and takes his work very seriously as well. I found that rather rude when the guy asked him if he was ever going to get a proper job. Christian Bale is great at what he does and that’s proper enough. I can’t say the same for the reporter though. =/

2292 days ago


good golly, leave him alone. he's an amazing actor that has been making great movies for more than twenty years... and he's managed to stay out of the spotlight and still be a successful actor.

he's never given good interviews,... he doesn't like to do it, and the media circus knows it. i can seriously see something like this (being blown out of proportion) making an actor like him not want to do movies anymore-- don't let that happen. back the eff off, it's ridiculous.

2292 days ago


Just another pansy assed woman beater. But other actors will give him a break, just like they did for that jive assed Alec baldwin. Someone should shut hollywood down.

2292 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

He's serious because in feminized (man bad, woman good) America a guy yelling is a domestic violence crime, a chargeable offence.

2292 days ago


I'm a huge fan of Batman and Christian Bale but he looked SO high in the picture of him eating dinner with Heath Ledger (wearing sunglasses) at Batman's wrap party. Mr. Bale is also looking a little pale and slender these days, a possible sign of cocain abuse. Irritibility (when your on top of the world especially) is also a cause for concern. Violent outbursts towards loved ones is a sign of drug psychosis. It's not normal for a (grown) man to deal with 'family problems' that way. I wish the Bale family much health and happiness in the future.

2292 days ago

skanks are rank!    

Hey he's so super hot! If he wants to "smack that", my a$$ is available. Keep on keepin' om you fine thing you!!

2292 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Nice family members. They call 911 because brother is yelling. Typical American women. They probably asked for shopping money and he yelled,” No. I already gave you $100,000. What did you do with that money?” Then boom. 911. Boom. Arrested for fake domestic violence. I'm from the old school of violence - you have to actually hit someone, even leave a mark.

2292 days ago


It is such a shame when a talented, serious, sensitive guy gets a phony rap just because he raised his voice to his family. If there had been punches thrown, or someone got b*tch-slapped, I could see it. I yelled at my mom the other day, guess I'd better go turn myself in. How silly can you be. Hang in there Mr. Bale, if Batman can't get justice, who can??!?

2292 days ago


Personally, I think he is an ass! We all have issues and if being a star of a #1 movie with plenty of dough in the bank is a reason to be an ass than pass it on to someone who wants it. I saw him on the Today show the other day and I thought he acted like a pompass ASS! And we thought Tom Cruise was bad... well move over Tom someone is here to take the heat off!

2292 days ago

So sad    

He is a great actor. I love his work. The movie was beyond great! I am going to see it again with my better half :D TMZ leave him alone!!! He's been working since like 13 and is doing great with his life. How many of these child star can say the same???...EXACTLY!!! He is soooo serious because you people don't give him a break. He needs some sleep and some good home cooked meals. He has dropped some weight but stress will do that to you, it's not always drugs people.

BTW, that incident with his mom and sis is BS. I just don't see him as a bad guy. Everyone yells, it's normal. I'm sure they were doing something to provoke him. He seems like a good dad and a good husband. Christian you have a beautiful family. Keep up the great!

2292 days ago


Why is his behaviour a surprise? The presenter insulted him.

You can tell by his reaction that he didn't like the presenter's comment about "getting a real job" - i know some people will brush that comment off, but i can completely see how that would have been VERY insulting to him (especially on tv), especially when you consider just how much hard work Bale puts into his acting roles. That presenter was just an annoying idiot (as always). Surely people can see how someone can get offended by a comment like that? It's very disparaging.

On top of that, the family issues and the jet lag as well as the fact it was probably the millionth interview at such an early time, probably added to the problem.

2292 days ago


I don't think it has to do with either. Every interview I've ever seen with him, he's acted like that. It seems like he'd be a jerk, but is supposed to be a really nice guy to all his fans, from what I hear. So that's good.

2292 days ago


jesus, TMZ will put a spin on anything eh? what i saw was Christian being nothing but polite and patient during the entire interview. i'm sure this family situation, which has been blown completely out of proportion, was on his mind. but, he is on these shows for one reason, to promote the film. lighten up people. he's human just like the rest of us. sheeesh!!!!

2292 days ago


Sounds to me like Bale didn't appreciate the question referring to him going out and getting a real job, that would likely offend me also, especially after just making one of the biggest movies EVER!!! He probably wishes he got a little more respect for the work and not seen as a joke...just a thought.

2292 days ago
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