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Brit's Driving Has a DNA Link

7/23/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lynne Spears: Click to watch!Britney Spears is a famously bad driver and it may be an inherited trait.

According to the Enquirer, in 1975 Lynne hit and killed a 12-year-old boy who was riding his bike in Kentwood. The article says Lynne was driving her brother to the hospital when the incident occurred.

A rep for Lynne told the tabloid "It bothers Lynne still to this day," adding, "She really doesn't like to talk about it. She just wanted to forget that it ever happened -- but she can't."


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I am truly disappointed that TMZ has this posted. I thought Harvey Levin had more did he let this happen? This is a horrible tragedy for all involved.

2252 days ago


WOW! That is awesome reporting! That is terrible for the boys family :(

2252 days ago

Michael Bradley    

I love you TMZ, but this isn't something to be made a joke of, which your headline is very much so doing.

2252 days ago


I would think that this goes pretty low, even for the National Enquirer. "IF" she had done this, don't you think she is already living with this guilt every day, and then on top of everything else going on in her life someone has the nerve to remind her of it. LOW!

2252 days ago


First of all TMZ isn't the one who brought this up. If you read it says the according to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER...cause we all know that everything in that piece of trash is true!

2252 days ago


One word, "Karma". As you can see from the behavior of Brit-Brit, the "sins of a Father and Mother" have been placed on her.

2252 days ago


Wow, tmz doesn't have a better news than diging in to past 1975,common give me a break, how low can you go, you can not trash Brit much, so let's ruin her parent , SHAME OF YOU,get some real news!!!

2252 days ago


It's Official! TMZ is the devil! Why would you reopen old wounds not only for Lynn Spears, but for the family of the boy that was killed. You all need Jesus, For REAL!

2252 days ago


Most of the posters on this site are amusing. It doesn't matter who the person is, their age or what the article is about, there is always an abundance of posts going on and on about how ugly a person is, how fat the person is and as far as going into detail about exactly what this poster finds so horribly revolting about the "celebrity".

These people must have zero self esteem. I've seen articles about an actress doing something good for society and yet, we've got people calling someone a size 5 a fat ass, another calling someone that by "typical beauty standards" is attractive... yet they call them repulsive and a slew of other names. I would REALLY like to see what these posters look like, seriously. Who are they to judge and if the topic at hand, such as this post (which was done in poor taste TMZ) about the death of a child, AGAIN, why do we have in depth responses about how badly Ms. Spears has aged?

You people are truly pathetic and for the first time TMZ, you are too. The only person you hurt was the family of that child by dragging this up.. If you have any decency you would pull this article and these blog responses.

2252 days ago

yeh yeh    

Worse, TMZ copied from Breatheheavy's lead.

People focused on Sam and x17 when they should focus on Breatheheavy, TMZ, USWeekly.

TMZ might have tripped themselves up running with this story.

2252 days ago

yeh yeh    

Jenn, I should have saved the info I found today -- about posters and why they do this sort of thing.

Suffice, reading something bad? They can say, for all their low self-worth, at least I am not.... that's why they love the smut.

Ain't it cheap?

2252 days ago

Exploiting tragedy!!????    

This is just tacky, I used to think this was good site. Why would you post something about an accident that killed 12 year old boy. Unless you have ever experienced this kind of tragedy you have no idea how hard it can be to get on with your life. It was an "ACCIDENT" ... she didn't take her brother to the hospital and then on the way decide, well I think I'll hit that boy on his bike. Even worse you put "breaking news" ... Lynne Spears killed a 12 year old boy, making it seem like she deliberately took this child's life ... just to take up space on this site. I felt sick when I read it and my heart goes out to her and and the other family involved for drudging something up that was put to rest a long time ago. No one can know except those involved how much pain this has caused and how she may have blamed herself and after all the time that has gone by and progress that may have been made on healing this gets brought up and made out to seem like she is a murderer. I feel so sorry for all involved and this has completely turned me off from this site. Way to go TMZ exploiting a tragedy, This use to be a decent site, now it's just trash. KARMA is B!tch.

2252 days ago


Why is this unique? And why the sudden outpouring of concern over it? Does everyone already forget Rebecca Gayheart? What about Matthew Broderick back in the '80's killing a mother and daughter while driving in Ireland? I guess he forgot he was in Europe? Minor detail. I think he got a $150.00 ticket or something. Just because you don't like her kids or her, etc. does not mean she should be flogged forever over it. Others have gotten easy treatment, too.

2252 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Harvey Levin is such a pathetic excuse for a human being! He is infected with an obsession about destroying the Spears family and other people who are successful. He has sickened us many times before with his cowardly, self-hating attempts at backstabbing and character assassination, but he's outdone himself with this one.

I think it's time for us to pool our resources and hire a good investigator to sift through the details of Harvey's life, as well of the lives of his parents and any siblings he might have. I'm sure we'll be able to find at least one event that's painful and private enough that he would never want it to become public fodder. Then we can gleefully mock him for it.

2252 days ago


For everyone who put a hateful comment that tmz sucks, or that they have lost all respect for this will be back tomorrow to read what other stories are on here. Only YOU can make this kind of stories successful, not them.. If you are so disgusted that they printed this story then don't come here. I for one think that by them telling this story they might help someone else, nobody wants to drive like a spears woman! Maybe someone today will be more careful behind the wheel BECAUSE of this story.

2251 days ago
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